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Dying Or Nothing

"Dying Or Nothing" (2005)

1. A Plea For Your Suicide
2. Bloodless
3. Necessary Pain
4. Follow Emptiness
5. The Only Way To Leave
6. Cut Hollow And Deep
7. My Path Away From Hope

1. A Plea For Your Suicide

For your suicide: I'm in desperate plea
You will let me down by living
Let me make no pretense of loyalty
Alone: is the only way of leaving.

2. Bloodless

I possess no blood
Cutting out reason to bleed
I have no skin
For I have nothing within
I will never feel touched
Nothing can reach me

I cannot die
When I have never felt alive

Words are weak lies of emotion
For an idealistic image
A thin layer covering
A shameful exsistance
Who cares if it breaks?
What lies beneath is too empty for death

Belief only shows desperation
There is nothing else
Live you're hollow fucking self
I want to die as worthless

3. Necessary Pain

Like a candle in daylight
Just a useless burning
And a lost light
Of hope I am empty
Of my death: no soul to even dream
Living is self harm for me
Until one eventual tear of self hate
No beauty in its fall
And in misery
I wait for you to follow
to disconnection from life and self
Disbelief my only way of tolerance
Deep into nowhere with weary inacceptance
Like a machine: just to perpetuate
Digging the tunnel of worthless survival in emptiness.
There is nothing but nothing
Exsisting and by so: dissapearing
Draining pieces into the relentless sea
Thats crying eternally for nothing
The meaning of my blood is dying
For a pain that is merely necessary
Within despair I grasp out for death
But there's nowhere to fall from oblivion's edge
A ghost of emptiness
Here I will stay
and as unmoved pieces: I will lay
Just broken over and over again.

4. Follow Emptiness

I have no desire to seem alive
Nothing is worth believing for
Anything within dies
I dig deeper my hollow grave
As I stay alive There is nothing in life I want to see
There is nothing in life that's here for me
Nothing can change my self defeat
I have left all meaning Lost in a lifeless wish for ashes
The impossibility is endless
Yet the end is forever..
I find nothing to die for
I slice over scars
To lose their path back to reason Once blood has spilled, follow the emptiness
After the end there is nothing else
Where I live in the dismay that I have not killed myself.

5. The Only Way To Leave

A loss on the journey to the end is all I can be
All I want is for nothing to know me
Inner being drained
Into a black sea
Where the losses
Go unseen
Sacrfices forgotten
To be hollow
For it is the only way to leave
Nothing needs me.
Life becoming unbearable
But the very unbearableness itself
Chains me to exsistance
With the defeat of my acceptance for it
My only certainty
Is that nothing pure can come of this
I cut myself to see if I still bleed
But even when blood falls
I dont feel
I dont believe
I pray to no one
For the emotional cold to suffocate me
Nothing needs me.
Silence articulating constant despair
I waste and wait for nothing
There is nowhere from here.

6. Cut Hollow And Deep

The cold will take my heart and love me
Needing darkness in loss of reason
I only see pain in everything
and will do anything for it.
How deeply can I mean nothing?
There will never be an answer or an end
To the loss
I fantasize about my funeral
It moves the depths of my inner hollow
To irretracable places, beyond redemption
Footsteps of my broken spirit are indistinguishable
Indulging alone - here in these deleting shadows.
I gaze from a hopeless corner
Wandering why I still have eyes
When this place is my home
Only to sadness will I return
Where I can exsist as this ghost
And emptinesses martyr once.
Cut hollow and deep
I will carve out my useless heart
I will never feel love
Throwing the pieces and blood at a sterile white wall
What is seen of my nothingness, and so fucking what?
I am only in love with the death of myself.
All I have is apathy
Towards being worth anything
And a despise
For all that represents sincerity
Against it: I have become the end
I will gaze from oblivion upon your death.
Pain is just a way out
Of an unwanted exsistance.

7. My Path Away From Hope


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