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The Peel Sessions 87

"The Peel Sessions 87'-90'" (1990 Live album)

1. Work for Never
2. 3rd World Genocide
3. Fact or Fiction
4. Subliminal Music Mind Control
5. Carry on Screaming
6. Conned Through Life
7. Only in It for the Music
8. I'm a Bloody Fool (Cockney Rejects cover)
9. In It for Life
10. Deceived
11. Shock Treatment
12. False Profit
13. Another Nail in the Coffin
14. Use Your Mind
15. Human Error
16. No Threat
17. Take the Strain
18. Bullshit Propaganda
19. Murder
20. Show Us You Care
21. System Shit

1. Work for Never

9-5 the oblivion of my mind
Shackled to the millstone of daily grind

Bollocks to your restarts
I won't fuckin' work for you

Stuff your useless money, I don't need it
Only got one life and I'm gonna live it

2. 3rd World Genocide

People are starving when there's no need
Food is wasted yet there's mouths to feed

Spend more money on Third World nations
And end all world starvation

Redirect the finances and fee the poor
Stop spending money on weapons and war

We could clothe and house those in need
People not profit end all the greed

3. Fact or Fiction

In a scene of so many factions and different outlooks on life
You'll always get people who will stab you in the back

It doesn't matter who you are, what you say or what you do
You'll always get people who'll criticise you

Forget the backstabbing, build on things that we agree
Let's work toegther for a more united scene

4. Subliminal Music Mind Control

The government's way of locking up your mind
To make you believe everything's fine

Subliminal music mind control
Subliminal music brain death
Subliminal music mind control

Synthetic music to numb the brain
Buy this shit just to fit in
Brainwashed by pop-songs, fantasy world
Moulded into the perfect clone

5. Carry on Screaming

Life in a bottle is the life for me
Lying in bed screaming with D.T.s
Aaargh, bluurgh, yeaaaargh... Carry on screaming
Cider and valuim have fucked me up
But a sober life I cannot lead

6. Conned Through Life

Your life is a stagnant pool of shit
And if you don't want to drown
Then you have to eat it...
From birth to death
You're conned through life
Is living your life a waste of time? (No)
And if you chose to swallow their shit
It will poison you so much
You'll wish you had drowned at birth

7. Only in It for the Music

If you're only in it for the music you can just fuck off
Because we're not interested in your fashionable pose
Drop out, cop out... Fuck off

8. I'm a Bloody Fool (Cockney Rejects cover)

9. In It for Life

Grew up with punk, meant so much then
A way of life, but you changed your mind again

Are you in this for life or just for today?
Are you in this for life or just to pose?

Hawkwind and acid, a new way of life at last
Fuck the present let's live the past

Well we're just people looking for a way to end the hardships, the problems of today
We're still thinking the way we did then and out movement starts to splinter
Our dreams go out of range, become another false product which can never bring change

Reliving the past won't right the wrongs
Instant relief at the toke of a bong

10. Deceived

The way I see it
Just ain't your way
You won't listen
To what I have to say
I won't tolerate
The things you want me to see
Say you're here to help
But you just fuck me

No more lies and deceit

It's not our fault
We are this way
We all have our views
And different things to say
You judge me, I judge you
Nothing will change
What are we to do?

11. Shock Treatment

12. False Profit

13. Another Nail in the Coffin

Here comes the reaper with the death of our scene
Another big business backed attack on our dream
Another nail in the coffin
Devils and demons no thought and no brains
Your fucking ignorant stance has left our 'scene' in ruins

14. Use Your Mind

I can't stand I can't think
I've had too much to drink
Forced down my pills and I can't wait
Gonna be fucked, don't wanna be straight!
Your view is restricted, so is your mind
You've got to break down the barriers and use your mind
I drink to much but I've nothing to lose
You stick to your fashion and I'll stick to my booze
Watching you preach has become rather bland
What do you expect to change with an 'X' on your hand?

15. Human Error

A child runs screaming
Whipped and clubbed for being black
The mother lays dead
Bullet holesin her back
Millions still suffer... Thousands will die
Because of government influence... Why?
A white rule system
Creates an apartheid state
This is the real cause
Of all racial hate

16. No Threat

You lie there in your bed
Electrodes planted in your head
Doctors messed about with your brain
It's conformity time now you're insane

You're better now with your lobotomy

Force fed pills all the time
Thinking too much was your crime
The outside world you'll never see
'Til you've had your lobotomy

17. Take the Strain

Twelve years on, has anything changed
Laughed at, ridiculed, taken the blame
Screaming for change with an ignored voice
Freedom or oppression, we offer the choice

It's no longer a laugh
No longer a game
If we believe in ourselves
We can take the strain

18. Bullshit Propaganda

Police protect the rich
Uphold their fucking law
Police uphold the system
As they smash you to the floor
Because our so called freedom
Is nothing but a farce
Restrictions, lies and laws
Are rammed right up our arse

Don't try to cover up
The suffering that you've caused
With bullshit propaganda
It's you who cause the wars
You can't deny your crimes
Although you fucking try
Your so called free speech
Is nothing but a lie

19. Murder

20. Show Us You Care

You say we won't change nothing
But at least we're fucking trying
Say we're always moaning
But at least we fucking care
Say we should be happy
We've tried to but we can't
Say we should see sense
But we already fuckin have

Use your shit filled minds
And show you fucking care

You don't care about the rich
As long as you're not poor
Don't care about vivisection
'You cannot change the law'
Don't care about the police force
Because they haven't beaten up you
Don't care about the starving
Because it's nothing new

21. System Shit

Well paid job gonna go far
Private yatch and company car
You don't care who you swindle
As long as you've got your status symbols

System shit - Greed and power
System shit - Money grabber
System shit - Lying bigot
System shit - Fuck off

Social regulations rule your life
Never dare to step out of line
Giving out orders from your office chair
Greedy fucker, better beware


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