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Crushing The Holy Trinity (Holy Spirit)

"Crushing The Holy Trinity (Holy Spirit)" (2005 Split)

1. Power And Will I
2. Power And Will II
3. Power And Will III
4. Power And Will IV
5. Ei Toivottu Vieras (Intro) / Tyrannia Martyrum
6. Craving Vehemence
7. Unevangel

1. Power And Will I

We've been given claws (and) not without reason / As through strength we shall put the world to sleep / We've been given our roles of beasts so fierce / So we shall wipe the earth clear of human dust

We speak the words of destruction / we sing the songs of death / To finally speak in the tongue of the self and throw away the pest / We won't witness the Phoenix rising, yet its paws will hold our triumph / And our everlasting precious ability to strangle (ourselves)

What a way to perish / What a way to fade

We've been given teeth to tear stagnation with / Yet make us remember our carnal animal past / To find a new dimension in the worn out universe / Constant development through constant struggle

Ours were the hands that threw the rocks / And we would have thrown (them) a billion times more / 'cause there will always be the shepherd, so called, hounds / And it's our duty and power and will - to kill

A time to stand up, a time to kill / Beat the shit out of the corpse of a certain dead jew

2. Power And Will II

When everything else fails / With to way to turn back / Facing the wall of own humanity / Find another use for Nietzsche's hammer / Which all you cunts wipe your mouths with

Tear the walls with bare hands / Final stages of inhumanity / The blessing and the curse of ability to think / ... to devour the beast

One step ahead / To be the one with the depths / To fulfill the prophecies / To be the steel hand of revenge

That breaks the eternal cycles / That crushes the idols of gods / That tears the serpent's tail out of its mouth / The bringer of light - light of the new order

3. Power And Will III

it scratches my skin from below / it itches my veins from the inside / again and again

these are the serpents that crawl through my veins / who drank my blood and envenomed my soul / a thousand mages of the great deceiver serpent / the imperfect one who still holds his tail in his jaws

ascension / ascension / thorns grow out from scars

a pulsating hive inside my head / release the beasts in streams of blood / to build myself upon disadvantages / strengthen through own suffering

the holy spirit devoured and tainted / flames over the heads of the cursed / a new dawn of triumph is coming / an age of selfcreation / selfdestruction

4. Power And Will IV

razors swepting slow / across the skinfields / dried blood, cold steel / selfmutilation, enter the portal of flesh

the sun shines upon me so bright / that I almost miss its glance / still the rays from within the wounds / dead and cold, disturbing / of the dead crawling up / of the mind that has gone beyond

piles of parchment / stained with blood / a seed for black flames / and suffocating fumes

inhale the breath of Satan / let it spread with blood / reach cells of necrophosis / start the growth process / light shines throughout the skin / let it out / let it out

5. Ei Toivottu Vieras (Intro) / Tyrannia Martyrum

The golden images of celestial unity seducing to forgive his lack presence.
The wrecked dominion of vanity. Realms of martyrs granted ot us as a precious virtue.

Distorted intentions inebriating charm to place the wreath of vengeance,
to hand them clearest evidence.

And from distorted wells the illusion of ruined essence
in a mournful verses astray reality. Unable to release from cruciating lore.

Unable with empathy the shadow of his fierce inmost vain slavery
to submit the streams of woe.

6. Craving Vehemence

As if the beast would crawl in repentance with its
canterizing lust priceless and unique the universal bliss.

As if you would return from where you perished
in luminous esteem, confused and suppressed by
your own frail devotion.

Constant hopeless chants, useless plight scars
exhausted in a mindless try to bless their souls with pure
and sacred enlightenment.

7. Unevangel

They only fall impervious to reason or doubt
than enabled oppression, magnificience of nothing,
defiant rejection, brilliance for lifeless wretch.
Indefinite law of perverted providence
that raped the waist of innocence.

Covetous passions laid in restless sleep. Forever ignorance of his undignified surrender while poison of compassion runs bursting through his veins.

A light, formate. Take shape for me. Your pointless dreams devoured (to oblivion). Through your searing glance I burn to waste your might.


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