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Hardcore Lounge Music

"Hardcore Lounge Music" (2003)

1. ...but never left
2. An Analytical Nightmare
3. Shutter
4. Sanctuary
5. An Apocryphal Sorrow
6. Metal Dawn
7. Spurn
8. Sonata Et Margaret
9. Resistance is Futile
10. Death's Instrument
11. Sacrosanct Expiation
12. O, Babylon the Great

1. ...but never left

2. An Analytical Nightmare

propriety burns
in the pit of your stomach
as anthracite
an inhuman scream
rakes a furrow (the night sky)
you dance in depravity
eulogizing the destruction
your individuality
sold to insurrection
impaled by your contempt
without comprehending your own thoughts
you besiege the defenseless
devour the weak
a devious symbol
tarnished by idiocy
a legacy of ignorance

3. Shutter

i shutter
at the thought of young eyes
sunken back with the weight of generations
yet never feeling the tinge of true life
i shutter
to think of azure tears
cascading down your face
and turning to carmine
i shutter
at the black cataracts
which blind them from the light
my light
though tainted and weathered
its good name through the ages
its purity remains
my atrament remains
i step forward
and lose faith
falling to my knees
and as scarlet winds whip me around
i stand

4. Sanctuary

wreathed in spectral mists
my mind toils
in a vat of confusion
my sanctuary
became my prison
screaming into the skyward realms
body freezing
as terror grips the mind
(with the setting sun come the thoughts)
fear of being bound here
fear of leaving this place
my voice long absent
and my soul forsaken me
but never left
separated from those around me
separated from myself

5. An Apocryphal Sorrow

and so i lay me down
smite upon my bed of thorns
caustic tears
they consign to flame a chasm in my heart
a deify that lies lame
it bleeds vermilion
as my soul quarrels
with your bane embrace
kiss my avatar and damn it
and raise my terror to the heavens
dear jesus

6. Metal Dawn

my hand is copper
my brow is lead
suffer me in a red patina
swept along in a molten flow
to a sad eternity
my stride interrupted
my thoughts untimed
my tears are become drops of silver
that shattered the crystalline firm
i plead the wind to sweep us away
i picked the gilded apple from the iron tree
and wipe the rust from my brow
my heart, it ceases
my breath undrawn
my eyes forever focused
on the sanguine metal dawn

7. Spurn

amid the dark and ravaged plains
of secrecy
the dark ones
-faces masked in anonymity-
wound and destroy us
when will this pain relent?
when will we embrace
a raven-hued humanity?
do these murderers know me?
what i am
what i have become
they entwine their congratulations with malice
their ‘love’ with scorn
eternally breaking down at my façade of normalcy
and just as swiftly
they fade away

8. Sonata Et Margaret

stab me
break me
your image was etched in my mind
screaming from within
hoping against hope
and longing for the endowment of your acceptance
overjoyed my heart came to you
in pieces would it return
ecstatic i came to you
an empty shell i am today
my soul curdled, stagnant, and quivered
alone and cold
i formed my callous shell
and was tortured from within

9. Resistance is Futile

collective thought
a ritualistic existence
imprisoning themselves
building castles in the sand
breathe for them
speak for them
a life wasted
a soul bonded
dream for them
think for them
with a voice raised
comes the echo of the guillotine

10. Death's Instrument

hurl your poisonous barbs at me
your misconceptions reflect on a terrified soul
(from the serpent tongue)
spurn my imperfect husk
self-assurant riddles guard a cowering soul
bitten by the hand that feeds you
you steady my hand
and make me swallow my rage
a slandered tongue
and still my spirit

11. Sacrosanct Expiation

journey through reluctant never after
through the dark plains
and black countryside
forged by familiar hands
sealed by a blackened, cerulean kiss
the road to hell
paved with good intentions
lined with bodies
stained with illogical, self-assurant mutterings
raise up the wall, a disturbing repeat
shrouded wounds clearly visible in the scarlet light
frightened by your fear
spine raked with spurs
shoulders dropped in surrender
face elongated and numb
eyes vacated by tears
(drop the cargo, release the burden)
and plummet into bitter-sweet oblivion

12. O, Babylon the Great


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