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A Tragedy

"A Tragedy's Bitter End" (2004)

1. Gravdans
2. Weary and Wretched
3. To the Fallen
4. Morphia
5. Now That I Die
6. The Funeral

1. Gravdans

Mot stedet hvor skjbner
Motes for a do
Faller sjeler fra himmelen
Lik stjerner, som sno

Her er ei plass for lyst eller glede
Kanske ei heller for haplos vrede

Pa sorglandets gresskledde skuldre jeg hviler
Blant tallose steinminner utbrent og smiler

Sorgbinderier av gratende kvister til minne om deg
Kranser og barebuketter rodmer I lyset
Av ditt svunnende asyn

Jordsmonn sparkes
Blomster dor
Ting kan aldri
Bli som for

Galskapens favn drikker taren jeg feller
Sa kjaert den holder om mitt tap

Senger under favner av jord
Hvori klokker ei lenger kimer
Hvori livets makkspiste vert
Har talt sine timer

Her skulle de ei lenger
Fa hvile I fred
Om mine makeslose tramp
Kunne hores dit ned

Vanhandlede barn
Frost er din sjel
Her er din minnegave
Hvor gravferden ender
Og du festes ved jorden
I ljamannens frodige have
Vil sorgende I evighet danse

2. Weary and Wretched

The soft refugee of sleep in which I seek shelter
When life shines too brightly and rears it's mommoth head
It scapes me this night of all
Weary and wretched I could need the rest
There are creatures waiting there
Creatures like you that possess my mind

But tonight you will dance alone
And your sweet songs will be all for naught
The door is bolted beyond belief with worries and fears
The soul stands an all to eager guard
For thou art but distant dreams
And words that remain like traces of ancient memory

My blood thunders and rushes
Storming its boundaries
Wanting to break free
It becomes all that matters...
The key to break all locks
One could sleep forever

Your hand is not for me to touch
Still my yearning desire could pull ships aground

3. To the Fallen

4. Morphia

Relieve the ache
This endless craving for unattainable matters like love...
A heartfelt smile
Relighting of the fire that once burned
...Or just simple meaning

Could I dull it all by removing feeling?
What would it be like?
And would the price be too high?
A life for peace...
Tears for still waters

Oh sweet release come hither
Drowning in desire for things that can not be
So then, feed me morphia
I let go of all
Anything but the yearning that stings so relentless

Better the dead numbness than whatever beauty melancholy may host
Still it is with fear I lay down my swords

5. Now That I Die

Words fall so weak
So fragile
Like swords of glass
How I hurt

Bolt my hands
That no pain may grow from them

Hold me
Pain drowns in your arms
To mourn is a virtue
Mountainous waves

Oh wielder of tortures
Overflow in madness and in dark
Seething under skin with boiling wounds unleashed
That which kills the light and eats sunsets

Can I spill for you the grieving?
May I show you the splendour of dying?

Autumn of life is not as beautiful
As that I dreamt of
Nor the winter
As ruthless
Ashes to coal
Maketh my heart pour

Hold me
Pain drowns in your arms
Give me souls peace
Now that I die

Burn if thou wilst
Oh necrotic flower
I rest and covet no longer
The spirit flies

Mouth the chant
Mute and reeking
Snow-like passing on
What foul stench reels about you

6. The Funeral


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