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Death Before Dawn

"Death Before Dawn" (2003)

1. Princess of Eternity
2. Death Before Dawn
3. Solar Eclipse
4. Astral Fornication
5. Cosmic Nest of Decay
6. Battle at the Heart of Dreamland
7. From Hell I Still Remember
8. Korg Polaris
9. Ghosts Around the Bonethrone
10. Supernova

1. Princess of Eternity

ashes to ashes, dust to dust
I see the dusk, I feel the lust
forces of the darkside!
here's my time!
my precious child, your blood shall be mine
it keeps me alive in the deepest crypt
I hear your cry, I feel your heartbeat
time cannot rule on me
they call me the Princess of Eternity!
... ashes to ashes, dust to dust
ashes to daylight, blood to dusk!

2. Death Before Dawn

on a cold and scary night, I looked into the fireplace
through the dancing flames, once I saw the Devil's face
he reached out of the fire and grabbed me with his hairy arm
he pulled me into the flames
I started to burn, feel like I'm falling down!
...I found myself between the ruines of a cursed place
the nightfall was near, the sky turned red like bleeding veins
he caught me with a spell
and hung me with chains
he was jumping around me
with ugly smile on his hairy face
he said this is the end
when I can see the dusk for the last time
I'll never leave this land
he laughed at me with burning eyes:
"you shall die before dawn!!"

3. Solar Eclipse

the laughing moon covers the sun, sinister darkness covers the Earth
this total eclipse of the sun seems to last forever!
creatures are creping, crawling up from the deepest pits of the ground
everything seems falling apart, there's no more hope around
shadows of forgotten species are shivering in candlelight
everyone tries to hide away to a place where a sign of life remained!
dark milling crowd of monsters are concoursing the streets
they're screaming, barking, laughing
their sharp voices are pain to the ears

...and then the Lord of Darkness returned
with wings of a bat, head of a goat
finally his time has come today, this will be our very last day
he turned to look at me for a while with his ruby eyes
he was grinning like a shark
he called me on my name, like the voice of night
...and that was the last thing what I heard in my life

4. Astral Fornication

astral bodies are shimmering, the stars are glimmering
flying souls of evil forces, roaming between galaxies
we sit on you when you fall asleep
to take your soul into the deep
we drink your life-force to strngthen ourselves
when you wake up you'll feel nothing else:
than fear and weakness, you'll be depressed!
pain and sickness, therapies will be useless!
all kind of medicine are ineffective remedies
there's no weapon against our malefic force
we shall come back with the nightfall!
we're living in the deep space, doing astral fornication
walking between the stars, doing cosmic devastation!
we're living in the deep space, doing astral fornication
against the sleeping human mind, doing cosmic execution!
if you think, life is just a stupid carnival
you deserve to be frightened by the Evil!

5. Cosmic Nest of Decay

messze járok, sihant alatt hálok
nem élek bár álmodom, a bomlás lett ágyasom
hajnali harmat cseppje csillan rothadt avaron
a föld beszívva azt, engem táplál gazdagon
tölgyfák gyökere fejemnek támasza, férgek éhe testemnek vígasza
a bomlás mely egykor megölt ostobán, ma életben tart, s nevetek csupán
holt lelkek sóhaja lelkem óhaja, mint eltitkolt, gonosz irodalom
ez maradt nékem csupán, e kozmikus birodalom!
nem élek de álmodom, a halál kaszával õrködik síromon
lelkem kihúnyt csillag odalenn, sötét verem lakhelyem, hol a napfény színtelen
végtelen alagút a mélybe, itt élem napjaim
a rothadás õsi fészke, láva cseppek egem napjai
…de ma elhoztam néktek a tudást, mely a sírból fogant
férgek ura jött el hintaján, tûzzel hajtott ördög fogat
jutalmatok, mit magammal holk e napon
a holtáke volt, s most az élõknek adom
lelkem csepp volt egykor a rothadt sár tengerében
bomlott testem hevert most hatalmam a tudás
sírból fogant, átadom nektek, íme az elmúlás!

6. Battle at the Heart of Dreamland

7. From Hell I Still Remember

as we were standing there, demonic spirits were drifting in the sky
as we were watching them, bloody tears were falling from our eyes
we were scared, feel like we all fall down
we were cursed as we were starring at the dawn
we were dancing in the twilight and laughing at each other
as we were practicing our deadly spells, we were throwing balls of fire
we were stealing and tried to reanimate bodies from the cemetery
one of them struck against us and infected you with corpse poisoning
we tried to play with forbidden sciences and we were punished for our sins
you became a living dead and stuck a battle axe into my head
but when I was between life and death, I knew this is the bitter end
so I tore out my cursed sick heart, and gave it to you
you started to eat it like a hungry ghoul
though I died without a heart, but you followed me to hell
in that last moment I remembered those days, when we were friends:
we were young necromancers
it was around late december
....from hell I still remember

8. Korg Polaris

the time has come what the prophecies told
a demon has come from the nether world
on a rainy night, on a dusrty road
the stranger came in a yellow coat
sitting on a horse, armed with a black sword
with a sinister look he was the herald of doom
his mother was a demon, his father was a priest
his name was Korg Polaris
Korg Polaris!
demon from the darkest hell!
cold emotions!
he is soulless like a living dead!
he is a curse for the human race
he began his deadly race
a prince from hell
an expert in deadly spells
the master: of black magic
of bloody massacre without logic

9. Ghosts Around the Bonethrone

fall into the blackest abyss, infinite depths of melancholy
soul, scarred and frozen, cold as ice, black as coal
winter moon bleeds it's grim light, down upon the castle walls
inside I sit alone on my bonethrone
forgotten king from an age long gone by...

in silence I observe, as all sounds fade into the night
even darkness dims, as the awaited time arrives
twelve ghosts awaken from their shadows
and dance their possessed dance for the crowd of one

twelve young women, innocent and fair!

their beauty immortalized, by my hands in death
each night at the wolf's hour, they dance for me
so it's been for centuries
and so it shall forever be

10. Supernova


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