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First Works

"First Works" (2005)

1. An Introduction to...
2. What a Felony
3. Say Goodbye
4. Justice
5. My Way
6. Tonite
7. Freedom
8. Promising Heart
9. After the Rain
10. Cyberspace
11. Disappointed
12. On Life's End

1. An Introduction to...

2. What a Felony

Once he comes to you With a friendly smile
Promises joy and everything you want
He is going to try to win your confidence
All you have to do to sail through the clouds Is to try

He will say to you Feel yourself great and strong
Say no to all temptations no no no

What a felony - Hear the warning of your mind
What a felony It's the last help of this kind

If you take these drugs There's no way to return
The addiction begins You feel the awful pain
All kind of drugs Will never be a key
To open the gate To a better world

What a felony You think it's the easiest way you know
What a felony The addiction is something you can't control
What a felony - you'll fight against the time
What a felony You can't control your mind

Drugs are crime for all mankind

3. Say Goodbye

A parting is almost like you die
It may hurt and make you cry
Like a farewell to all your dreams
And all turns into dust it seems

The past has left some scars on you
Time will heal it but is this true

Say goodbye

When you cling to your past
It makes you ill all at last

4. Justice

I'm standing before the high court It seems like a nightmare to me
Being accused of a crime I'm not guilty can't they see

They reproach me with a murder offence My memories aren't so clear
I can't remember last dark night And I don�t know how I got here

Innocent in a prison cell - Life is like a living hell

Justice where've you gone - There's nothing you can do
When the hammer of the judge - Finally falls on you

The judge face looks so grim I've got no chance at all
Nobody there to help me now No one hears my desperate call

The jury passed the verdict Twenty years of my life
I can't believe what I hear All that remains for me is to pray

With rage and vengeance inside I go Just one thing on my mind
If I will ever get out of here The betrayer will pay for his lies

5. My Way

I don't say I've got the truth - I've just never seen any proof
I have neither been down in hell- Nor seen all the angels as well

I don't want to walk in others shoes - Or play your kind of blues

I want to live my life free - day by day
I want to live my life free - goin' my way
I want to live my life free - day by day
I want to live my life free

To your opinion I pay respect - But my own I'll never neglect
I always make my own rules - Never follow the other fools

I'm not your puppet on strings - always fly with my own wings

You try to engage my individuality - Better work on your personality
Can�t keep me under your control - 'Cause I won't fit in any role

6. Tonite

Hey baby, I'm sorry for all I've done
I can't change the past, it's all gone
But I will change the future I'll try hard
Step by step and bit by bit, heart by heart

There's a light inside your eyes
I remember the first day I saw this light
I don't know why, I promised to die
I don't know why, I promised to cry

She's all alone on this way of mystery
And I hope my soul will turn to see
I can follow her to eternity - we use the flame

Well there's a girl who's sitting there
She takes my hand and tells me that she'll care
She doesn't know, the pain inside my heart
She listens where it's gone and brought it back home

She's been so kind, and in the night I fall, falling
She's been alone in this world

Tonite, tonite, tonite - The sun will rise again
Tonite, tonite, tonite - Nothing will stay the same

The thin ice I'm walking on starts to break
She's the one, I must choose which way to take
All the doubt, it lays back behind
We both are winners and I've opened my mind - open my mind

7. Freedom

Born to be suppressed Our Fate seems to be sealed
We Work for high society All Day we slave away
We won't accept our destiny And we'll fight for our right
Let's go to your suppressed Let's all follow in the call

Surely, the day will come All power will then be broken
Freedom the eternal cry Will echo high in the sky

Freedom is the cry For all slaves to fight
The Tyrants are called To account for brutal power
Freedom is the essence Of a human life
Come on � let's be liberated From our chains of slavery

We had been enslaved Since the day of our birth
The time has run out For all Tyrants on this earth

8. Promising Heart

I really can�t believe Someone's changed my life
A pleasant feeling deep inside It happens to me
I really can�t believe Someone's touched my heart
It is something else A feeling so strong

Promising heart Burning soul
Between joy and pain I�m losing control

I really can�t believe - Really can�t believe
Someone�s returning love - Returning love
You are the light in the night - Light in the night
That I was looking for looking for

9. After the Rain

There�s no sunshine anymore - Dark clouds cover your sky
There�s not much hope left - You ask yourself why
Thunder and rain all around - Life has its stormy seasons too
Many things have gone wrong - There's no reason for you

After the rain - The sun will shine again
After the rain - There will be no more pain

But don�t give up even now - There are better times to come
You must stand all the rain - Still many things are left undone
Forget about all that's bad - The rain will wash it soon away
Just do not let it get you down - And you will remain

The sun is breaking through the clouds - The rays will keep you warm
All that fears have gone away - Left behind you in the storm

10. Cyberspace

Present time decays so fast It's tomorrow we're heading for
Noone thinks about the past No place for misery and war
Technology's evolution grows Uncertain power is yet to come
Mankinds future no one knows All human values seem to be gone

Welcome to cyberspace - No request for a feeling
The birth of another race - Progress the only meaning at all

I'm mourning for all the children Had they ever a real life
The sign of warning will not be seen The future threatens us like a knife
I fear the approach of the unknown Just listen to the news every day
No turning back the cancer's grown In the end there's a high price to pay

Present time decays so fast Uncertain power is yet to come
Nobody thinking about the past All human values seem to be gone

11. Disappointed

I fall in love - just love for you This feeling could last forever
I am alone and fantasize I won't accept "never"
You're disappointed recently You've hurted and you're in misery
You have tried to make me clear That I was kind, don't depend on me

You don't care what's on my mind You can't feel my pain inside
Are frankness and honesty Just empty words of infirmity

Disappointed from this unfair game
Disappointed the looser calls my name
Disappointed in a human way
Disappointed not use to pray
my efforts- all in vain remain my pain

Distrust and hate are in your heart Is there not a place for me
You say less moved: "It's not your fault" That's not even a cold conform
You've turned me down, no explanation Why do you give me no chance at all
Don't you feel a guilty conscience You get me high, and let me fall

It leaves you cold what's on my mind You won't feel my doubts inside
Are frankness and honesty Just empty words of infirmity

12. On Life's End

Spring turns to summer so fast Summer so fast to fall
Soon another year�s passed by Just a few memories to recall

When winter knocks on the door And autumn mist covers the land
The smile leaves on people�s face Like traces in the fine sand

On life�s end

I stand out of doors Snow falls on me And I stretch out my arms
�Bout to catch the flakes with my hands
(But) their thawing shows how time flies

I don�t fear the ending of my life Because it�s been filled with joy
And when the moment is near I will leave without fear

I remember a time when we were young and bold
But at some point everything�s growing old


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