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Joy Parade

"Joy Parade" (1998)

1. Purple Red Soul
2. Gerion
3. Joy Parade
4. Bluefield
5. Odium
6. Trust
7. Sundrops
8. Spirals Meet the Sea
9. Rainswept
10. The Day You Took My Breath

1. Purple Red Soul

a fading plastic sun I cry
to breathe your odour by my side
afraid a tear could fall and dry... a summer

a drying fish an aimless frown
indifferent words in velvet sound
a stranded love too weak to drown... a sailor

a dreaming plastic moon has died
no more to colour any night
hold back the solemn in your eyes... a moment

a sailing child on waters blind
elate the sundown you will find
and deep inside no sun will shine... for never

prevail my part
come drown me in your sight

this painful art
to sear me with no words

a searing mark
come drown me in my world

as like a park
asleep to hold the wintersun

2. Gerion

3. Joy Parade

drapeline, drapeline... you're the sea within I flow
hatesmile, hatesmile... distant waters filter through
frontlines, frontlines... frowning joy parade to you
redsky, deadsky... you're a shelter I refuse, I hide...

... a joyful surface dance.... so unconditional

we walked the streets at night
fireworks in summerrain
and how I wish the rain to fall again

a wave to flood my life
distant seats on concrete fields
and how I wish I could not care at all

elate the open mind
trustful wounds revealed to bleed
and how I wish my blood to flow away

I walk the streets at night
leaving miles forever gone
afraid I'll never be a child again

4. Bluefield

thoughts carved in stone
nice to meet you again and again
forget, just forget all the names
a last caress
sold out
every lie makes the snake getting longer
every rape makes him stronger and stronger

5. Odium

a summer dawn, this red familiar strain
a rusty nail cracked in a wall
unreal the scene to leave with the morning train
while in crowds of grey you walk

{on and on the line}

so close your eyes
and touch the odium
in deep sea skies
the searing odium
meshworks crawl
to feed the odium
a screw inside...

indifferent eyes, a milky window pane
a distant movie worn and strung
sonambulistic tool, take a walk in the summer rain
besides illuminating songs

{of iconoclast kind}

So close your eyes....

6. Trust

he goes away
in search of a rose
in a drowning empty dawn
a paranoid dreamscape

he goes away
along all their empty faces
and all the blinded ears
no one helps him and no one carries him
running away....

and he carries a heart in his hand
a southfruit germ in the northern lands
drifting and drifting fornever to dwell

he goes away
a tousand people but alone
in a touch of misanthrophy
and a wish to escape
from this reality

7. Sundrops

8. Spirals Meet the Sea

spiral chains in neon light
crawling trains of fragile tribe
cry in me ironic fool
die in me for all the suns you have inside

tidal hate to childish love
swallow the serpent on your tongue
spit me out, a fish, a rape
and love to drown in fading oils of drying lakes

Spit me out my name, drown it all in tidal rage
paint it all the same, colours meld to indifferent grey
wash my tears away, the serpent's abyss longs for me
drown my words in yours and wish I'd never been

9. Rainswept

Behind my doorsteps a lie
behind a window a sightless mind
behind a dreamscape a lie
behind a factory's wall a worn out child

so dream on
drown the grasp
scream on
we know your part
breathe on
drown the past
bleed on
consume your own selfpity plastic world

10. The Day You Took My Breath

he day you took my breath
when all we built broke inside

the day you took my breath
when all the earth fell down for me

the day you took my breath
the fading breath of a candle blown

the day you took my breath
when all my fragile dreams were dreamt

I cry me a river
I cry me a lake
I cry me an ocean
and the salt in its water are the words you said

a new street
a longing search
the breath of time
back to a crossroad

I've gone to blackest waters
please don't kill me again


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