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Abandoned Shadows

"Abandoned Shadows" (2004)

1. Enter in the black light (intro)
2. Way for the infinite
3. Eternal
4. Forest's shadows
5. Season of desperation
6. Absolute scar
7. Last message (outro)

1. Enter in the black light (intro)

2. Way for the infinite

From the deep obscurity a light of donít return calls

to her every lost soul. The doors of eternal

melancoly are opend; an embrace cover my pale body,

that leavens above every terrestrial illusion.

Everyting is fast, I see flow in my eyes shades,

tears, blood, discomfort...

A storm of decadent feelings detaches my soul from

from the body.

Iím dragged in the path of black desire

The Way For The Infinite

As in a flight for my Sacrifice.

It seem like a race in a nighttime forest

deprived of conscience, without knowing

how to distinguish the strongest feelings.

A long cry breaks the silence; itís my mind corroded

by the virtues of nothing. Every small breath echoes

among the leafy branches, all seem to bleed, then to

scar in the black grass. Daylight is the most remote

memory, the coolness perfumes are the most distant

feelings. A bath of icy pain runs over my body;

that turns him into natural forms.

Iím absorbed from what it surrounded me,

I belong to this black sphere and I donít see

the end of this walk. Now Iím Ready.....

3. Eternal

My senses are more stronger and truths,

as an animal. I succed in perciving what

the nature tells me and the pleasure

starts to be my master.

I see what I could not imagine, a drug

of images real become shake my nerves,

the tastes are made

stronger, every noise grows up to form a

mysterious harmony, now I can undestand

what link the images to perfumes sounds,

all that was mystery is reality now,

I can taste it, I can live it...

I see near to me run thousand bodies

without destenation, with lost look in the void,

I wonder if Iím with them too, but I canít

speak, nobody can hear me and nobody

I can hear, only the voice of the forest, as a

great god, expresses the feelings of every soul,

and it howls, it howls, toward our destiny.

I feel the tiredness, would be as the hands

of the grate master gone out of the earth and

hold back me, they would submerge me; but in

gloomy shivers my body disperses himself

among the shades.

Eternal... as the death, as the tears, as the pain

as the evil.

Life, suffering - Pain, passion

Bad strenght - Dark, death.

4. Forest's shadows

This is my new world, made of faint light,

silences and mysteries, it seems to be lost in a

desert with marked and dark confinements.

Filter strange lights accompained by strange

complaints, these bodies of wood seem prepared

as they want to protect me, but at the same time

they remember thousand warriors lined up for

beginning an endless battle.

At every breath my feelings are conflicting;

now I am the master of everything.

I caresses the cold and damp surfaces of this

great work, I feel to transmit in my body a new

sap a sour nectar that flows in me;

I see the change of shades in time,

suddenly they change they change theyr own

conformation, look like

for long times my mind is disconnect

from the body and feeling of plesant desperation

submerges me.

Shades of immovable souls, shades of fruits

doomed to death shades of centenary presences.

Forestís Shadows, endless as the time,

dark as the pain.

Forestís Shadows.

5. Season of desperation

And now melancholy... This storm of feelings

stunts me, I start to see the frist shines that

flod up me on the knees, the short but

intense pleasure swept by warm emotions,

Iím deprive of my soul and wandering in the

indefinite... I lose conscience.

I realize what has been, how is made

my body and this pierces me it slowly

extinguishes me to the growth of this new feeling.

As the cycle of seasons my body is changing

his forms and colors, in the decadence

Iím lowered as a faded flower.

This is the season of desperation, deprived

of own soul, abducted from an abyss

of shining customs.

This is the seson of desperation

my depression is just

begun... This is the season of desperation.

6. Absolute scar

All is ended.

In my body the traces of this trip are seen.

In my eyes turn indelible images.

With a mark of fire my mind has been


To be normal has not meaning anymore,

the forest is my true meaning, I have

tried her, I have felt her, I have tasted her.

The world? Which is the true

world? Who alive in the true world?

So many questions and only a certainty.

The Absolute Scar now is in my mind,

wound of deep wisdom and enormous pain.

Every image, every taste, every odor,

every sound has been a lesson of

centenary importance,I have lived in the immence

silence,i have been absorbed from the immence

silence, I have talked to the immence silence

and that will give me the eternal strenght

and conviction of superiority.

Ican, I want.. Now even if ended for ever will live

7. Last message (outro)

Immerso tra queste ombre,

aspetto il vento della morte,

che mi sommerga nellíeterna solitudine.

Ombre abbandonate,

depressione eterna.


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