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Ecstasy In Pain

"Ecstasy In Pain" (2005)

1. Twisted Perversion
2. Child Molesting
3. Ecstasy In Pain
4. Homovore
5. Entangled In Liquid Flesh
6. Devourment Syndrome
7. Suffer Phobic Shrouds
8. Blood Motive
9. Sepsism By Stabwounds
10. Putrefaction

1. Twisted Perversion

A woman to torture, A fucking whore
To fulfill your pervert obsessions
You need her fast

A grinding orifice, drives you mad.
Sink your teeth, into her cunt.

The smell of blood and cum mixed up
Makes you horny.

Tortured, being impaled on rusted hooks
To watch as the fucking blade enters
Her tender sweet asshole

2. Child Molesting

Grind all minor life, spoil these spotless souls
Bent on your knees, enjoy the grandeur of loss

Feel the chains of occupancy, you're votary to your God
Fucking this impudent puberty, child molesting.

Dyers weed now feel your eyes
Unebutrolled bleeding, scald all the new-born.

A fulcrum of lever less, scald all the new-born
Unebutrolled bleeding, child molesting.

Smile upon opened chests, dance upon screams and cries
Divine homocide, leppers that shouldn't exist.

You pay for your contumancy, I'll fence your mouth with eels.

Soon you'll be forgotten, repose before final subversion.
I'll reform disorder, obligatory recreation.

Innocent glances and sinless bodies
Provoke your voluptuous mind
Speaking straight to your cock
Their sweet skin replaces your rippled one.

Little hands cut, still offer you pleasure
Removed eyeballs, always stare on you.

Grind all minor life, spoil these spotless souls
Bent on your knees, enjoy the grandeur of loss.

Abominations eternally decorate your empty place
Tight assholes fucked only from their own shit.

Time to taste your huge cock
Their miserable life will never live
Gutter soul, child molesting.

3. Ecstasy In Pain

Hang the bitch, very tight
So tight that she can't scream
Pull out the knife and do the work
The one that you adore
Praise right now your inner beast
Kill her with your way
Stick your knife in her stomach
Pull out what you find, out here
Guts now remain, find ecstasy in pain
Flesh is your need now, you find it somehow
Deranged when you kill, you think it is thrill
Victims all you want
And they're what you haven't
Devours all her meat
This savage brutal being
Feels uncompletely now
How will he escape? How?
Eats now her debris, sucks all her blood
This dead body is desirable
For your hungry sweet desire
Bloody chunks are now his food
Another one victim lies dead
He can't decide what to do
The legs and arms and chests
Thinks about a little while
And simply cuts her in two
She didn't have a chance to live
Found in the river with a knife stuck in her head
Entrails ripped from the crotch, a cruel, vile scene
Dirty, eaten and rotten, left unburied, brutalized
His hunger's getting so bigger
Still searches for so long
He takes all what remained
And throws it in a river
He feel so much pleased
He satisfied another need

4. Homovore

Pleasure demands pain
I'll divide you, I'll conquer you
The depths of essential senses
Hospitality of a broken neck
Anal domination, a broken neck

Privitism, a broken neck
I'll writhe this open blossom
My art, a tribute in pain

Sodomy, sodomy, sodomy

The liquids of my lust
Are feeding your brand new opened mouth
The one I drilled on your chest
Welcome, divine, erase

Flesh apart from face
You should see your face now
No fucking disguise now
You should see your grace now

Soiled but graceful.

5. Entangled In Liquid Flesh

Innards exposed, the project failed
Surrounded by stiffs
Connected for so much time in this chair

System default, drowning in my own blood
No part is allowed to waste just life

Innards exposed, the project failed
Surrounded by stiffs
No control of this deranged mind

Entangled in liquid flesh

Severe default, loss of life
All expandable
All parts disposable

Entangled in liquid flesh

Bewail you, of human pain
I'll teach you the repugnant belief
The torture domain
My guidance to this abattoir

All his thirst, your serum
I'll hedge this sore with acid.

6. Devourment Syndrome

Suffering insomnia, sleepless by nightmares
Beaten by unknown disease, flesh departs the flesh
Licking fresh wounds, feel the agony's bite
In my devourment syndrome

Satisfaction in perversion, fed by rotten parts
Prosthetic, slashing your guts, lungs on my hands
Last heartbeat, no salvation or forgiveness
All life ends

Poisonous knives dancing on your throat
I will break your spine, cruelty above life
Brutality above life, serenity's lost

Sacrificial horror, venomous infection, murder

Pathetic against pain, tortured by hooks
Abuse this little core, bathe in maggots

Red clouds, blood clouds, red rain, blood rain

Move if you can, swim in this vault
Feel the agony's bite, in my devourment syndrome.

7. Suffer Phobic Shrouds

Part of the feast, exoselves
Synthetics, plastic against blood

Part of the feast, enthrone you
Bloodcrowned, fucking brutality

I'm drawing with chainsaws on you
Memorable body, now a body bag
Interesting bone selection
I'm drawing with chainsaws on you

Razors of lobotomy, no pain
Fucking brutality

Memorable body, now a body bag
Part of the feast, maggots in carcass

Abstract phobic shrouds upon you

Draining you of your blood, memorable body
Interesting bone selection, now a body bag
No fucking messiahs now
Left to rot, bloodcrowned
Superior, priority of lust

Rot until divinity
Rot until divinity

Abstract phobic shrouds
Suffer phobic shrouds

8. Blood Motive

Unlimited cadavers, join the alive, retaining their old bodies
Craving for blood, tenfold population, the dead run ring around
Uncountable mutilations form the perfect gore in the world of the dead
Blood motive dismembered freaks sip mankind's blood
Smash their brains and destroy their dreams
Unborn lives raped from inside the womb
Newborn virgins bitches feel their stomachs to erupt
Men without limbs praying to their inexistent God
For salvation or less painful death
Known and unknown suffer the same way
First the skin and then the organs
Congealed blood everywhere, alimentary for the dead
United with wildings after they've fucked and tasted them
A fucking little child is smearing with cold blood
Pretending the dead is not an easy thing
The only vision is atrocious death
That sends you to Hell before you really go
First sucked the zombie's rotten dick
And then sucked the full of dead maggots feces
After that they gutted him and filled him with insects
So they can have a fucking tasty breakfast
Cuded throat crams the zombie's gorge
Vomits the child and fucks it again
A bitch is masturbating with the view
Cuts her legs and puts them into her cunt
Total masturbation in warm blood
Pleasure for a moment everlasting suffering
Feasting on festering flesh, what a sweet delicacy
Carnal left-overs in a withering decay
Vagina they want to eat, a funeral feast
And bloody dead tissue of decaying meat
Festering death, holes open in the head
Expressions of greed beaten relentlessly
Funeral fuck, the zombie's next attack
Purulent meat is what they adore to eat
And warm bloody bowels spewing yellow pus
Undead they are, they reek of putrefaction
Seeking next victims, their thoughts will take actions
Putrified remains, primordial ways of death
Unholy dead spirits live again.

9. Sepsism By Stabwounds

Dislocate your thread of life
Abolishing all penitences of mercy
I discovered loftiness of mankind
Impecilidy is felony
Your vertebras are my favourite game

Your head is adorned with maggots
First they intaminated your esophagus
You are still alive
Then you drunk your own gail
As the curver was working on your neck
I deflated your stomach with seven stabs

Choked by bitter phlegms
Each sin, one stab
Your punishment for all your sinful acts

Sepsism by stabwounds

Vulgar gore emancipation
Impecilidy is felony
Unheard resonant cries
Impecilidy is felony

I'll keep you seven days alive
Seven lessons of human anatomy and absurdity
Before I crush your shoulder blade
Before I fill your eyes with vinegar.

10. Putrefaction


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