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"Resurrected" (1992 Demo)

1. Euthanasia
2. Born to be dead
3. Unseen for all
4. Infernal visions
5. Damned to hell
6. Illusions of burial
7. Bodiless
8. Arising of suspiction

1. Euthanasia

Death is the easiest in life
Life is the most difficult
But life on earth is hell
If you are forgotten shared out
Physical defection deprives you of being
Of being of full value.
It humiliates and breaks the mind
Into multitude of fragments depriving by this
The unbroken one and turning into half
Avaiding the light you're hail
The darkness killing the remains of those
What is impossible to doubt.
He who lives for darkness is dangerous
In light not releasing this
Believe to understand you are sentenced for life
There is no necessity to believe in hell
Which is denied by our reason.
Believe in heaven
For which our souls needing
But this thought invariable
Persecutes us insisting to think about fearful
For most of us death is tragic inevitability,
Distress, eternal cold and darkness.
But look around and fall to think
How many people needs to die in order
To calm down into unbeing
In other world in other state

2. Born to be dead

Symbolic cross the sign of lie
So many years obscured
Born to live at some time dies
For holy one unheard your cries
Ceremony of confession
Thinking only to profit.
Seeking tomb for salvation
Blesses victims waits to die
Born to be dead
Premises of sacred oath
For whom you pray and what you want?
Born to be dead
Christening in blood
Waiting for falling of Heavenly light
Sacrifice of the virgin lives
It is the sins of the holy ones
Fall in disease
Take care of yourself
Mortals is waiting for ritual spells
Born to be dead

3. Unseen for all

Driven into deadlock
Without hope to return
Hopeless and forgotten
You're looking around without understanding
Properly been far off but not so much
As to be blind
Reality of existence are cleaned
Don't leaving a hope to reverse
Consciousness loses control over itself
Walked far of the maze of reason
Opening strange for others
You are stance for all
But no more your mind works in open space
Merged and harmonized
With those which are intractable to explanation
Unseen for all
Nobody can't stop this energy
Don't know it,
You continue the motion
Inreception to pain made cover
Of your inner space to invulnerable
Leaving no chance to speak
With whole force but you want it

4. Infernal visions

5. Damned to hell

Such was and been
Retribution for brutal doings
Such been punishment for presumption which
Is want to achieve the knowledge of
Supreme beings, such been punishment of
Insane pride don't seeing that humans
Destiny is humility and ignorance.
Stench is wrapping soul up
If upside downed cross in heart
Stop, thinking!
Take my body and drink my blood!
Pull my heart out and take my soul!
I want that you were satisfied!
Oh, Bathaburuik, I want to know it!
Black mass with burning candles 1 summon
The breath of hell, Spells passing into
Bowels of the earth - 1 awake the
Sunphre - cold wind of death altars
Desecration by excrements,
I'm storming in abyss of sins, immolation for angel
Of darkness - aspiring to penetrate
Beyond knowledge
Continuing unholy sins,
Rotting and damned to hell
Tearing by greedy lust, taking pleasure
Until the voice from abyss will not exclaim: "it's completed!"
Your arrogant forehead will covered with agony wrinkles,
And plaintive cream of despair will escape from heart,
And reflecting in eyes with disgust and hopelesslity
Lost the same darling of the heavens gifts:
The hope falling into outcast's mob to wander in damnation

6. Illusions of burial

Life is like dome of
Many colored glass.
Rising above shining and flashing
Until death does not chopping
It's turned into remains those, what before
Was supreme creation of god
Didn't touched the only one
What is intractable to alteration in time
Does not turning to ashes
And completely belongs to creator
Our soul, it's like a mirror
Mirror the lighted photo of soul
The souls are moving as mirrors
Along the burning conveyor of life
Going away into immortality
To raise new dome
And repeat all circles again
The illusion of burial
Loosed the irrevocable your mind
Can't understand more,
Recalling about past
You're transferring into present
With still large sufferings about future.
Wiping all sides and destroying the obstacles
Standing out of you charge of energy
Called life
Is great and capable
Turned into dust
If death on its path ...

7. Bodiless

Suffer life - no escape
Deformed bodies. Eves that bleed
Left alone with there pain
Indifference breaks belief
Living without feelings
Blinded by unhuman being
Suffocation coming slow
Your visions becomes real
Rotting abscess of the corpse
Drives to insanity
Before their eyes hope is died
Deterioration grows
The life will soon be gone
Bodiless being in wasters becomes to spot
Blackening humanity
Abomination grows like pain
Falling into depth of mind
Brutal death leads to die
Deterioration grows
Incurable mutilation
The life will soon be gone
Prayers will help you now
You will newer die before you soul be dead
Damned from the birth
Rest the slipped hope in the labyrinths of mind
Legs, hands and face covered with rot
Silent scream is heard
Burning in the dark
Infected with death turning into gore
Fill the blackened Earth
With burial sites

8. Arising of suspiction


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