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Tales from the Tomb

"Tales from the Tomb" (2007)

1. Eternal Lie
2. The Dead
3. Chronic Hell
4. Greed
5. From Menace to Mayhem
6. Blessed Upon the Altar
7. Feed the Fire
8. The Symbols of Sins
9. Phase of Fear
10. Veils Were Blown
11. But Life Goes On (Entombed cover)
12. The More We Bleed

1. Eternal Lie

This is not dead which can eternal lie

2. The Dead

I only observed when hordes of hell spread their
Wrath and made thee flee
I saw the flames beyond the horizon as dark shadows
Were falling from the sky

Make way for the unburied ones
Bow down salute your death
Make way for the unholy ones
Step aside here comes the dead

I too heard distant explosions
The major blasts spread ashes through the air
I heard the cries from non-believers
They sacrificed and left piled dead

I kneel down I'll join the sky

3. Chronic Hell

I know that you will go
As a fallen no kharma no
It turned back as pain inside
Into nothing your soul I throw

Who were you and what you left
Means nothing I hope you bleed
I know you know you didn't shine
Wrack on crack your soul in black

I see your hands they bleed
Oh my god they bleed

Never ever ever
Ever forever never again

Ride the dagger and fuck the pain
Blow a bullet right through your brain
Seek forgiveness save your prayer
Down in hell you'll be my slave
Dirty needles on which you feed
Addictive deadheads blind you lead
One way ghost ride last stop hell
Latent fever chronic hell

4. Greed

I seduced the feeding hand then found myself deep down
Now here I stand the fool king of the lost prince of decay

Abandoned man
Drifter soul
Slave to shame
I've lost it all

I abused the feeding hand by the hunger and greed
You gave me some I wanted more you had less so I took it all

The demons grew inside the devils asked for more
I never saw what happened until I now lost all

I now await my fall soon the final call
And in shame I crawl hear the bells of doom

5. From Menace to Mayhem

Down the aggression path we ride
Blood our blood temperature rises
Beware of the bullets we send
Late is the time for solutions
The soil under your feet
Is about to be red and nasty

Through the past we became an obscurity
By today we are the beast's you've created

Pain one secret lust emotion
Bleed it never hurts to bleed
Seek the release fight the disease static overload
Death is the future we see left empty are our thrones

So roll up your map show me where you are
Twisted little fuckers idol servants suckers
The colour of evil cast shadows on thee
In the mouth of hell soon we all will be

6. Blessed Upon the Altar

Spiritual leader ancient throne blood on altar virgin bones
Sharpened daggers naked truth head of cult taste the youth


Lord of blood forsaken child demon witchery the tamed went wild
Praise us darkened and curse the light cut the pure the steel so bright

Blessed upon the altar

Spiritual leader upon the throne blood upon the altar cut virgin bones
Lord of blood forsaken children are all bewitched they all went wild

7. Feed the Fire

Twisted formations surround the road we ride
Rejected salvation towards chaos mouth we glide
We never had a reason nor even had a choice
Here we stand before thee listen to our voices

Abstracted reflections hallucinating truth
Silent ignorance communicate refused
Demons piss in our wounds mistakes dig our tombs
Ring the slaughter hell and welcome to our hell

Feed the fire

8. The Symbols of Sins

Awakened is the fool's subconscious reality
Blind we say psychosis tyrannity
Alive are the dead sane are the mad
Stained are the clean of blood from the damned

Release your pain your wounds wide open
Ease the blame your eyes blood soaked
Illusion Christ once promised paradise
See my thoughts I'll show you pure pain

Repeated illusions dead end destiny
Death we say or release from captivity
See do the blind hear do the deaf
Bleed do your wounds physical sins

The symbols of sins

9. Phase of Fear

Deceivers they fail
Believers they pray
But you took it all
And ended up as slave

Beyond the seven gates you crawl
Off the edge to death you fall
Hear the mighty dragons roar
Through the phase of fear you go

Hunters they seek
Consuming the weak
Self-constructed instruction
Dead end destruction

10. Veils Were Blown

The stars grow dim
In their places
And the moon turns pale
Before me
Veils are blown
Across its flame
Demons approach the circumference
Of my sanctuary

A wind has risen
The dark water stirs

And they like the dark places best
For their god is a lying lord
Strange lines appear carved on my door
The light from the window
Grows increasingly dim

At death's door
You will find your redemption
And there will
Always remain a black earth


11. But Life Goes On (Entombed cover)

A rotten stench
Surrounds another ended life
Maggots infesting the rotten flesh
Is that the way you want to die?
Don't want to live in a decaying shell
But why should I go to heaven
And who's to say I'll enter hell

Dead - Deceased, but life goes on
I will be the one who won
My charred body will decay
But my soul will be floating anyway

Visually a corpse
But what's inside my head
Don't consider I once was deceased
So I guess I'll come back from the dead
Dying my death
In relentless aggrieve
Dead and put down in a wooden box
Just can't be my destiny

Dead - Deceased, but life goes on
I will be the one who won
Continue to seek and you will see
That life is your worst enemy

12. The More We Bleed

Instinctive movement failed it went out of order
Second thought shut down error wrong disorder
Chaos blood and death mass psychotic youth
Hysteric maniac need redemption when we bleed

And more
And more
The more we bleed

Memories red stained awakenings blood drained
Forever nightmare trig upside down my victims drip
The fires now untamed who's left to hear the blame
Psychic stress beliefs suicide relief


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