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The Battle Begins

"The Battle Begins" (2007)

1. Prolog
2. Blinded By Hypocrisy
3. Predators In A Human Shape
4. March And Fight
5. With Fire And Claws
6. Battlesong
7. ...And Thousand Men Will Die
8. Our Quest
9. Raknarök
10. Epilog

1. Prolog

2. Blinded By Hypocrisy

Look above your head, blackened is the night
Black like endless death, the stars are losing their light
Hear the heavy pound, like a thousand hooves its sound
No more the sky is quiet, the stars have lost their light

See the heavy light, the light which makes us blind
Only a black cloth seen, where once the stars have been
The sky is falling down, in it we will drown
Mercy won´t be showed to us, abandoned by the gods we trust

What have I done I lived like a man of war
Abandoned by our gods, Thor's anger now I saw
Lived full of honor and fought like man of war
Abandoned by mighty Thor, his anger now I saw

Listen to me you fools, because you must be blind
Thor did not abandon you, you all left him behind
Nothing can save us now

In your heads is grown, the seed which makes us blind
Sowed by lying bastards, makes us leave our gods behind
And want us to see their own

Vom falschen Gott erzählt
Wollen wir nicht den wahren Feind sehn
Den falschen Weg gewählt
Müssen wir zum Ursprung zurück gehn
Ewig geeint im Zorn
Zusammen stehen wir hier
Drum lasst uns streiten für Thor
Für Odin und für Fimbulthier

What have I done did I live like men of war
Abandoned our gods our anger now I saw
Did I live full honor and fight like men of war
Abandoned the mighty Thor, his anger now I saw

We are blinded by hypocrisy but take a look above
A star that shows us we can see
Where once we came from and where to move
And it is not the only one no we´re not alone
We have resisted the evil seed
And all the doubt is gone

Never we will be alone don´t need your single god

A new day arises the sun´s coming through
The gods have forgiven
Never we will forgive you

This storm which awoke us, will soon come to you
Never again you will see, the sun coming through
You all will be hit then, not by thunder but swords we
Use to make it rain again, red the earth will be

Restoring our honor and fight like men of war
Revenge for our gods our anger then you saw
Even if we should die, we won´t be alone
To late to believe, your god is gone

He never existed
He was a lie

3. Predators In A Human Shape

I dress myself in battle clothes
Preparing me to fight
My brothers I will meet them soon
Together we will ride

From the slopes of death we came
To destroy the years of blame
Brake the chains we were put in
Finally we´ll win

We are predators in a human shape
Four warriors with flaming rage

We are fighting with burning steel
To make false warriors kneel
Blood will drown our way
No we´ll make them pay

We are predators in a human shape
Four warriors with flaming rage

We will make false hammers fall
Until we here Odin's call
This will be our final ride
Cause Odin wants us at his side

4. March And Fight

Dusk the sky gets black
We hear the gray wolf's scream
The eight hooves are coming back
And the ravens' flight we´ve seen

We see the signs by Odin shown
Our wish to fight now has grown

We will fight on your side
So guide us to march and fight

Our ships will sail - over the seas
Our swords will kill - our enemies
We will sacrifice - our blood
We will bleed - for our gods

Now we are on your side
So guide us to march and fight

Viele Zeichen sind wenn das Volk sie wüsste
Günstig beim schwingen des Schwertes
Heilbringender Anhang für Helden ist es
Wenn ein Rab sie umschwebt
Günstig auch ist es wenn den grauen Wolf
Unter Eschen du heulen hörst
Glück verspricht es erspähst du den Gegner
Eher als er dich sieht

Now we fight on your side
You´ll guide us to march and fight

Dawn the day has come
The battlefield is spread with blood

But we are still alive
To the next battle we´ll march and fight

5. With Fire And Claws

Fly through the waves
We will leave our homes and our glorious lands to
Die for our gods
And punish false prophets with swords in our hand

See the black clouds
Leading the dragon through giants in our way but
We will survive
Trusting our gods and forget what this scum said

Ride our dragon cross the sea
Bring our fire and our claws to be free

Born for the cross
False warriors pass our way to make us bend by
Storm their god sent
And bring our journey to an premature end

Enter the battle with flames in our back
Fulfill our promise with blood on our track

Far away from home we´ll ride across the sea
Endless we will roam to find our destiny

We´re standing strong
Never mislead and never defeated so
Hear our cries
Fighting with honor and never will be cheated again

Trusting our gods and our heart, fear is gone
Don´t matter if dead or alive we´ll go home

6. Battlesong

In our kingdom the battle arrives
5000 enemies want our lives
But not with us
We´re proud of our lives
We´re strong vikings and of course
Odin's children

The armor is strong
And fear is gone
When we´re ready to fight
And we´re ready to fight

With our lives we defend our land
Come on you stupid fools
The war horn rise
And fearless we´ll ride

The furious ones we are
Killing, dying, our enemies crying
And they`re running out of the land

Thor's thunder strikes
The Valkyries ride
Let´s begin the final fight
Let´s begin the final fight

But what is this…
I´m feeling sick an arrow child my heart
Don´t cry brothers it´s okay if Odin wants me on his side
I´m on the lightning path to Vallhalla
My final place to live inside


Brothers stay and live the cult
To be a viking warrior

7. ...And Thousand Men Will Die

Once the time will come
Our last day beneath the sun
When lightning smash through clouds
And darkness reigns the sky

This is the day when warriors ride and
Thousand men will die

When hooves and thunders pound like drums
The worlds last battle has begun
The world will sink into the see
And our fire starts to burn

You´ll see the flames are raging high
And thousand men will die

Our fight is almost done
And we´re at the end
But giants have arrived
We´ll need a helping hand
Mjöllnir do what you for
Bring them to death
Odin arrives with Vallhalla men
They will finish the rest
Our enemies lie side by side
And thousand men have died

The world will sink into the sea
And all you know is forlorn
But it will come out of the deep
Full with honor and glory it is reborn

8. Our Quest

Into the battle I ride
The gods and my brothers at my side
Facing thousand enemies
Surrounding us but we will not kneel

Pulling our swords that will never rest
Defending our thoughts and finish our quest

Arrows are flaming in the sky
And their fire is the only light
Heads are falling to the ground
Our striking swords are the only sound

Raising our swords that will never rest
Defending our gods to finish our quest

Charge steel cutting flesh
We refuse to submit but we smash
Through the hordes of enemies
Revenge for our gods we´ll make those men kneel

Striking with our swords that will never rest
Killing for our gods to finish our quest

Blood covers the battleground
My brothers and I are full of stab-wounds
Were fighting on in heavy rain
Cause strong viking blood runs through our veins

Still holding our swords that will never rest
Revenge for our gods till the end of our quest

The last head falls to the ground
But with our gods we are forever bound
All enemies have died
I fall to the ground see a valkyrie at my side

Never leaving my sword
My soul will never rest
I´m on the way to our gods
I finished my quest
To Vallhalla I ride
Again I raise my sword at Odin's side

9. Raknarök

Sitting in the great halls of Asgard
Fathers, brothers, me and glorious gods
Watching Midgard, the life of men without fear
But the sound of Gjallahorn reaches my ear

The sign Bifrosts guardian had to give
Sign of destiny, fate, no one shall longer live
The summoned deamons charge without remorse
Bifrost's breaking down under this overwhelming force

Vallhalla's gates open up, the ground begins to shake
My father riding the eight hooves leading his force to brake
The deamons siege, but his death is divine
So Fenrir ate him in one piece, now the wolf is mine

This is our realm's last dawn
Our fate, Ragnarôk is spawned

The fury in me grows up high
I´ll avenge my father, Fenrir shall die
Treating his mouth with boots of steel
Breaking his jaw in a half, now he´s killed

This is our realm's last dawn
Our fate, Ragnarôk is spawned

My brother snuffs at Jermungard
Nine steps later he´ll be forever gone
Our god of war also my brother
Faces the deamon garm killing each other

Two long enemies both brothers of mine
Meet in the battlefield perish is divine
Two proud men of the same blood
But rage in both is all they got

I can see their staring eyes showing no fear
My scream to stop don´t arrives their ears
Swords are drawn, making the final charge
To pierce without remorse each others heart

Now I´ve to see god of growing peace
Facing the lord of fire, the fire that will be released
Because he gave away his sword for his wife
The fire-lord will burn him out of life

This is our realms last dawn
Our fate, Ragnarok is spawned

Now around the world his fire will burn
I´m standing there have to watch what all will earn
The flames are raging high up to the firmament
Sun gets black, stars fall down, this is the end

A new world of golden time
Will rise from the sea and the sun will shine
Proud humans will live without blame
My survived bothers and I again shall reign

10. Epilog

Great stories have been told
Of strong heroes and ancient wars
And now we live in a glorious world

The sun shines brighter then ever before
And the fields are greener and the sky is so blue
Peaceful is the world
But as history told us freedom is never secure

And the time will come
When we have to strike for freedom again
Then the flaming hearts of brave men
Have to flare up again
And the time is come that the sword will do the talking


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