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Sacrificial Bleeding

"Sacrificial Bleeding" (1994 Demo)

1. Intro-Invocation
2. Necronomicon
3. Obvious Of immortal
4. Sacrificial Bleeding
5. Crucifixion Decapitated

1. Intro-Invocation

2. Necronomicon

Summoning shinned from the light
Unholy ones feasting the beast
Defiled words for seeking truth
From blood were said - spelled be
Incarnation sinisterous form
Wanting behold god unfogiven.
World book of the dead
Bounded with skin of flesh time is possessed
Unheard is heard - confess
Lord desecrate opens my eyes
For hell spawns of unearth haunting
The mind castle demons awake feeding the dead
The meaning of inaudible cries unholy death
Your belief is destructed
Evil ghosts come from beyond
Godless images instil in my mind
Existence is deceased creations from darkside
Bleeding for immortal.
Die in pentagram
Effigy of Nazarene
Burning in my head
Join us evil spells
Demons disappearance
Sadistic cursed to hell confess
It's not real I'm dead

3. Obvious Of immortal

Ended life holy doom ritual
Don't repent - sacre sin burns myself
Suffering suicide mortal spells
Satanized gore of dead blessed in hell
Banished from the world of Scorn
Bodies long decayed
Rotting Christ can't save you now
Praised into the grave
Tortured soul curses so strong
Blessed inhumane
Lucifer decide my fait
Anndinting me insane
Sodomize the ended life
Blessed with king of hell
Covenant of ripping flesh
Torn by gleaming knife
Life of sickness soon will end burn the soul for sell
Crypts of darkness - no return from the blackness light
Fall beyond unholy ground vision of your dwell
Sacrifice the cross of lies
Rebirth for suicide
Suffocation rapture feel
I am god of the dead
Torment life for crawling lambs suffering the dies
Obvious to immortal
Blasphemer dark enthroned stigmatized
Spit upon holy one crucified

4. Sacrificial Bleeding

5. Crucifixion Decapitated

Burned in the scorching land
When souls dehydrated from a birth
Wounds bleeding
Carnage for survival on the Earth
With spells of Satan
I summon thee
We sacrifice this world of shit
Lords of death descend the fires of glowing hell
Endless pain Christians dead with smashed heads
Holocaust unleash the blood of deformed corpses
Suffer wind burns their souls
Behead the holy all sacred deceased
Ripping apart the blessed angels bleeding maggots them feast
Splattered guts of monks
Internal extraction of hallowed eves
Dismember for lord black abyss
Die - crucifixion decapitated
Die - crucifixion decapitated
Prince of flies we give you crowded sacrifice
With my disgust Nazarene and holy church
All crucifixion will be cremated for your name
Smell of decaying flesh
For the space of the endless ways
Vultures are moaning high
When angels of darkness feeding the dead
Denied inverted cross
Maggots crawling from their heads
Gods desecration laws you die with cross
And burn in hell


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