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"p.r.a.Y." (2002)

1. I'll Mind Mine
2. Kill You First
3. p.r.a.Y
4. Put Me To Sleep
5. Segregate Me
6. When The Shark Sleeps
7. Destiny
8. Solitary Struggle
9. Day Old Bread
10. Drunk Again
11. Hope And Glory

1. I'll Mind Mine

Again and again, name after name, new madmen
Big deals, over brains - iron fists !
People´s tied wrists
Souls in pain
Mafia thoughts on countrymen´s heads
Life´s expendable, Job´s done!
Annihilating opponents, Rule the land
Country´s done, a race bothers?
Remove them
to another place...
to another life...

Another genocide, is that the way ?
Tell the United Nations to mind their business
I´ll mind mine
Another genocide, is that the way ?
Tell world´s TV station to mind their business
I´ll mind mine

Family man lies on the floor
among blood and kids
Mankind will never learn...
Mankind will never...

2. Kill You First

Terror lays on walls of jails, but on which side?
Facts lay on the arms of justice, but on which side?Money runs on the veins of courthouses, on any side
Money runs out on policemenís pay, on which side they play?
If they live in places ruled by crime
Canít get to know on who to trust
Whoís right or wrong, or who will kill you first
Public opinion based on the facts
From miles away through CNN spots
The truth that you wonít know
Cops shoot killers or killers are the Cops themselves?

3. p.r.a.Y

For the ones who live constantly with fear
Or grew up not knowing what love is
For the ones who are out there in the cold
Or believed in everything they were told
For the ones who are constantly hungry
Or havenít heard too much about their families
For who wait for an answer
Or were not sure about how things really happened
Pray for submission
Or for ours leaders lunacy
Pray for the ones who control
That will never change
No hopes or dreams will ever be reminded
Since youíve learned how to feel hated
And youíll always be avoided Ė will it ever change?Pity is something everybody will feel
No oneís fault the chosen one was you
And thereís nothing left to do Ė will it always be the same?
Pray for submission
Or simply close your eyes
Pray for the harmless ones
That will never change
For the ones who had to learn too early
Or just did it simply for the money
For the ones who still hope for the future
Or had to learn that peace is not near
For the ones who are asking themselves
(are you asking yourself?)
How long will it last?
Pray for submission
Or simply for ourselves
Pray for the human selfishness
That will never change

4. Put Me To Sleep

Found embraced by these four walls
Felt embraced by death
Still lying on this bed
Totally abandoned
This is the end
No one will ever ask for
Itís been so many nights
that I donít hear my voice
I donít know since when Iíve been lying here
Donít know what month or day or week
Iíve been waiting so paciently
For I donít know how many years
All that Iíve done is not legacy

Nothing I feel, nothing I see
I simply donít exist
Just put me to, put me to... sleep
There is no chemical effort
To make me live again
When everybody knows
I am rotten almost dead

5. Segregate Me

Higher and higher fences are built
Trying to separate a better world from reality
Raising a family inside a rusty cage
Increasing difference, blowing hate
Everybody knows itís a matter of money
Chances arenít there to be taken
Donít mix your arrogance with intelligence
Superiority is a matter of conscience
Nations struggling for a place in the sun
If their whole world can be slaved
Separate them, segregate them
In order to separate the inferior one
For the future of the Nation
Separate me, segregate me
Segregate me!
Segregate me!

6. When The Shark Sleeps

7. Destiny

As you cry on a rainy night
A child cries on sunny days of hope
Hopeless future of a gone world
Bare chances of a glorious life
Man, wife, kids, a home and a car
a job, feeling safe... everythingís ok
and ainít missing anything
Unemployment explosion
And the worldís corrosion
Loss of values
Whoís safe'?
Who knows what will happen?
Over me... over you...
We could know, we should...
No, wouldnít be destiny
A life of pain, endless pain
A kid with a gun out on the rain
Situation has made him insane
On who youíre supposed to blame?
As bullets roll for a few bucks
Cross the border of skin and soul
The liquid of life spills out
And another innocent is gone
If you knew your future
you would change your reactions
how can you know if this is not your destiny?

8. Solitary Struggle

The world is our companion
There are millions outside
But the real world few people could understand
The world declines
Wars, injustice, hunger, hate
Thereís a voice inside of you crying for justice...
But never heard around
Who cares about the world?
Who would like to try?
Millions of cowards
That could try instead of cry
Night is falling bringing all the fears
in the silence... in the darkness...
you will feel... you will hear...
the wind of anguish
Iíd just like to know
Why the fear of trying
Conquers a world that is yours
Itís all right
There are millions outside
Someone, somewhere
Is gonna do it for me...

9. Day Old Bread

Knocking door to door, looking through a window
That separates warm and cold, food and pain, life and death
Beging for food, coins or anything
Living on the streets Ė came to a point of no return
No conditions to live
Screams cut the silent night and my heart
What to do when you donít have what to eat?
What to do when you donít have where to sleep?
What to do when your children cry?
Sit down and cry too?
And still worry about the kids
but soon theyíll be on the streets
Danger Ė thatís the landscape
Sleep by some doors until youíre kicked out
Screams cut the silent night and my heart
No conditions to live
Countryís Gross Product held by one percent
Hands of millions have nothing in
Maybe just a small piece of a day old bread
Some have the power of decision
And some have a vision
A better place to be
A life to live, a place, a job
Someone to be
For millions of people
with no hope, no life
a dream could be
not a dream for me
Iím part of it

10. Drunk Again

Bar to bar, drink to drink
Money just fades away like time
Time flies, gets high
Canít stand up Ė just like a child Ė always trying...
Trying to believe tomorrow will be good enough for more beer
Trying to understand why all I can do is move a hand
For another drink
Donít need no special time or place to get high
Life when you realize has gone by
Drunk again
Blind man
No feelings
No, canít understand
Life is cruel
We need fuel
One more drink and Iíll be heading where I feel to

11. Hope And Glory


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