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Damage 381

"Damage 381" (1997)

1. Utopia Burns
2. Punishment Solitude
3. Icon of Guilt
4. Jesus on My Side
5. Cold World
6. Damage 381
7. Shallow Existence
8. Chaos Perverse
9. Crawl
10. Downside

1. Utopia Burns

in the vision utopia eyes burn with retinal decay
safety with all we know takes you nowhere
a treatment to the vision of a bleeding paradise
feed the fire too much pleasure takes you higher
a dead end decline to dispassionate decay
feed the fire complacency reigns
a tembruous view serene in your cage
as utopia burns paradise decays
aspirations of hope laid to rest

2. Punishment Solitude

emotionally choked unable to function
presenting a front of inabilities you have to overcome
punishment solitude shedding persona
bliss in seclusion a screen of facade
not letting others too close
barricading emotions

3. Icon of Guilt

bound by denial crucified by guilt
a sacrosanct shroud
of masturbation so divine
down on your knees consecration perverse
in temptation you drown in deliverance you burn
you bear a crown of thorns in prayer your conscience burns
a sacrosanct shroud of masturbation so divine
you burn veiled in a shroud of guilt
you drown drown in a sea of guilt

4. Jesus on My Side

jesus on my side heaven turns to hell
this god preaches hate sent alone to kill
love kills the demon but the demons kill us all
fear is stimulation
heaven fades to black
sun rise on the underside god of hate is back
voices torment inside
raging nonbeliever genocide

5. Cold World

enslaved to poison trade
existence on borrowed time
depraved nausea state
corrupt exaction inane
down on your knees
withdrawal depravity no restriction
insations satisfied by chemical destruction

6. Damage 381

7. Shallow Existence

Subconscious is your shallow existence.
Crucified by your insecurities.
Convulsing to your stagnant remains,
Tursed inside out,
Sucking on the emptiness of one another.
Calculated interaction,
Moulding a shallow expression.
Faking a picture on contest,
Not seeing past the barriers you create,
Inside yourself.
It's dark in your mind.
And your alm is blind.
Eternality devold.

8. Chaos Perverse

in subconscious breath
where sanity ebbs and morality wanes
cerebration in extremis my nether world impends
a cogitational scourge a trip to chaos perverse
trussed and flailed
scars of the past unhealed again
an incubus mask
a poison repose
abaddon prevails again

9. Crawl

ravaged insidce soul torn apart
raging distrust self doubt
confusion malign
malevelance bleeds you dry
twisted and warped a mental war
aberrations rage
ravaged inside confusion blinds
sanity decays
buried alive with suffocating rage
preceptions invert to hate
crawl you fucker crawl

10. Downside

an empty world buried deep in misery
confined for life never see what lies beyond downside
theres no way out you built the walls too high
you have no plans no purpose
youre sentenced to life
and youre conditioned to live in this concrete tomb
you scream alone imprisoned in this poison vacuum
downside you have no vision just bricks before your eyes
youll never see what lies beyond the downside


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