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Deadline Release

"Deadline Release" (2002 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Bloodlust
3. The Fleshcrafter
4. Extinction of the Sun
5. Decaying Fragments of Existence
6. Sinners Unite

1. Intro

2. Bloodlust


Kill for blood, Violence feeds me the power
Evil has breathed, My bloodlust now awakens

Kill to live, I must survive
This bloodshed, all must die
Now insane, its torturous
End this rage, my killing spree
Fear your death, Perishment
This is hell, life itself
Love for blood, I'm needing more
Psychopath...A Murderer

I'm now cold, Killing becomes instinct
Tearing their flesh, My bloodlust has awoken

I was put on this earth to kill,
Severing heads becomes skill,
Another is dead from this night,
A black hearted creature am I

Crushed salvations, mutilation, sick temptation, killed forsaken

Evil eyes now sterilize, Hear the cries
The victims die, Hacking you down
The slaughter has just begun...End my bloodlust

Never caught, I've gone insane
This onslaught, Will never end
Now my wrath, Is killing you
Dark awakes...The Maniac

3. The Fleshcrafter


It is now time for decay, it is now time for dismay,
Fear of all evil has now taken place,
Into the darkness the murderer waits
A sickened confession of life, Killed off with no chance to fight
Dismembering bodies with vile intent,
Piles are now forming and starting to stench

A necrophile he has become, Leaving them broken and numb,
Structures of flesh are now crafted with meat,
Another has died from a bloody defeat
Bleeding from holes in the skin, Shaving their faces begins
The place where the bodies are hung to remove,
The entrails and guts from the wide opened wounds

The sight is so thrilling to see the blood spilling
Insanity the Reality
A morbid indulgence in violent involvements,
Exhuming, consuming the flesh of the rotted

Decaying in torment the pain is surreal,
Fatality, Atrocity
Becoming a disfigured carcass he feeds,
Carving the flesh, The killer dissects
Collecting the bodies to dwell with the blood
Shattering bones, Creating his throne

Conquering Flesh....The Fleshcrafter skins,
Taking their lives...A mass genocide
Becoming the feared...He rises up high
Deepening madness...A victim now dies

It is now time for disorder, It is now time for a murder,
Suffering victims are tortured and slaughtered,
Nightmares are real in this world of disorder
Showing his victims the light, By cutting their throats with a knife
Visions of horrid obsessions unfold,
Stitching together the pieces behold

4. Extinction of the Sun

5. Decaying Fragments of Existence


We are the existence that evil created
Earth is now our Hell
Driven by compulsion we are the disorder
Our future is now

Seeds of Deception
Feed our aggression
Join the oppression
End this Depression

The time has come for our desecration
None shall survive the earths damnation
Chaos becomes a thrilling addiction
Losing control of the pains of infliction.....Tortured

Let us feast...on your torment
Let it feed...our desires

Time ends now we are the ones who must suffer
We've made life a hell
Blood spills out from the now fallen disciples
Our future ends now

6. Sinners Unite


God does not care, Churches still fail,
You've judged my life, Now you will die

You cant save us only blame us
Plagues and hunger, We still suffer
The sinners unite with pure hatred
An army that cant be destroyed

Sinners unite
Blacken the night
Loss of all pride
Plagued by your lies

You cant break us only hate us
Point your fingers truth still lingers
Enjoyment of sinning is embraced
To be your own God is what matters

How can you believe in something that doesn't exist? Take you life right now...
Tearing the heads off the children of heavens temples,
Destruction occurs NOW

What will you do in the end? The separation
We are the ones who will live...The Antichristians

You do not know what truth is...If your putting your faith into Jesus
Worldly disorder has become your epitaph,
If Christ is your saviour than you have been killed

My hate, it grows, it sickens, it festers, it takes my soul and tortures my mind......

Now your god is dead...Nothing will save your soul now
Religion has failed...Taste of your rotted gods flesh


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