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"Chaospawner" (1999)

1. Descent Of The Apocalypse Lord - Part I (The Descent)
2. Descent Of The Apocalypse Lord - Part II (Invocation And Defeat)
3. The Rebirth
4. Enter The Triangle
5. With Doom...
6. Impaler's Skullchalice
7. The Hunt
8. The Divine Sword Conquest
9. Om Mani Padme Um
10. Chaospawner - Part I (One Thousand Years After)
11. Chaospawner - Part II (The Chaos Spawned)

1. Descent Of The Apocalypse Lord - Part I (The Descent)

Descend my lords of light
bring on earth your kingdom bright
Sabaoth soon will come
Apocalypse lords of sun become

Evil lords of deep dark nation
storm the field with ancient hate
learnt by demons in the chasms
beyond Agarthi's gate
Sabaoth's might, from the sky
(from) underworld, Agarthi's rise
merciless cosmic slaughter
the earth drinks blood
(that) flows as rivers' waters

And the Vrills, from pits of hell they scream,
foaming stallions, they lead out of the mist,
fiery are the great hordes,
the signal is given,
"King cast your curse on the opposite forces"

As the battle rages on
great chariots of fire cross and burn
the middle formation,
blasphemy's swords raised to sink
in angels' bodies, covered by dust,
drips of these ones' blood the blade
that now pierces their eyes

- (the king) -
"Unleash now the hordes of fire"

2. Descent Of The Apocalypse Lord - Part II (Invocation And Defeat)

- (Sabaoth) -
"Great forces of the Triangle,
I appeal to you in this very moment,
now that my sons lie on the ground,
eyeless and slaughtered;
grant me your power and I will pass
a thousand years in weakness,
I'll sacrifice to you my heart,
if defeated will be the King;
I'll offer you my victory,
if victory will be;
so I summon you now by the secret words

- (Triangle Sovereigns) -
"The apocalyptic clash
will now reach his end,
we grant you victory,
we'll strike the land with lightstreams;
In one breath the dark King
will fall in defeat;
so we'll take your heart and force
for a thousand years"

- (The King) -
"Lightstreams from the sky
each for a Vrill to be dead,
and 6 over me are 6 wounds
to be revenged,
but I won't disappear
died in a so great shame;
I cry all my pain"

3. The Rebirth

- (The King) -
"Past and preceding
neither time shall be
judge, persecutor and deceiver of my end and fall.
Ravenous vortex of death has no master;
its brother; the steel of my sword,
will shine a long time;
souls of my warriors claim my return,
by Fire, by Hate, by Sword,
by darkness all hell and fury
I evoke each creature who has ever denied the light."

Six days of solar eclipse and then come six warriors,
wrapped in dustcloud, hate and mist;
from pits of pure damnation they have risen,
as the clash broke the chains and the walls
and the call brought them in front
of the lord of the dark

- (The King) -
"Cross the flaming circles beyond
to where the triangle forces wait;
the circles are the passage,
the gate whose key are the secret words
once forewarning defeat
but now ordering you
to kill all that lives."

Magma boils of infernal frenzy;
hellish abyss shaken by vengeance winds
that howl through the underworld crypts;
fulfilled cup of purest blood the be drunk
to redeem living fire of darkest forces
at black demons' command.
And as is sanctioned infernal alliance

4. Enter The Triangle

"Avenir, Avadon, Adonai,
Vali, Vanth, Vidar"

Secret words gate to the opened doom
reborn executioners will to conquest,
astonished eyes, penetrating the unknown
recollection of pain inspires demonic the chest;
great cyclone of the whirling flames,
raging circles squall their names

- (The Six Warriors) -
"Shaken clouds, horizon black,
the night is filled with hissing sound,
burning passage snatch the sky,
and take us to the enlighten ground.

In our lies hands the might,
we are precursors,
of hell's sceptre will,
as the invasion is near.

Enter the triangle,
Enter the circles,
Triangle soon must die,
Enter the triangle,
Agarthi shall rise."

Repeat Ch x4

5. With Doom...

The six warriors reach the triangle dimension
through the secret circles, here the forces
who defeated their king are waiting... with doom...

6. Impaler's Skullchalice

After a long journey, thrown to the ground
the warriors slowly stand and watch around, warwinds howling make them advance, the battlegreedy weapons enrage in hand

The summoned flames make shield
to that figure wrapped in fire;
but nothing holds the storms that
helmed by six black crests,
is lead fiercely to the imminent clash

- (The Fiurach Guardian) -
"I'm the FIURACH guardian,
just here to guard the waves
of the sulphurean river,
through which redeemable is fate,
mirror of the 7 abysses
preceded by uncrossable gates;
so stop your prophane steps,
or your lives will cease in flames!!"

Flames die, body and cut off head,
both are skinned.
Raise sacrificial pole
and set the guardian
up high

Those words, mixed with blood,
now flow in the warriors throat
and while their power
through blood grow stronger
the headless impaled corpse
sees his skull being

7. The Hunt

- (The Six Warriors) -
Ride black steeds toward the enemy,
that in flight they won't seek escape and safety,
the humiliation and torment during the exile,
have sharpened our blade awaiting for this hour.

And won't be any guardian able to stop us,
as witnesses the skull
that I now hold in my hand proudly,
in the waves of FIURACH
we have read the imminent battle,
armed with bestial ferocity
we'll slaughter you with power.
We are the hunters dressed in hate,
feel our breath chasing with rage,
THE HUNT won't let you escape.

Pluck up of all your courage and strength now
or be ready to die by one blow of our axe on your neck.
For you with Sabaoth have allied, death is the lowest price
for our years of pain and sacrifice.

Prepare for your death, We are your destruction!!

8. The Divine Sword Conquest

Dustcloud approaching in sight
screams and squalls for the heat
can't stand that incommensurable power
drawing six warriors and the force of Vrill

- (Triangle Sovereigns) -
"And merciless masses gather in the attack
that will nearly lacerate our flesh,
vindictive and joined in their claws stab
draining our veins in impetuous cascade of blood,
but in the blasting sky and terrifying screams
are heard again the last words of the underworld king,
and in every thunderclap is present his hammer
that with the six warriors' hearts beats at once in their chest.

Will my force ever reach our dying hand
may the divine sword lay eternally unprophaned,
its drawer will certainly win his battle,
but certain die after victory,
the six besieger would conquer the triangle,
stands in flames and wait lordly their present king
to reach vengeance they will obey him without question.
This is what we read in their so determined advance,
this is the course of doom
but we will face it with raised heads;
retire now beyond the abysses gates"

The seven abysses wait,
unholy steps prophane
the sacred gates of power,
unpurity rules over the once fiery stones.

In complete disgrace the cascade ruins
and the stallions ride is heard
through the battlewitness stony faces,
never stooping fall.
There waiting bane welcomes
the usurped lords,
the divine sword appears in shining strength,
divine and almighty in tithe hands of the impaler,
Fury and Agony, Victory and Death the Triangle is Black!

9. Om Mani Padme Um

- (The King) -
"A thousand years has passed,
now the time is right,
the hour of doom is approaching.
I scream the First Chaos Formula
Hordes of Fire, Lightning Hosts,
Wrathlords and Vrills,
I mould you from infernal magma
and order you to raise from the dead,
Now praise reverential the eminence
of your lord, king and creator.
All your blood for my triumph"

10. Chaospawner - Part I (One Thousand Years After)

- (The King) -
"And the ground will resound empty
under the marching feet of our army
deprived of its bowels' forces (we are),
by then ready to become immense burial
for the imminent slaughter"

...and the sky turned into black
when Sabaoth with his army of light
Descended from celestial throne
one thousand years after the first clash
Resound now, oh battle horns
break the silence all around

Underworld warriors magma spawned
moulded with fire after death
gleaming the eyes under the helm
the steam of fury burn inside the armour

Thunderlords, hordes of fire
masters of wrath and lightning hosts
precede the attack of the enthroned
He's their king and procreator

Forces of Iechudil are destroyed
First of the seven lords of flame
their own shadows rise and eat their corpse
by that flesh they acquire the demon's breath

Sabaoth might misses his sword
that flashes and dazzles demons' sight
the two thrones fight at distance long
while between the multitudes rules blind destruction

11. Chaospawner - Part II (The Chaos Spawned)

- (Sabaoth) -
"In great number once candid vestments of my warriors
are now bloodstained bundles of bone and flesh.
Incontestable is the anger of the underworld king
for the augments his forces in the slaughter.
So I summon you now, as once I did, faithful forces of the triangle."
The sky opens, secret circles appear, no force descending at help,
six heads to the ground and then come five warriors,
seven formations at their command.

- (Black Triangle Sovereigns) -
"Watch those six heads,
triangle sovereigns heads.
We have returned, our only will is to kill!!
Crippled bodies and scalps all around
and hissing screams tearing like blades,
prepare your neck to my axe,
even the shreds of your corpse we will squeeze!!
Behold our blade, is the divine sword
proving we are now,
(proclamation and Sabaoth's defeat)

- (The King) -
"The divine sword has marked your doom,
see the spectacle in sight,
red sea of angels' blood,
black desert of ashes, black warriors in victory,
Black Triangle Sovereigns;
no movement will live in infernal tyranny,
only hierarchic immobility
will survive total death,
Agarthi triumphs supreme!!"

- (Sabaoth) -
"So I will be the CHAOSPAWNER
I will be the CREATION.
And MY NAME, will be... AGARTHI!!"......


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