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Spirits of the Ash

"Spirits of the Ash" (2006 Demo)

1. Kingdom of Death
2. Final Hope
3. Spirits of the Ash
4. Fateless Time
5. Rise of Fire
6. Nameless Face

1. Kingdom of Death

For the storm I wait
Hidden in the darkness
Second chance to get my life
In the fear night I feel the blackness
All is lost and empty in my side
Hell is here, deep infernal land
Only I am here, looking for the end
Time is coming for the fall
I am ready for the second call
Forever! My spirit is unchained
Flying to the stars again
My soul is alive, living in the
Kingdom of Death!
Bless my soul, forever yours, my Death!
Take the spirit into your kingdom
I am the one who is the path
Across the gates of the wisdom

2. Final Hope

Walking in the forest fog
I think about the murder ages
I see the blood from the hordes
In the ground from thousand ages
Now the battle fields I see, alive
Far away from my times
With hope I feel the spirit fly
To the eternal home in the sky
Fire! I am the last one
In the world with painful life
From the ancient times will come
My spirit, here in the ground
Swords up! Defend our throne!
Will crush all of the mortal mob
And then will see them fall
Will find the sacred key from hell
To bring them there, away, alone
Will see the rise of the morning star
Without abhor...

3. Spirits of the Ash

Slowly end of the human rage
With sorrow comes the Death
For all lost time in the years
We give our blood today
So many voices from the ancient world
In our life again
This world will die from the hand of pain...
We are the spirits of the ash
Returned for the throne
And all across these dark lands
We will give our law
To break the chains of sorrow
To take the spirit of the lie
Will see the new world order
Back into the ancient times...
Ash... Sorrow... Death... Spirits of the
Ancient world and fate. In darkness living
Founded by the Death, forever in these
Lands with ghostly hands
We will keep our souls into the end...
To the end of world... By the pain
We will take our hearts into the rain...
Into the snow and storms...
To the death...

4. Fateless Time

In the land of evil ancient
I am coming for the crown
I was searching thousand years
My infernal evil soul
I am now the face of darkness
Face of the immortal soul
I am the infernal highness
Riding now the wind of fall
Mountain snow and river water
I was born in the woods
Frozen winds and nightsky stars
Are in my blood and roots
In this fateless time I am the flame
The keeper of the soul
The death is only way of life for me
Follow me across the gates of darkness
Stay away from this hopeless world
I am the only way for immortality
Take my hand into the woods...

5. Rise of Fire

I was out ot the world again
In the silence of my mind
From within I fell the fire
Who will rise the glorious land
Now the light is a piece of me
I am throned for the path
And the power is the key
To the eternal fields of Death
I come with the ages
With the power of the fire
Burned all of the flesh
Brings the fear and desire
My eyes will give you life
Beyond the bloody past
I am horror for the blinds
And I am living for the rise

6. Nameless Face


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