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"Devil's Footprints" (2003 EP)

1. Devil's Footprints
2. Edom
3. Aurora
4. Ignorance of the Lost
5. Purification

1. Devil's Footprints

You said in your heart you would raise your throne
Ascend into heaven above the stars of God
Your heart anguished for the utmost heights
To rise above the clouds to be the most high

But what happened
Down to the grave, to the depths
But what happened
Maggots spread out beneath your flesh

O morning star
God's chosen
Cast down to earth

Cast out your tomb
Covered with the slain
Pierced by the sword
Descending underfoot

2. Edom

Lord is angry at the nations;
His wrath will come upon their armies
Mountains shall dew in blood
Stars of heaven dissolved
The sky rolled up like a scroll
The starry hosts shall fall

The sword bathed in blood
Covered in fat
A great slaughter of Edom

To the death of a city
To hate God, deny creation
No god's salvation
Could stop the suffering

Edom's streams turned to a pitch,
dust to sulfur, never to be quenched.

3. Aurora

Lay down here in the darkness though my eyes bleed in fear
Knowledge gone in hope's weakness, for I know I'll die alone
I am afraid to taste my flesh, a cold breath in hand for little hope
Frozen by thought and spirit, where is this crimson sky?

Look beyond through malice, blinded moments, hearts desire
To corrupt the mind in thoughts, see it through, Aurora

Seas of this destruction open unto me
Impact of the slaughter, broken down defeat
Looking out into darkness a light found its way
A hope of a new beginning to leave the seeds of pain

4. Ignorance of the Lost

A seed of breath sown amongst the weeds
Though thy faith is here the mind still bleeds
For their hearts will scorn for lust
But the world grows over a child that was

Darkness consumes a judgment of hate
To rage that day though it be to late
For the blood that's slain down this quiet face,
Same to the scars of this crimson disgrace

A life has existence to stop for a decree
Apathy and rage consume thy heart
To see this flesh withered in wrought
Hollow is the soul and damnation (be theirs to weep alone)

To wish to see a brother perish in vain
Through a winters mind forgotten lamb slain
For this is my tear, spare yourself
From the harrowed undying anguish of fear

5. Purification

Disruption of the flesh
Save the manifestation?
But kill the spirit
To purify?

Hold onto bitterness to justify hate inside

No answer of the pain
Ignorance to sooth

What place do we think we have,
What reason for fallen?
Held onto bitterness to justify,
This quest shall rise forever
This hate inside - a blind path we lead

No one shall pass to walk blind
To walk blind and alone


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