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Commandments - Violated

"Commandments - Violated" (2006)

1. No Life for You
2. Fallen Ones
3. Sacramental Masturbation
4. Flies - Myxu
5. Devouring Reality
6. Revenge from an Asylum
7. Butchers Family
8. Maniacal Depressive Psychosis
9. Injection
10. 45 Seconds

1. No Life for You

There's no way back,
only foreward into the abyss!
The angel's sage overtakes me.
Why do you look out
of the window and see,
the things that I don't?!

Now you will Die!

And don't you dare talk to me!
Now you are thinking how to break. Free and make me suffer,
but I want only
honest answers . I will not kill
them... like these three!

I am not calm!
Your tears are full of
fear to taste
But you are strong
I like it!

Why do they force me
to live the way
Your hypocritical society lives?
No, you will not survive!!
There is no way back!

You will not survive!
No life for you!

2. Fallen Ones

Raw meat pieces
are laying everywhere
Burned beneath the oceans
of blood!
Many brave and not have
met their death here
Now they're left alone
forgotten by God!

The strong smell
of rotten bodies
A vever-ending,
bloody landscape
I still hear the
forsaken cires
Of the ones that have
felt the carnage!

Death and pain
ruled the land
When forces
moved onward' head to head!
'Gnothy Sayton!'
'till the end
To reach the temple
of the undead!!
Winds are taking
The Cries...
of Fallen Ones

Forgotten by God

3. Sacramental Masturbation


Dethroning your lies and doggerel,
That were born not long ago.
This echo materialising in Woe
A meritation of the nonsense
You're none

No sacrifece to your flabby idol
He seems to be a sacrifice
of His own!
I feel Revulsion toward your
To everything you do - revulsion!

Eternal! Death! to this
Fucking! Fresh! Fanatic!

Diatube to the lies!
The creators of inharmonic madness.
And your deceitful cries,
A Bloody corpse on the altar
with candles .
The essence of eternal devastation,
Your strongest Foe is
Your own Mania!

Hatred to you!

The essence of eternal devastation

4. Flies - Myxu

In our meaty vomit
Flies a vomit fly
Omnipresent Death!
Fuck Off And Die!

5. Devouring Reality

Distracted & sapacious
Bantliusparasites of our world
You'll never be glorious
As someone
somewhere has told

Deadly winds are blowing!
Breath of the reborn
Era of the unknown is coming
But the past...
sntand's still unknown

War & fire as devastation!
Terror, death inception!
Our mighty supremacy!
I disdain your frailty!
You deserve nothing
But death!

No mercy

The squall of our fury,
Feel our hate & desire,
To throw all you
int the eternal fire!

6. Revenge from an Asylum

Great Mothers love, The son is thought to be mad! Pailfulls of remains are carried out at night, again and again.

Great Mothers love…As Revenge From Asylum

Heart–rending cries are heard mixed with loud music– Mother decoyed new victims!

The son processes her friends tender carcass! Rejection – and friends themselves are close to shrift! The second friend has died of slashing wounds! The third has lost her legs and hands!
The air is filled with the stengh of blood!!And a longing for the instant Death…
New, bloody clothes fill a big wardrobe. Young bones are swallowed up by an insatiable dog!
A fresh – cooked soup is served to new guests. He wreaks his revenge for years lost in an asylum.

7. Butchers Family

A family of butchers
is waiting for the child

How many times
is she bilthin?
But the children can't survive!
Father is the finest to see him,
What is his right?
It's not difficult to check up
At the next door the scales
This new life is bound...

3 & a half kilo without bones!
3 & a half kilo
without fucking bones...

There was heard a grinding
sound. The vull, rhythmic
thud' of, an, are.
Through the sum of time
he comes
And showes
his bloody hands!


All relatives are perplexed!
Where is the newbor?
The mad butcher is smiling
3 & a half kilo
without fucking bones!

8. Maniacal Depressive Psychosis

Are you here to see this?!?
Go, enjoy yourself!

Maniacal! Depressive! Psychosis!

I shouldn't have doubt in you!!
Your skill will go down in history!

Who's leaving you in the
space of extreme violation?
Your masterpieces amaze
with their scale.
You are devoted to your affairs,
it's easy for you to lure and seduce the victim.

Nobody knows my passions like you...

Maniacal! Depressive! Psychosis!

I like watching the process!
It's enslessly attractive
With it's dark beauty...
From masterpiece
to an ultimate decay!

9. Injection

Memories of your past – they’ve gone… all
What will be ahead you shall see!
Hail! Victimed as your body in agony scream
Madness and violence have made you…insane!
Freak visions of the fallen sense
Faith now won’t help you – soon you’ll be done
This strenght will destroy you all! DeathAmI! Through the veins it moves in the crushed body I see your opened wide eyes

They’re screaming in fear! Injection of Death has taken your life… Life! Hey!Soon you’ll be disjuncted and what shall left of You will eat worms! Die, now you will die!
I am your Death This Death’s shadow is already near your body It’ll be injected – you’ll be free…
Now it’s your last breath of lifeI’ll take your piteous soul without…Warning

10. 45 Seconds

I'm trapped here!
Can someone save
me from death?

The essence of death or
what to do?
Only 45 seconds and
I will die

What to do?
Infernal mechanism
tick tick tick
Second death


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