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Here Among Thorns

"Here Among Thorns" (2001)

1. Ill Divine
2. Deplorable
3. Everything Dies
4. Here Among Thorns
5. Feral Earth
6. Bound In Unity
7. Rise Of The Fallen
8. Clash Dimension
9. Rapture (Morbid Angel cover)
10. Outro

1. Ill Divine

Presumed dead but not so easily exhumed dead remains unsightly
Processed cold post death indignity defiled soul impurity
Friends of night Enshrouded
Encloned for him they work forced labor til dawn
Townships deplete exiled to misery
The signs he sends you follow
First the girl then your brother
His workeers disguised to eliminate
Your friend companion irrelevant
Each town a trap you enter
With hope to end this murder
Morningside - Where it all began
Ill Divine - Boy take my hand
I won't become your servant
I only want my brother back
In spirit he guides shows us secrets
He helps us when we discover
Passage to your underworld
Deadly flying metal spheres
Non burial - it begins again
Ill Divine - it's all a fucking lie
I don't fear you unholy bastard
You can't take me I won't stop
I don't fear you unholy tyrant
It's inside me what do you want
Ill divine

2. Deplorable

I cannot conceive this that you believe
Changing with the season self betrayal treason
More sincere with every breath getting hard confidence
Ever growing
With every breath getting harder
What master do you serve that sells you your self worth
It's something you can't earn
The mindless never learn
Forced down on your knees to the masses please
Soul forever grieves eyes that never see

3. Everything Dies

No savior - no forgiveness
Nothing but a thorn in my side
Bow down, servant, lashes are all you get
Discarded - passed over
Punishment is all you deserve
Never were we close
Never were we one mind
These words show true feelings
I wish you nightmares
I wish you blisters
I wish you sickness
This that you deserve
These things shall come to pass
So remember my face when the pain comes
Your mother bears my seed
Pleasure in raping
When her son is born
I'll kill you again
All you love shall wilt

4. Here Among Thorns

Your written word is poetry intoxicating clarity
All is well in chaosmind where only you can purify
I breathe again inside your voice angels sing demons rejoice
Alternate realities dividing Canaan piece by piece
Your within me
You've taken root
We are now one
Here among thorns

Blood roses and choirgirls crucify with icecicles
Show me what it is to be one with words that truly speak
Open me pour yourself in, fill me up again
Show me now take the other world take grain of sand and forma pearl
You spread your wings
You show your rage strange tears from a new place
Under the pink I find your soul only this can make me whole
Blood roses and choirgirls crucify with icecicles
Show me what it is to be one with words that truly speak
Lost inside a maze of tangled flesh a new thuoght comes to mind
Am I the thorn that pierces when you're the soul I melt into?

5. Feral Earth

Feel the pulse of the inner earth and the surge of the seas
The breeze of a distant wind and the stench of disease
Summon fourth the power drifting souls of the dead
Relinquishing dissonance the spirits lie to rest
Ghouls from the ruins chime glorious - Returning to their source
Some with content some with remorse equal as the dust
Emerging from the burning core unsettled by the sun
Illuminating energy this moment has been won
Stellar force apocalypse forever dead in the night
Region of a feral plain beyond the lunar light
Purify the stain of death cycle the trace of life
Ensiminate the fold of breath closer decaying mesh
Rivers of solitude throughout the rivers of no light
Path of the dying sun forged through the ruins
Flesh for the carrion and flesh for the dirt
Remnants from a time ago now withered feral earth

6. Bound In Unity

The minds are closed to learning… expansion
Each of us surrounded by the naïve in denial
They boast so loudly now, but the truth is coming out
No grasp upon relaities of greater law
So then they search for flaws in us, seen through moronic eyes
What could ever defeat we brothers bound in unity
Boundailess contempt expanding it overflows
Thus were annointed with our own strength of will
Strength of mind - we have eyes that see where others never will
The saviour baptized in lies can only lie
The martyr with ivory eyes will leave you with blindness
A false hope springs from the life of the savior - He should fear this…

7. Rise Of The Fallen

Infiltrate see past our enemies spread the word of our sacred code
To do is to die and to die is to live
We must believe live for the fight it's a warriors right
Stand now side by side no longer blinded by ignorance
Growing stronger with every step knowing the power of the cause
Mercy is for the weak
Slay through them all striking hard demanding the fall
Come all ye faithful the time is now
Deliver us from our disease
Eye to eye - we crush all of them now forget the pain up and onward
Smashing them into the ground
Freedom of mind without it we are nothing
Never letting your given rights be taken
Living everyday as if it were your last
Forever Marching on
Rise, rise, rise, - Marching on

8. Clash Dimension

Grand conspirator of the nether-chasm
Sole constructor of a middle hell
Fearful souls devoured for the under legion
Assumed enslavement for eternity
Consumption - innocent minions
Misery awaits - afterlife dynasty
Sinister - Vain peonage
Excruciate - Afterlife atrocity
Insacred the halls of burial peace
Funeral initiates post-death servitude
Ressurected spirits fever for more to join
Minds are banished in wake of calamity
Passion for worlds which lie in between the realms of life and death
Perilous windows, segueways to torment unto unknown portals
Terrorscapes harrowing faces mutated and lost
Perversion of life, morbid rites, wretched infinity
Powers beyond the strength of mortals contemptuous evil
No hope for life when caught in the path of murderous spheres
Come back to me
Lord of the dead thy kingdom cower
Rendering forth abysmal poers
The gift of escape from human failure alleviating flesh constructed error
Summoned for eternal duty sworn to destroy incarnate beauty
Uninhibited spirit curse disaster miscreator of unlife demonic master
Bleed the earth - scorn it's worth
Face the plague insanctify
Horror reality arero-born fury insurrection the former living flurry
Quest for domination suppression hellfiends arise through devious mutation
Dreamwave signals to an heir unsuspecting
Parallel dementia objects not real are there
Insanctimonious corpses are revived unclean dwellings savagery survives
Dissection table synthetic fluid drains forced injection lifeless veins retain
Bleed the earth scorn it's worth face the plague
Clash dimension

9. Rapture (Morbid Angel cover)

Confront me unholy ones
Bastard saints scorn of the earth
I summon thee now poison me
Death under will burn in my soul

Exalt me enemies of the lamb
Intrude - We are of one
Under will, I walk the path of sin
With your spells I die again

Raise me from mortal
My will be your will
My words speak your words
Your pains raise me to bliss

What of this anger now
Received to lance your enemy
I feel the energy
The poison moves in me
I spill blood

Scorn of the earth, I witness
In rapture I'm born again
Scorn of the light, I bear scorn
In rapture I'm reborn

10. Outro


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