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"EZ28" (2005 Demo)

1. Prelude Drown In Chaos (Intro)
2. Burn My Eyes
3. For I'd Rather Be A Wolf
4. Synopsis Of Disharmony
5. Forever Mine
6. Massacre Of Innocence

1. Prelude Drown In Chaos (Intro)

2. Burn My Eyes

The world is pregnant of their egoistic filth
Guillotine called life comes crashing down
Overdose of painful, dreadful causes
Holistic visions worn to shreds,
Piece by piece, destroyed

Am I a magnet for misery
Or just the weaker link in this process
Called life

Now I am the one crucified

Fragments of reality
A cruel play in symphony
Epitomize the cries
From the voiceless left behind

Slaves to their bank account
Whores of this brave new world
Renounce the Christ
They sodomize themselves
Without reluctance

I want to be blind for your future wasteland,
Please, burn my eyes, Fade the light right now

3. For I'd Rather Be A Wolf

Winter?s breath is howling around the forest
Claiming entrance where her sharp fingers reach
That?s my heaven picture, my refuge home
Where we create our Skaldic art, art not meant for you

Running, Running
For I?d rather be a wolf
And prowl lost
In the vastness you fear
The madness you hear
Forming a pack
We?ll be hunting amongst you
For we rather die
As a wolf under your hooves

I?ve seen enough of your na?ve herd society
Just be like me, it?s the me in you that makes the difference
?You being a wolf?, Oh recognize the beauty
Drowning your muzzle in blood or barking at the moon

Forever free

What will be your choice
A lifetime standing in cattle
Or forever running with wolfs

They can hunt us, they can fight us
Try to bring us down
Our instincts will be strong enough
Underground we will survive

4. Synopsis Of Disharmony

Pay the price
Save your lies
Our narcist pride
Makes us die

We are going down with the earth
Impeachment of reason
Need or greed
The Pain, the same
In hope we trust
Fear for living
Breathing to please
the undying mastermind?..

who draws parameters for sickness
refreshes your demons
so you will walk in line
embargo on free speech
the narthex
of mind-configuration and ?control
see the face of your decay

Mass frustration is killing me
In a way that I was taught to see
Claustrophobic chain
Morphine to ease the pain
Schizoid visions
Tyrants of perspective
On a path full of smut
A Damocles Reward

Mutiny of word and riot
Dying tongue in toothless mouth
Silence is your soundtrack

Injected lies
Can?t you see
Euthanasia of mind and soul
Your buried hate
Expel your fears
Join us on our way to glory

Anger is my gift
And I?m the one to share
Rage will be our drift
Our freedom we declare

5. Forever Mine

I?ll make you
Then break you
You are forever mine

Hey you lady in red
Do you wanna know your future
It won?t be so bad
My princess, queen, slave to be

Intoxication, stimulation, you are forever mine

You better run and hide
?cos I?m a?

cannibalistic hero
In a vegetarian dump
Like a howling wolf
Chasing the running flock
I?ll eat you for breakfast
I?ll have you for dinner
I do not have regrets
You are the sinner

I?m no social distortion
Society is disturbed
And here is the curing saint
A deus ex machina

Extermination, devastation, you are forever mine

I?m a soul raping virus?..
That makes your breath stand still
A surgeon, a scalpel, on my search for tumours
You will dance for me, ?til I will set you free
Liberty into the darkness
I?m the bloody hand, on death?s command
Liberty into the darkness
Come, enjoy my dream of torture, lunacy
I decide, ?cos I?m your God now
It?s time to cease your struggle, your fight, it is
Game over, you are to be forever mine

6. Massacre Of Innocence

Behold the fools and their mistakes
Behold the fools, this race will be detained

Through a night
Of rain and blood I walk
Left alone by heart
Another lost soul
I killed a child today
With words like a dagger
A massacre of innocence
A scandal in existence

Aggressive Perfection
Fairytales in blood
Pollution of Beauty
Fairytales in blood
?.I?ve written here

Dead days, long dead days
I buried as a killer
Human race, disgrace
Our children?s lives a thriller

We ruin their future, grant eternal rain
Egocentric conduct creates endless pain
They are the oyster killed for its pearl
I am mankind, I?m digging the graves
For my descendents, my sins will make them slaves


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