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Darkness Needs Us

"Darkness Needs Us" (2004)

1. Darkness Needs Us
2. Lord of the Darkest Freedom
3. Hand of Light
4. Vigour of the Dead
5. Wings of Kryy
6. Bearer of Moonlight Decay
7. Lycanthropic Warmasters
8. Fire-raiser of Devastation
9. We came back with the Nightfall
10. Mortal Reality
11. Our Blood is the Ocean
12. Forest of Bane
13. Wings of Kryy (Substracted Blast Mix)

1. Darkness Needs Us

dying culture on this cursed planet
frozen, forgotten dreams of sadness
you're digging your grave of madness
falling asleep to the nothingness

you've already killed your idols
you've nothing to do with faith anymore
the candle blew out at the end of the tunnel
only fear remained in this cave of worms

slimy bloody guts on the face
it looks like the former human race
your mind became a hideaway of demons
false philosophical movements feeding the curse

rotten flesh, sick yellow eyeholes
impending doom is knocking on your door
this is disease, fiery pain, burried end
grub-eaten universe, days of the dead

our magic can heal and ease the pain
our magic can kill and incite to hate
even if only darkness remained for us
we rule it, we are one 'cause darkness needs us

2. Lord of the Darkest Freedom

falling into the abyss of subconsciousness
traveling without moving, through the hollow emptiness
deep dreams of bloody mystic seas
the wound in my mind which was only misery and disease
transformed now into a gate
that leads to knowledge and sealed my fate

pain is the solution!
immortalized me for endless thousand years
pain is the key!
to the door that leads to eternity

the roots of the force
are growing under the blood-soaked ground
everything seems wasting away
as I'm waking up and looking around

the burning eyes of cold truth
are watching the prey, there's no more pray
domination, freedom!
I rule the pain of eternal wisdom

force of decay cannot rule on me anymore
stronger than time or space, I face the storm
I saw the places that you've never seen
I heard the voices of the deepest realms
I felt the cosmic darkness deep within
what you've never dared to believe in
pain is the kingdom of eternal wisdom
I am the Lord of the Darkest freedom!

a secret of nature that never dies
I'm the gate of fate: vengeace is mine
magic solution!
the pain brings you sacrifice
eternal wisdom!
I am the Lord of the Darkest freedom

3. Hand of Light

bloody massacre on the Night of Avargh
ruinous dragons tore the flesh under the Moon
lost safety in the tunnels of dwarfs
I tried to hide away from my impending doom

I was wearing a ring where a spirit dwelt within
on my dragon-scaled arm of unworldly forces
I stuck in the darkest, infinite tunnels of nothing
hiding away from my fears and painful memories

S'almeynal the first battledragon!
I could use his power as a weapon
wearing his soul in my ring
locked inside on my scaly wrist

Asbar! the legendary place!
where dragons wore the mask of human race
was calling me with vicious, eerie mist
with anger I shook my reptile clawed fist

I will return and fight!
with the force of fire
with my Hand of Light
I'll kill out all desire!
I will punish and pay back!
you'll be revenged, you'll be dead!
will punish and pay back!
you'll be revenged, you'll be dead!

with my hand of dragon gods and burning light
I'll tear out your bloody guts and pulsating heart!
burning like a piece of wood:
this will be your salvation!
cruel execution!
wreaking my vengeance on you
this is my mission!
end of fornication!

4. Vigour of the Dead

they laughed when I cried
they smiled when I died
I failed with my grotesque lifestyle
my blood's feeding the worms now

my astral body is the essence
touching dimensions without any sense
time-traveller eternal life after death
spectral moving, nothingcan ease my wrath

no grave, no gravity!
in the deep, I am depravity!
no soul, no sanity!
in my kingdom I am insanity!

somewhere, up there
a voice is calling me to life
someone is waiting for me there
she's pregnant, marked with a sign:

of cruelty and coldness!
she bathes in a pool of blood
suffering from waekness
she's dying when I come to life

I was once with the earth!
under the sod I was one with the dungeon
I was dead but dreaming, I kept all the wisdom

beware of my rebirth!
dominion arrives even if I lost my kingdom
the vigour of the dead got back its freedom!

no grave, no gravity!
in the deep, I was depravity!
no soul, no sanity!
the vigour of the dead brings cruel insanity!

5. Wings of Kryy

suicidal thoughts inside my head
shades of past are haunting in my bed
horror of loneliness is embracing me
with its rotten dark wings chocking me

I saw devils and demons in my dreams
my body was tortured by fever and disease
sometimes I felt like I'll be buried alive
Hell was calling me with hungry smile

I was born alone, I will die alone
I felt pain of loneliness inside my bones
bloody dreams of fever, falling down
the same screaming season all the time

then I met an angel came out from the unreal
emptiness when I woke up, past disappeared
as she flew out from the darkness
she came for me alone
I received her all alone
a dark lady with eyes of a fairy
you're my cosmic reality, my only destiny

suicidal thoughts inside my head
sometimes she's sleeping in my bed
surreal beauty is embracing me
with her soft dark wings chocking me
t death

I was born alone, I will die alone
I feel pain of short future inside my bones light sleep of lust,
falling down the scream turned to laugh, it's the end of time

dark lady, cosmic reality
dark lady, endless purity
dark statue of faultless beauty
dark wings of immortality
you love me even if I am insanity
I'm a beast, a devil but you are sanity

6. Bearer of Moonlight Decay

fear is my name
blackness is running through my veins
all the dreams what you lost awaken
I'm keeping them in my deepest chamber

fog is my body
I'm the embodiment of dark glory
all the fears what you feel in your dreams
that's my force, the soulless disease

there's no word for a being like me
there's no way for escaping from me
I'm the one who gives birth to the pain
flying with the wind, falling with the rain

with the power of reborn flesh I dominate
through countless centuries and decades
timeless statue of buried hope
soot and dust of past is my home

buried hypnotic philosphy from the deep
my blood turned to dust, drifted by the seas

I'm the ocean, breath of the bloodstorm
magical essence of nature, bearer of moonlight decay
I'm the scream in the howling wind: an unborn spawn
mythical beast of secret future, avoider of the light of day

I'm the anger in the eye, conceived by night
the dagger in your heart, sustained by fright

7. Lycanthropic Warmasters

broadswords, battle axes
daggers and body shields
thousands of flaming torches
overrun the battlefield

constellation of black stars
condemnation of black gods
darkness sighs with breathing smile
madness strikes with snapping bites

thousands of knights and serves
are advancing against their tyrants
the bastions of the castle are burning like timber
lycanthropic warmasters are roaring like thunder

the smell of fear is fluttering in the breeze
all the blood in the hearts start to freeze

you will meet your fate on this fiery night
salvation will be yours by a flesh tearing bite
armours are suseless to get on!
this will be your Armageddon!

the Root of all evil has been growing
for neverending centuries, it's growling
under the darkest tunnels of the castle
hidden like a dying rabid wolf: it's useless!

constellation of black stars
condemnation of black gods
the Root feeds the warlords
with the vigour of werewolves

you will meet your fate on this fiery night
salvation will be yours by a flesh tearing bite
in your fear you'll forget the stories about Heaven
this day will be your execution, your final Armageddon!

8. Fire-raiser of Devastation

the sky has turned upside down
the whole world was spinning around
I felt the arrival of something vicious
it came out from the clouds, something hideous

a ghost of a dragon landed at my feet
he was speaking to me in a forgotten language
he asked me about my secrets
about the ones I always kept
I was telling him about my fears
and my lost dreams I always wept

he was laughing at me with suspicious eyes
dancing blcak flames broke out from his mouth
for a moment I felt like I'm burning in Hell
the fiery pain came out from the deepest well...

... of the anger of demons!
... of the sleeping wisdom!
where evil forces beckon you to their buried kingdom

I became the living burning scourge
the punitory symbol of the buried wisdom
a new frightening legend was born
my well kept secrets got back their freedom:

to burn up the whole universe
doing total cosmic worldburn
to burn up the realms of all dimensions
I'm the Fire-Raiser of devastation

9. We came back with the Nightfall

rebirth from the ashes
shadows above sleeping cities
flying apparitions without bodies
fear materialized into an army
there's no weapon against our malefic force
we came back with the nightfall

we enter the dreams by will and force
we steal the virgins, their screaming voice:
broke the silence
filled the darkness

nothing remained, no chance or choice
flow of blood and black fire-balls:
flooded the streets
burnt down the bridges

all the mortal knew their hope was gone
the prophecies warned them, this day will come
emptiness in the hearts
madness in the eyes

there's no gravity for us
there's no sanity for us
breaking the elements of the Earth
we call to life and giving birth to something
what never existed
without brain or a human body
a shapeless cloud
what was caughing death and bleedin black
it was called The End!

10. Mortal Reality

candle light is flickering in your eyes
your smile is a disgusting sort of ice
like blood drenched snow, full of guts
you are like that, you loathsome bastard

knowledge is in your blood: how to infect
you're a parasite, a killer slimy insect
I could tear out your legs if you were a fly
I would teach you to suffer: how to die

I hear your voice calling me every night
irresistibly at the witching hour
I feel your breath on my neck as a bite
fainting of fever will be ours

pointed teeth!
infection, disease!
blood rain falls!
your promises are false!

I'm sitting now in a dark corner silently
in my bedroom waiting for you again
I'm watching you landing on my window-silk
as the final doom you always look like the same

you never become older
you think you're immortal
until this gore stinking night
when I plunge my pointed stick into your heart!

pointed teeth!
infection, disease!
blood rain falls!
your promises were false!
you'll be ashes and dust when the dawn comes
let there be light, the Sun will rise
breaking the roof tiles, the Moon sighs

I don't fear your name, I won't hide
I'm leaving now this nightmare behind
this is what you thought immortality!
revenge is sweet: this is my mortal reality!

11. Our Blood is the Ocean

roaming around the cemetery
searching for what has lost
something what we were wearing
deep in our soul

a shape of a woman
was flying around, dressed in white veil
I recognized her by her voice
she was the whispering darkness

a shape of a man
was walking around, dressed in black velvet
he recognized me by my soul
I was the raging madness

on this night we shall meet
to celebrate immortality
from this time we shall be
together for all eternity

take me with you
to your other world
I drew the magic runes
new dimension opens
you are my nightmare girl
you are the stars
you are the moon
our blood is the ocean

at last I noticed her glowing eyes
she was sitting on a grave
in the back of the graveyard
where only darness remained

I knew something has changed
when I looked into her empty eyes
I saw grotesque sight of a scary face
when I looked at her, she just smiled

searching for something what never existed
made me lonely like the whispering darkness
she attacked me, possessing me by herself
she was nothing else than the raging madness

12. Forest of Bane

in the heart of the woods, avoiding the daylight
lurking beast was sneaking in the twilight
whispering of the trees was flying with the wind
agony of lost, crying children filled the fog with grief

I lost you on a night
I never see you smile
I'm hunting every night
with sword on my side

I'm running again
in the Forest of Bane
I don't feel the pain
I am not afraid

you were my destiny
my beloved sanity
I was your loverman
I will be your headsman

in the heart of the woods, avoiding the daylight
she was silently sneaking in the twilight
whispering of the trees was flying with the wind
on her irresistible voice she was calling me softly

I found you on a night
I was terrified of your smile
I still knew who you were
I still remembered

I was running again
in the Forest of Bane
when I saw your face
I lost all my faith

you will be my destiny
it's cruesl insanity
I cannot hurt you with a sword
I'll be eaten by a werewolf

13. Wings of Kryy (Substracted Blast Mix)


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