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Genital Gallery

"Genital Gallery" (1999 Demo)

1. Crimson Ecstasy
2. Orgiastic Abominations
3. Torso Fucker
4. Where the Dead Dream

1. Crimson Ecstasy

Misperception of my mind
Emotionless and feeling blind
With each kill the strength I gain
Striking out with fists I maim

Kaleidoscopic fantasies
Dreams and both reality
Spill your blood all over me
When I kill my minds set free....

....Crimson Ecstasy

Stalking out a victim
Helpless, terrified
Knowing of the fear I bring
Sixth sense, your demise

Planning ways to use your flesh
Torture, my canvas
To create from suffering
Flesh is, my art

With each death become more skilled
Prophecy is now fulfilled
Flesh on earth and soul in Hell
Taking lives human demise

Revealing soul through your body
Slice it open disembowel
Wanting knowledge of your flesh
Wanting to possess your soul...

Your soul!!!

Arms outstretched for crucifixion
Bloodletting begins
Hooks hold place appendages
You're raised up in mid-air
You're naked and vulnerable
You're screaming for your life
Cathartic releasing hatred
You will fucking die....

Hatred, Lost my mind
Slaughter, You will die
Murder, Killing lust
Crimson, Ecstasy....

Bathing in your blood
Your flesh and body I will dine
Molesting your sexual organs
Your corpse is now mine
Tearing apart piece by piece
Exploring all your flesh
I can hear your cries from hell
Another job well done.

I was once a mortal being
Each kill makes me more strong
Hell gave me my killing weapons
To please the darker Gods
Want your flesh, I'll have your flesh
I'll be your flesh
Each that I kill
Now becomes a cenobite in hell....

Hatred, Lost my mind
Slaughter, You will die
Murder, Killing lust
Crimson, Ecstasy....

2. Orgiastic Abominations

Climaxing of evolution
Immolating self to desire
Primal, call to instincts
Devour, your own morals

We are gathered, bathing in sin
Open doorway to perversion
Naked, orgy begins
Flaying, of our own skin

Blood and semen mix
Ecstasy and pain
All our flesh is one
Tapestry of art

Procreate the seed of life, Giving birth too fast
Unborn entanglement, Within all this flesh
Foetus born among the sex, First instinct to breed
No real skin and tendons showing, Ancestors are freaks

Now rape newborn...

Fleshless offspring fertile as parents
Looking for other species to breed
Epidermis now has fur
All other species are now one

Inter-breeding, stumps instead of limbs
Fornicating pile of hairy meat
Keeping on to procreate
Each generation more deformed

Taint seed of life

3. Torso Fucker

My dreams
Your nightmares
My pleasure

Emotionless I saw through flesh
I stare through your dead eyes
Are you conscious of torment?
All signs of life good-bye

Photographing your beauty
Distorted view of love
Slow dissection, piece by piece
Machine to pull apart


Different shades of crimson
Are smeared throughout the room
Entering my lair of madness
Ominous sense of doom

Copulating life with death
Odious sexual instincts
Semen macerating flesh
Decollation of head

Fellatio, with severed head
Cutting off, appendages

Rearranging the fleshy remains
Morbid sick game, my mind is deranged
Polaroid image of molestation
Necrophagia, desecration

You are now.... Part of me.....

Torso fuCker.... Owns your soul....

4. Where the Dead Dream


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