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The Unholy One

"The Unholy One" (1992)

1. Praise to the almighty god
2. Cirrhosis (Let's get drunk)
3. Bleeding at cross
4. Fornications (At the church)
5. The unholy one
6. Screams of delights
7. Christ's saga
8. The evil orgasm
9. Gore pussy of virgin (The rape)
10. The slut

1. Praise to the almighty god

Evil absolute, harbinger of death
Lucifer, the proliferate of perversity and guilt
The seductive serpent of the entire world

Satan destroy, obscure and torture
Rape your minds after you fall sleep
Reign this land of desolation and evil
Perpetrate his name in blood

Turn over your visions of judgement
And testify my uncreation
Your days are counted
Come and join the rats
Lust will be your guide
Fill your soul with hate and greed
I can hear your voice
Praise to the almighty god

2. Cirrhosis (Let's get drunk)

Twilight comes, alcohol must run
In my vein cause my body implores for it
With two bootles of corrosive booze
I walk under the light of full moon
Looking for repulsive places

Every night, alcohol must run in my vein
I fell fine
Drink ´til i fall over my vomit
Let´s get drunk

Drink ´til I´m drooping on the ground
Confused visions by incessants doses
It´ill be my disgrace, i know
Let´s get drunk. i feel good

Every night
Alcohol run in my vein
Drink ´til i fall
Over my vomit

3. Bleeding at cross

Christ´s coprse, bleeding at cross
The false deliverer dying slowly
He suffered to save his prayers
Betrayal was your worst pain

Crucified between two worms like him
Crying for your father in vain
This is your hard reality
Your deliver is a deceiver

you see the nails
Driven to his hands
And i wanna listen
Your last death´s sign

This is the man who you call god
A god crucified, humiliated and dead
Only fools still pray
Only fools believe

4. Fornications (At the church)

Burning soul of holy priest
Burning cross of feeble christ
Nothing can stop Satan´s vengeance
Nothing can save your from doom

The holy home was violated
A smell of sulphur fills the air
Came from the altar as a pale smoke
Desecration words, unholy rites
Are listen at the chapel

The image of the virgin
Was crashed by the profaner

Bitches are fucking everywhere
the cross penetrating into their pussies
Orgasm and blood under the cross of christ
The queen of dead´s land repels the son of good

Fornications at the church
Flames of hell - shining in the dark
Burning soul of holy priest
Burning cross of feeble christ

5. The unholy one

Behind the vatican dome
hide an empire of corruption
Wealthy and orgy cocealed by the pope
Outside from the god´s kingdom walls
Hunger, greed, submission, misery
Prevail out of control

The preacher with the bible have authority
Over the minds of fools
Obliteration - blind obedience
Suspire knowledge without question
Faith robbery - selling to your a piece in heaven
Manipulation throught the christian´s dogma

Indulgence and saint
The filthy past of the church
Under your knees you still beg
Under your knees you will die

I am the true unholy one
Evil speaker, rise up from hell
I´m born to fight against christ´s words
And the ascencion of his thoughts on earth

Satan will reign

You are week - we are blind
you are living in misery - you´ll die in slavery
The unholy one

6. Screams of delights

Screams torment all my dreams
I see fuckin´ bitches
Calling me for sex
I can´t stand this temptation

Luxury call my name to sodomy

I am in paradise watching christ crying blood
Chaste virgins become sadistics
They open her holes to fuck

Luxury call my name to sodomy

Lyxury call my name
To sodomy ´causes the virgins
Are in rut, again...

7. Christ's saga

Born to be scorn and bring disgrace
Betrayed for falses prayers
He saw himself hateful
Rejected with wildness

The cursed cross
Is waiting on the will
Over lashing and spits
He receive his crown
Hurting your bloody face

Sentences time comes
Death´s time arrive

Christ´s saga

Now he loads his heavy sentence on this back
All people see his sadness

The virgin cries looking at her bastard son
Finally in his place of rest
The crucifixion in accomplishied
Hell is your destiny

8. The evil orgasm

Bitch lay down on this fuckin´ bed
Show me your hot pussy
I wanna fuck you tonight

Suck me with your wet mouth
Fornication and luxury won´t stop
She implores for penetration

The evil penetration

Now i can feel your entrails
More delight will start
your virgin asshole wait for me

Lamentations of pleasure and tears
The ecstasy possesses my body
The evil orgasm

Fucking ´til be fatigued
Ejaculation is coming
And you, lick my sove

The evil orgasm was consumed

9. Gore pussy of virgin (The rape)

Cool girl with your viegin pussy
Open your legs or i´ll be forced
To rape your flesh
´cause i´m tired of your freshness

Lovely virgin
Incubus want to see your body
Sucked and penetrated

She fights against me
But her body is sodomyzed more and more
The pain becomes screams of ecstasy
Blood flows between her legs

Now nothing satisfies her sickly desire
She begs for more satan´s sove
In her glory pussy

10. The slut

Only your make me feel
The real ecstasy of flesh
Come to bed, little slut
Tease me with your sweet lips

In my mind pass putrid things
Only you bitch, know what i want
When you toutch my hammer with your tongue

I love to give you pleasure
And so i suck and lick your body
To hear you screaming
and see your sweet pussy become wet

My heart and my soul is bleeding for your lust
Little slut

Never let me apart
´cause sex in my vice
Fuck ´til death
This is my mission on earth
This is my glory


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