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Evanescent, Everfading

"Evanescent, Everfading" (1998)

1. The Celestial Keeper
2. ...And The Heavens Fell
3. The Garden By The Shoreless Sea
4. Wings of My Desire Untamed
5. My Weeping Goddess
6. Starfire
7. With Each Fall of The Leafe
8. Within The Everfrozen Winternight
9. Evanescent, Everfading...

1. The Celestial Keeper

The Moon and Sun are gone from us, and all the stars withdraw
Leaving us mere reflections of astral light
As the twilight groves behind grow out of sight
I, in blind fury, in malevolent wrath
Flee through the archways of self-deceit
Into the starlit lands beyond the gate
Where the sculptures of ice and snow await me

Northwards my paths took me, unto realms where all hope forsook me
Tumbling befallen, I was at loss on these paths everdark!
Shivering, in tears I beheld the sight of shocking brilliance starbright
with shimmering beams of fragmented light
In the everwhite whirlpool of the Celestial Keeper

Wavering in the high domes above,
She is the astral flow upon the firmanent in evermotion
She is the heavenly eidolon of beauty - and despair -
high above these merely mortal realms

Northstar - in solitude, in unspeakable forms manifested unto me!
Polestar, my perpetual Goddess who calls out to us

Yet how could I ever begin to grasp
the might that overcomes all borders and limits of existence?
How could I ever be alike the celestial ones
that are free of all sorrows of substance?

The passing of my heart is at hand
into the vaults of the nightly sky
to dance with the four winds and the gods and goddesses of the stars

Lovesick and compelled to leave behind these lands I bid farewell
Let thee well die
For I join immortal ornaments of the heavens above
as a new day dawns on the mortal lands
beyond the sight of the Celestial Keeper.

2. ...And The Heavens Fell

The terminal fate of All-Realm draws nigh
Past and present Aeons come together
As swirling shapes of mordant beauty
Fathomless are the extends of thine!

At the Hesperus of the Universe
When the unfolding of time is at hand
The heavens fall upon the hordes of light
And Fire sweeps across the land

Chaos, ruling supreme; infiltrator of starlight
Disorder - in an ardent dance of mortiferous lust

One frozen darkness overflowed from the sky
In ardour depraved, in fervour defiled
Fallen stars strike the earth in hails -
in sparks of uncreation and undoing
The threefold spheres corrode
Like the newborn ornaments in the snow
Reflections in astral sculptures
Galaxies implode... the heavens fall!

Sorrowbirds in thunder blazing
Spectral visions at the end embracing
The Skyflames were upon us
...And the heavens fell

3. The Garden By The Shoreless Sea

A dismal thought, somber reflection
Returns to haunt me day and night
I must leave, set on a journey
on a quest under the dim moonlight

I travel through light
through fire and ice
through the molten rock
onto the yonder side

Moon lights the garden by the shoreless sea
'Twix the dark mountains heavenhigh
Where the melancholy trees grieve
Where the blue backwoods wail

In my eyes the autumn gloom still dwells
Born out of the pale sorrowed sky
Poured out of the well of mourn

A stagnant tarnish cannot refresh me
Nor can the murky pond bring me joy
As I glare into the deepest of waters
Into the swirling depths of eternal yearn

O weeping nymph of the well
fair maiden of the fountain
Guide me wherein the somber dwell
Whereto thy golden tears fell

Into the lofty lake long forgotten
the deep sea of silent mourn

There a heavy heart is relieved
All the burdens washed away
By the songs of the silent water
Melodies of the weary May

Awakened when all is lost into night
The blazing sun takes me into her lap
And laughs at me, mocks me with her light
Burning I fall into glaciers below

And there I drown in peace eternal
Evertrapped in a melancholy rest
In the embrace of the cold depth,
I lie released of mourn and sorrow

4. Wings of My Desire Untamed

In despair I behold! Now I condemn my fate
From the mist of a melancholy space
I stretch forth with my carnal claws
Never to return, never to repent, never to bewail again!

Guarded by the luster of the fears
Shuddering with cold, woven with tears
I draw near to mark the stars with her name
I extend the wings of my desire untamed

How do I lust to see her hazel eyes again
As deep as the oceans of infinity
How do I crave for her touch in consuming pain
As I bleed the drops of my avidity

For her I would walk unto the halls of Mars
And for her I would rot in the caverns of Thanatos
Beneath my Mother Earth, with my Brother the Astral sorrow
I would die forever alone, decayed and old

Veiled in robes of the Everfall
Shrouded in foam of the shallow waves
In silence she departs into wanton realms
And leaves my heart self-betrayed

To no avail do my cries echo
Betrayed by the lust of centuries
To no avail do my lays allude
Shivering I glide into...

She, like a white dove escapes from my grasp
Yet with the swift wings of my desire she falls prey
With bloody kisses of fervent disease she dies with me
I enthrone her in mine crystal realm of cold

Guarded by the phantoms of fear
Shuddering in cold, woven with tears
I draw near to capture her frail frame
I extend the wings of my desire untamed

Blood doth flow as our carnal desires unite
In the non-illumination of benighted existence
Alike the profane want within our depraved hearts
Pulsating vile fire, crimson in thirst

5. My Weeping Goddess

In these last days of summer
winds make haste as I stand on the shores
I greet the waves that bring me misery
with woeful tears of this most august agony

And the crystal sky in silence weeps
ere I fall in flight into the chambers deep,
for the season is come; snowfall upon distant shores

Winds make haste as I mourn the loss
In a million shades and in a million flames,
the forest celebrates the feast of final fates,
as the golden fields rejoice in these last days of Fall,
and the birds of the forest sing upon the oak tree tall

Soothsayer of my heart, Oracle of my mind
speak my visions, speak of the days to come!

Somewither I must fly
into the skies of crimson winter fall
Unto the infernal seas of Terminus itself
Onwards - my wanderlust has me!

6. Starfire

In high chambers untouched by time
Dreams this black heart of mine
A lone mind in the shadows of the past
Streaming though in melancholy rest
Beneath the titan wave
Dead in a sleeping awe
Misleading paragraphs of rushing notion
Burning away my lost emotion

Enfolded in a streaming cosmos
I am blind to motions, yet I see
The emptiness of colour, a draining loss
An enigma undiluted yet transforming

Stains of pride in tear-wet form
The everflaming silence unborn
Protruding, heralding a radiant shell
Starfire burns my within
Folding into night this age grows bleak
Engulfed in plight our tears fall
Depraved yet I let oblivion speak
Now descending with blazing blood...

I return, adrift in disorder
Vehemence bestowed upon me
A desire stark, in luminous grace
Gift of strength beyond the extreme

Finite of infinity cannot guide me
Nor can the legend nourish my mind
Harmony in third, opaque yet brilliance shines
The trembling dissonance devouring me!

7. With Each Fall of The Leafe

Beneath the oppressive, yet magnificent crown of clouds
Trees sway in the winds of uttermost dark within
The dead ones bleed in rapture clad in shrouds
The seas of Euphoria correspond with the affliction, therein

I, a dweller of the dark and the hall of sorrow,
in silence disembark to the paths unhallow
Autumnwind my betrothed guide me on my journey afar
Child of winter dismay wilt thou be my guiding star?

Once on a misty day in mid-autumn
I walked upon the fallen leaves of gold
Once on a cold day of forgotten Fall
I wandered amidst the towering trees

With each fall of the leafe my heart dies more
As the autumn twilight is come to caress the night
With each fall of the leafe I am weaker than before
As the ebony plight comes to embrace the light

Moonlight impales me in my slumber
I dive into the depths of stars
Earth and fire bestow thy kindness!
O air and water hasten to my aid!

Impenitent, a guiding vortex appears
Leads me unto high, unto...
My El Dorado, overgliding from fears!
Grandeur in Oneself... The One heart [...]
Overself in the everflowing Sorrowstream!

But nothing more do I love than the Fall
As darkness comes to usher me to sleep
Let me die, with no regrets, no reminiscence to recall
Let me dive into her arms, forever into the deep

Lulled into sleep I die again and again
As the wind swept across the forest of dreams
And the [...] wept with the golden leaves,
forever more in the everflowing Sorrowstream

8. Within The Everfrozen Winternight

Hearken as the winds of the Sky Realm blow
As the silken tears of the sky still bleed
The feathers of the frozen Stormbird fall
Into my heart like winterchill and snow

Let the freezing Fire return once more!
Let the soothing Serpent of blazing cold
ever-on radiate the Colours
Of this our shimmering season and manifest the omnifarious twilight
Wherein the dead silence prevails...

These frail beams of icy moonlight
Failing to warm the brilliant night
And swiftly... do the shadows arise
The grim brooding darkness of winterdusk

Journeys... yielding into the failing stars
of grandeur that are one with the puissance
of fierce tranquillity and the raging sorrowlust...
misty faceless figures speak of soothe within the spheres
Of these waning worlds that hold the ember of last hope...

Yet the space-time draws nigh
For the Aeonfrost to set in
And as all the words were spoken
One graceful Nocturne arose
Through the heavens above
And beyond the stars of the lustful firmament
That is the Sky Realm
And all that lies within its unyielding borders...

We come to the outermost reaches of these worlds
At the farthest verges of the manifold Universe
Where the crystal surges of Cold and Silence withstand
Where the eternal Winternight whispers her lullabies...

For the true Terminus is Father-Winter
The primal dwelling of Aeonfrost
That shall conquer all that burns
Therein all that still lingers will be lost

Within the Silence of the everfrozen Winternight...
Within the starlit domes of this everflaming sight!

...the skies are fading with our bleakness of heart
into the starblack ages yet to come...
and the empty spaces beyond the reach of starlight
conquer all life with their songs of oblivion

Let the freezing Fire return yet again!
Let the slithering Serpent of lustrous dark ever-on radiate the Blackness
Of these cold winter winds of the terminal nightfall of the doomed Universe
And the eventide leaves fall within!

9. Evanescent, Everfading...

[Reflections Of The Wanderer/The Passing Of The Newborn God]

I am come into these celestial lands; the dreaded journey is at an end
Time has passed, ages gone and lost,
and the wandered returns to his home within the dead sky,
to behold as, at the starlit dawn, Lucifer, the morning star,
welcomes the Moon and Sun to return

The night is passed and I am as the last shadows to dwell
underneath the foliage of the mighty Oaks and the boughs of the Elms of old

Evanescent, Everfading are my lays and all that I have achieved
And how could blind eyes see the grandeur, deaf ears hearken the sound?
To such senses does my life ring unto and all the waves I leave behind
Wearied I am, with all hope long departed, all zest long gone

Where could I go ere I fade?
Wither could the starborne paths ever take me that I would find more,
to find nothingness, the true existence of All
Alike my Goddess, one with pain and sorrow,
one with joy and ardour, hands joined in a union of strangers,
we walk onwards, yet our horizon is bleak, sundered and bloody

Evanescent, Everfading are the autumntide colours that bleed upon us
Like a wailing wind the maidens of Fall awaken from their sleep
And the night remembers I walked on the shore
of the flaming sea and dreamt upon the sands of burning sorrow
Soon they are gone, with only show to usher us into the sleep
of the eternal Winternight that is yet to come

O Winterwind, will you caress me?
Your somber songs are like dreams that pass oh so swiftly,
dead dreams, the hollow sky

I am one with the thousand sagas of the crimson age,
I am one with the songs of the whirling, now dying season,
I am Evanescent, Everfading.


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