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Trilogy of Woe

"Trilogy of Woe" (1999 Demo)

1. After Autumn
2. Drifting the Melancholy Sea
3. The Hunger Artist

1. After Autumn

I can't remember rapture, I can't remember bliss
I only feel the sadness, wrapped in your velvet kiss
I long to feel your touch, and warmth of your embrace
Let the rain fall down upon me, and wash away my pain
All that remains is memories of yesterday

I offer-- my sorrow, on the altar of your heart
The saintly stain spreads a plague, across my world

What good are all these feelings, that I cannot express
Winter's darkened warning, has left me with distress
All that I took for granted, taken away from me
My life's been torn asunder, and left me all alone

2. Drifting the Melancholy Sea

Another chance into the distance
Another day with no regret
Open season on my soul now
Only wounded, I’m left to live
I’ll sail a ship upon the sea
If I ever get the chance again
If this trip…my sole voyage…
This rotting to plank to which I cling
Becomes my cross, my casket!

Until I drown, there is no other possibility

There was time when I thought I’d know where to go
Light of the season, turns to dusk
And then it fades away, fades away from me
And when I drowned…
I realized there was no possibility

Like an old love, possessor of my body
Repulsion like leaves in the fall
Search for salvation, forevers’ fallen grace
From Eden I drift alone

I drift alone in this sea I call my own
Filled with emptiness
And I cannot fill this void
Trapped inside this mortal coil
I am all alone

Fading color I can’t remember
The truth I can’t forget
There was a shift, it razed my heart now
After image, traces still

Left with questions
Fraught with flaws
Left to build
With pieces gone

And what I found…
There’s got to me something more for me

3. The Hunger Artist

Take this life away
From one who’s been enslaved
through life
Waste for forty days alone inside a cage
Bones held only back by flesh
His mind an iron trap

Day after day and year after years
Seekers would look and oh how they dared
The day was coming for the artist’s time to pass
Still he would hold to the glorious past

Starving for the sake of one
Leering out into the world
Shattered for the sin of life
He would not die for the supplication of mankind

Watch him disappear before your eyes
See him ply his art for all of mankind
Watch him drift and slowly fade away
Living long beyond his dying day


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