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Seizing Our Souls

"Seizing Our Souls" (2003)

1. The Truth Is Absolution
2. Ghosts Of The Past
3. Numb
4. Stay Of Execution
5. In The Land Of Dreams
6. Among The Grey Masses
7. Outro

1. The Truth Is Absolution

Why it has to be this way?
An angel who's giving little tap on the child's forehead
Is like a messenger of God with his gentle touch
To erase what is ours
Once and forever!
Instinctively we catch our first breath
So the agony lasts for one second longer
The constant threat of death and torture
Nothing could be worse than this damned withering

Immersed in all fears of better tomorrow
Slowly we witness our demise (twilight)
Stumble after stumble
Fall after fall
We stand up and carry our cross

We've traversed those ways many times before
But still find it hard to believe
That this is only a trap prepared for the weak ones
Who dared to preserve some shred of hope
This must be something more than just stupid pride
This must get us closer to the God!

All the time you thought you were there
While you were beside me
I can forget what you have told me
But still remember your face.

2. Ghosts Of The Past

Disguised faces of the past
Forsaken particles of history
So many crimes upon righteousness
None of them get ever punishment
Years of neglecting
But no longer shall we stay calm
The company of storms will enlighten our way
Once awakened no longer blindfolded
They thought it could be so easy
To erase so many years of deceiving relatives
How could it be ?
Free Judas among betrayed ?
But we won't stop
Until their guilt is revealed
The sands of hourglass pouring down
Counting their lies, multiplying sins
The body next door more than once poisoned
The son of your own more than once renounced

3. Numb

For the very last time I'm looking through my own eyes
As the Sun goes down
(together) We say goodbye to this frozen world
The star light up my garden of grief
Perform the last rites as I'm sinking in the emptiness of thoughts
Dark images sparkle in the sunbeams
My heart lied low to avoid it's corruption
No reason to oppose, to keep my forehead high
My wrists are tied and swollen
A puppet in the hands of wicked men
Hanging like a tool they have the use of me
My world could only decay in the course of time
My knees hurt dragging along this hell of concrete
I try to ignore my hopelessness
The pointlessness of it all
Somehow I know I'm gonna blend into this state
I know that I'm dying now only to be reborn as a beast
Senseless, callous yet stronger
I'm still feeling pain but it doesn't arouse any anxiety
Trying to push aside all feelings
Why can I not lose the burden of common sense?
Are these our lives, what we are fighting for?
We are shadows of shadows ...
But we shall not give up!

4. Stay Of Execution

Fate ain't shrouded in mystery
No revelations need to be seen
Aftermath of war and failure
Mutilation sent us sprawling
Fellow man still on his knees
An event that staggered the world
Distress that we are all drenched in
Our wails won't reach his ear
Abandoned as a piece of litter
We consume with joyous abandon
Not even able to see ...
Our hearts beyond reproach
We yearn to talk and prick up ours ears
But celebrate the flash and remain deaf
Ought to desist from such foolish negation
Without any compunction we drifted apart
Desecrated our souls, defaced our bodies
The God of vengeance will rise
Making all lives equal to the ashes
We will embrace this fate
Without any sign of refusal
Soon we become aware
That's only stay of execution

5. In The Land Of Dreams

Heaven used to be on Earth
Once all beauty was
Burnt Down to ashes
The Sun went down
(We believe) it's still shining somewhere
But not for them!
Not warming their hearts (anymore)
In the land of dreams they suffer
Drenched to the skin
By the rain of tears
They slowly fall into oblivion
Not given even poor substitute for hope
How long would it take?
Will we ever wake up from this indecision?
Or will we let their hearts petrify?
So many suns sank under their hands, In their eyes...
Silence is their executioner
Our indifference means everything

6. Among The Grey Masses

I'm too tired waiting for that feeling
That seems to never come
Which I could never embrace
My senses are well trained
By long time of awaiting
Instead of this all
There's always space for
A little bit of confusion
Evoked by unable to describe
Some kind of stimulus
Still strong enough
To feel anxious being myself
Still stupor enough
To be likely dead
Yet insufficiently long...
Always goes by
Leaves with heart soaked with greyness
Once again we need to seek for warmth
Everyday I feel the same
With every breath I'm one minute closer to death

7. Outro


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