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Uncomfortable But Free

"Uncomfortable But Free" (1995)

1. The Colors Of Coalinga
2. Violence Gone
3. Wireless Rattle
4. Pantera Lines
5. Wyoming Hair
6. Show Pride in Coalinga
7. Rotten Cakes
8. The Astronaut
9. Big Ol' Cheese
10. Tired
11. Spanish Rice
12. Der Michelint
13. McPatrick's Lament
14. Element of Life
15. January's Here
16. Time to Retire
17. Pirelli Deli
18. Bay's Ball
19. New One's

1. The Colors Of Coalinga

When I came to this city, the highway lined with colors
Red, white and blue, with green and purple food wrappers
You can come and see, or live here with me
Mary Poppins played here; it was not the premiere
But we were there, Faxed Head, high on glue
Pregnant with desire, to see her on our proud screen
A Christian runs the BP, a man of peace, he helped me
He brought a flower to my bed
At the hardware store, good cheer
As I buy some epoxy cement
I love what I see, thank you glue.
In spring, at Burger King, they put up orange banners
In December, they put up red
In their parking lot, I shot myself
As I bled into my can of glue
I felt a communion with my hometown.

2. Violence Gone

My dreams are humble
(Violence, gone!)
For mankind's stumble
(Violence, gone!)
Bees: remove your bumble
(Violence, gone!)
Gymnasts: stop the tumble
(Violence, gone!)
Bakers: no cookie crumble
(Violence, gone!)
I refuse to mumble
(Violess, gob!)

3. Wireless Rattle

The crowd was wild
The stars in a rage
Someone ate food off the food tray
He destroyed a couch
And fell out the window
The wife threw his spawn on stage
Its rattle in one hand, a mic in the other
It told songs of Armageddon
The Disney channel
Prophets of religion
Prophets who ate insects
The pit was wild with the sound
The whines of the child whipped
The emotions into a wild pitch
The spawn of couch destruction was hungry
As it left the stage
The diapers filled with horrid shit.

4. Pantera Lines

I see your Pantera lines
I'm gettin' high
I'm free to be myself here
My system is all plugged up
And I can't shit
Pantera takes the stage
The girls, the coke, the rage
I'm shifting my weight around
I have 20 lbs. of shit stored up
But these people and I are one
Rockin' together
I'm uncomfortable but free!

5. Wyoming Hair

I'm going to grow Wyoming hair
My parents sit on fat chair
They don't care -- care!
Rockers are growing Wyoming hair
We bang our head -- bleed
We see girl -- spill seed
We like cake -- need!
Wyoming hair, clothes of tweed!
My dick is Montana grown
My brother's voice -- a monotone
Don't tell me cut your Wyoming hair
I'm nail you on a cross and piss on you
Nail you on a cross and piss on you
Rockers are growing Wyoming hair

6. Show Pride in Coalinga

I'm never going to leave Coalinga
I love it here; it is my home
Also, I cannot get up
Or my bones willpuncture through my skin

Coalinga's off Highway Five
We make our living off motorist's cash
Dad sells 'em faulty road advice
Mom sells 'em rainbow colored ice

Hometown pride is like good bread
By that I mean the name
It sounds like a brand of bread
I don't want to leave, I wish I were dead!

Without a home, a man wonders the Earth
He is alone
In a wheelchair, I cannot do that
My bedpan is full, but I love my home

Coalinga! Show pride in Coalinga!
Coalinga! I cried in Coalinga!

7. Rotten Cakes

Rotten rotten rotten
Flipping rotten pancakes
Serving salmonella
Smiling winking service
Doctors like the pancake
They like the silver money
The cakes are two dollars

Rotten rotten rotten
Flipping cakes with discolor
To serve to hungry patrons
The dyrup hides the spoiling
That made their stomachs die
And fall out of human bodies
Leaving angry people
Who cannot eat spring of mint

8. The Astronaut

They put a man into space
He shit his pants on the moon
The whole galaxy was watching
The earth's face, dripping yolk
Then he comes back home
And he has a huge garage sale
With a phony wood-grain toilet seat
For five bucks, it's yours.
Astronauts are only human
And humans need souvenirs
You can own the astronaut's toilet seat
Or spend five bucks
On six more beers.

9. Big Ol' Cheese

It creeps me makes me weep, wee!
To see that roasted piece chunk of cheese
Placed on your belly and eating the child
Unborn by the will of Mr. Cheng
And it creeps me makes me weep, wee!
When that piece chunk makes an appearance
At the premiere of my 26 films
And I go wee wee when cheese eat Mr. Cheng
These cheeses creep me make me weep, wee!
They eat Cheng and then they eat more men
And cheeses, they got the power
Cheng's boo boo may cut up you and you and you
Big ol' throbbing cheese makes me weep, wee!
It carries salmonella through cheese in mayo
Mayo can be good can be not so good
But it's really bad when it make you poo poo

10. Tired

From childhood in mud the inscriptions read
Tracks for miles from rubber hieroglyphs bleed
The ambling loops that are unassociated
In my mind by exhaust
The hub when left long amongst man
If chromed then lost
I'm tired -- so tired
You should have seen me shaped
Like the perfect circle of sun
My bowed back bows only to eternity
And the ground round guns
10 per Mack, 2 per cycle
I've got to mimic my heroes
Running over the ground
Feet work like pensive dung poised to fail
I bow to the commercials of Uniroyal
I'm tired -- so tired.

11. Spanish Rice

In my little town you'll meet
Bobo Walker's got no feet
Smack and Spanich rice
Shoot 'em up, they're both nice
Clump! clump! clump! clump!
Junkin' dope, clump! clump!
Sellin' out on hope, clump! clump!
Bobo Walker's got no feet
He shoots up in a stump
Bobo Walker cried last night
His mom shot up a tree stump

12. Der Michelint

The lyrics to "Der Michelin" were
confiscated during French class
by Mr. Lurgens when he caught Graph
Head writing them on the inside back
cover of his French workbook. Therefore,
we are unable to reprint them here.
Those who wish to protest can try writing
to Mr. Lurgens, c/o Coalinga High School.

13. McPatrick's Lament

I shot my face and it was bad
So I had my surgeon make me plaid
Why, God, why?

14. Element of Life

Element of life
My little dove
The sky is blue for you
My lovely wife
I've got a knife
Give me that bottle of glue

Element of life
Butter butter cup
I'd drop it all right now
Dearest babe
I'm in pain
Sniff glue you whore cow

Element of life
I'll take your hand
We'll walk along the sand
I'll take your breast
And put it down
And grab my aerosol glue can

15. January's Here

In Arpil I waited for the Easter Bunny
And when He came it sure felt funny
In July I stayed up waiting for George Washington
Who spilt his seed prematurely on my thumb
And in October the Jack-o-Lantern came by
And made my bedroom smell like pumpkin pie
November was exciting but all my friends were shocked
When I slept with all the Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock
And in December, Santa put me to the test
But I did what he said and I quickly got undressed
Now it's January and I'm pressed up to the window pane
Wishing and hoping but is it all in vain?
It's January, Jesus, January's here
When will you show up and pop me in the rear?
Jesus, having sex with you is never scary
But please don't make me do it with Joseph and Mary!

16. Time to Retire

Pretty sweet Mary Jane
Confectionary and so named
In her polka dotted dress
Thomas Lipton's tea is best
Fisk threads! Fast lead! Faxed Head! Forced fed!
Fist, fist, fist, fist, fist, fist, fist, fist, fist
Get a load of these breasts
They're the best in the west
Under folds I perspire
I like sex, I'm for hire
Fist, fist, fist, fist, fist, fist, fist, fist, fist
The yawning lad in PJs
Dreams of asphalt and spires
Once did try to run away
But now it's time to retire.

17. Pirelli Deli

I will break bread at Pirelli Deli
The ambiance is compelling
I sat for iced tea at Pirelli Deli
Though my bloody guaze was still smelling
In addition to our suicide pact
We respect tires, and their rubber track
If you filled one up with sniffin' glue
Our hearts would stop, that's true
At Pirelli Deli
That's just what they do.

18. Bay's Ball

Bay Area baseball rules
Kids will ditch schools
Play the game, it's fun
Hot dogs & Coke, the sun!
I shoot up smack under my nails
To get high and experience life
I am free and this is how I want
To live, it is good for you

19. New One's

This is one of our new one's
(New One's, New One's)
This is one of our new one's
(New One's, New One's)
I have sores between my breasts
(New One's, New One's)
I am a man, why do I have big breasts?


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