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Weeping Angel

"Weeping Angel" (1998)

1. Intro
2. Wartheater
3. Weeping Angels
4. The Hidden
5. In Blood & Fire
6. A Tale
7. Another Life Left
8. 1314 A.D.

1. Intro

2. Wartheater

The red morning sky turns into gold and violet / Dewdrops glittering crystal clear on spider webs / Heavy iron boots trample down the dewy fresh grass / Countless blades of swords are clashing together / They must fight the whole day, the whole life /Until they die

We must fight and kill / Against everyone
We can´t stop going on / When time has passed by ... in eternity
Execration / Self-destruction
Our Wartheater

The deep blue sky, overcast a grey burst of clouds / Mud is lying on the ground, wet, dirty and black / The sound of helicopters and tanks break the silence / Thundering cannons and falling bombs shatter the earth / Soldiers of the present are the heroes of tommorow / They will never die

Slaying swords / Killing guns
Murdering lasers / Crying mankind
Execrate every people / Death is coming soon

The black sky, a touch of blood-red light in the west / Desolated hills lying soundless in the sunset / Flashs of lasers and volleys of long-range-missiles / An inferno of glowing giants, roaring, throbbing / One man appointed with thousands of nuclear weapons / They´re born to die

3. Weeping Angels

Cold, clear, birth, tearCold - Mighty pressure
Clear - In their eyes now
Birth - Just to serve
Tear - Start to cry

Oceans far from here, birthplace of our life
Ancient times ago, atrocious cry

In my dreams - I am far away from here - In my dreams
In my dreams - Weeping angels smile at me - In my dreams

Tears in my eyes - as I saw the face with weeping smile
They cannot die - But rest in peace for all the time

Bound for their life - with promises of good and honor
They can´t afford mistakes - leave their smile

4. The Hidden

Between heaven and earth, it lies hidden / formless, nameless but ready ... and waiting / Abases the nature, only through its existence / malicious thoughts, sneaking

Spoils your soul / Redeems your mind
Spits out your senses / It is, its time ...

Crawling through the darkness / Right behind you
Feel the infernal odem / Snaps with its cold claws / For you

Blackness it feels and sees / Souls collecting
Lead by passion / Lack of conscience

Gains new power / Suck out your life
Only an empty veil / Is left behind

No way to hide you / It´s moving in shades
No one will guard you / There´s no escape
You can run / But you can´t hide
It´s faster / Pray for your life

5. In Blood & Fire

A path of skulls leads me to the grave / Where the roots of life are sleeping / But doubt lets me now hesitate / If I have the might to beat that Demon / Now it´s fear that freezes my mind / The fear that I can loose my life / My faith, my god, it´s struggling / I want to leave but where to go ???

Hear my call lamenting mortal / You got the chose to live or die
Follow me and be my slave / Or die in years of painful torments
Well my son you chose your way / Now listen slave what I have to say
Kill all those you call your friends / Betray all those who beseech for help

I´ve payed the prize to keep alive - To keep alive to kill my friends ?
I sold my soul now I am damned - Betraying all I believed in

My master sends me out / to the place where I was born
Declare your god the war / Kill all first born in his name

My birthplace lies in blood and fire / Children were killed by my own hands / Now hatred is a part of me / I hate myself for what I´ve done / My life has ended before I die / I´ve died with my swear of lies / Now it´s my god that´s calling me / Die in years of painful torment

6. A Tale

morning light breaks through thick clouds / touching the ground ... warming it up
mist is rising up in the air ... feets stomping / hundreds of men ... senseless thoughts of proudness and pride / their hands are ready ... laying on their swords / silence is a blame for what shall be...

thousands of souls are screaming in anger ... not only dead
Living in pain, atone for their sins, no epitaph on their tomb

Mind is blocked ... no place for thoughts / Lead by passion ... instinctively deed
Programmed men ... ready for kill / Killing for freedom ... price for living in eternity

the dusk begins, the green turned to red / women crying and praying for vengeance
vengeance for sins that themselves have done / Night breaks down ... cries turn to whimper
Insight has taken place, no motive for war / All the same ... violence produces violence...

But now it´s too late ... The aim hallowed the means / In the heads of the people ... that is their excuse / Mankind can´t turn back ... their passion is killing, loving and hate
Loving their freedom --- hate their opponents / Killing their enemies --- price is paid / Think of yourself ... Look out

7. Another Life Left

The moon is shining bright, earth is asleep again / To undergrowth by moonlight, unknown what I am / Irresistable demand for blood, inhuman am I or not ? / Two voices in my mind

See my reflection /In the mirror lake
A wolf eight feet tall / On two legs wandering

With the devil face to face / In hell I can remember now / I saw myself in his gaze
A second chance, but how ? / To kill for him is my quest

Thirsty for blood, / my rage is hot
my hunger is cold /I wander alone
Instinct, instinct two voices in my mind
Instinct, instinct two voices in my mind

A strider out in the dark /I´m longing for tender meat
Flesh of skin beneath my teeth /Spilling his guts
My victim is dead /Under a pale moonlight
I danced with the devil / And I have survived

8. 1314 A.D.


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