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Antithesis of Light

"Antithesis of Light" (2005)

1. Intro
2. In Solitary Ruin
3. Accursed Premonition
4. The Mournful Refusal
5. Pavor Nocturnus
6. Antithesis of Light
7. The Last of Vitality

1. Intro

2. In Solitary Ruin

White noise
Then darkness
The awful darkness...
Rites of burial are spoken
Before the last descent
Down...beneath the realm of the living,
Deadened eyes
Extinguished dreams
Muffled sounds
As the coffin's lid
Is slowly nailed shut.

White noise
then darkness
The burden of existence
Free from this dreadful "gift"
The long sleep of withering upon you at last...

Welcome to eternity

3. Accursed Premonition

Stone pillars crumble at the feet of iconoclasts
Accursed omen of the coming extinction
Dust billows above, blotting out the last arcs of sunlight
Shadows negate all; windswept death descends

A thousand nights of plagued slumber to come
That we may transcend all pain into the darkest depths of unreality
The great destruction lies in wait; visions have prophesized
What shall stir from the burning rubble

The eons beyond sleep in darkness visible...

Those who scored the eyes of the sacrosanct
Afflicted with eternal tribulation and raging pestilence
Feel death approaching-already devouring their very will
As the fall before the sound of the dying knell
Oh, what great beast shall stir from the rubble?

The eons beyond sleep in darkness visible...

4. The Mournful Refusal

Alone, rational thoughts submerged by the fear
Dark, only faint visions of the cruelty appear
In sporadic tone, the composition of beauty turned grim and cold...

Once again, I must face the horrors of regret
Antiquity arrives before it is welcomed
Only to leave behind an empty shell of dilirium.

Waiting only prolongs the wanting
Living only prolongs the arriving
Death knows no regret of a mournful refusal

In sporadic tones the compositions of beauty turned grim and cold...

5. Pavor Nocturnus

Thoughts migrate nowhere, sullen birds of prey
Swallowed by jet black dreams of death in foul slumber
A world beyond affliction;
When the calling lulls us into our infinite beds
And the droning pulse of nihilism mocks us
From across lightless fissures of consciousness.
Alive only to host the Stygian torment
Pitied we are
When deep sleep falls upon mankind.
Hopeless we fall
Into the fathomless depths of this virulent dream.

And from the haunted arms of Morpheus,
We arise to a different despair.

6. Antithesis of Light

Eternity has no bottom
It is the breath of a dying sun
Exhaling its icy last gasp
Above the pillars of the dark corruption.
Hanging low in the vast nothingness,
Symbol of destiny - mirror of the ages
Eternity is an illusion
Burning quickly away into molecular shadow
There is no measure of it; it's depth in endless
It is in the eyes of all who see.
Elusive, the antithesis of light devours life
And eventually, eternity shall endure
When all else has fallen to myth;
And no dream is left to believe.
Eternity is dust - a churning sea of pale dementia
Burying, reaping beneath the ashen shroud of heaven.
Desolate father of all time
Awaits the final breath...and stands a lonely vigil
To greet you in the inevitable darkness once again.

7. The Last of Vitality

I watched...
From mountains of spirit,
Where gods claim the universe.
I watched...
As life lingered in sordid desperation.
My hidden, true form
Became a mask of solitude
A prodigal reflection
Of human depreciation
Utter isolation approaching nirvana.
Beckoning me to my womb...
Back to the earth
The end arrives peacefully - with silent finality
So swift, across cons
Not even legend remained.
Streams of pain descend
Like purifying waters
In this hideous bliss - I taste the last of vitality


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