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"Nocturnal" (2002)

1. Alchemy
2. Blood Red Emotion
3. Evil Liquid Center
4. Still Walking Shadow
5. Without Sane Reason
6. Fools
7. Spell of Exctinction
8. Genetic Homicide
9. Vampire Lust
10. Force Fed

1. Alchemy

The wind through the trees whisper their secrets obscene
Of a systematic decline that you knew all along
The allure of magic for gain becomes a black obsession
But your grasp of the spells leaves much to be desired
You search for someone with more dark knowledge
You should've stopped while your soul was still clean
Infernal majesty denied
The alchemists suicide
On the alter stands a cross it's message full of pain
The candles glow cast a spell all it's own
Incense smoke creates an erotic fantasy
Writhing bodies entwined sacreligiously
Your loss of innocence felled with taintedlust
The aura once golden now crowned with thorns
The spirit you summoned has told you a lie
You have no idea it wants you to die
Puzzled with questions of asking invite
Your naivety will soon end your life
Your life starts to disintergrate
For the painting on the floor seals your fate
The spirit in contact starts to gain your trust
Memories spilled for of condolence
But truth be told he wants your soul

2. Blood Red Emotion

And it starts again
the feeling has returned
only to be trapped inside........again......I tried
oh the venom from the vicious little bitch
her words feel like daggers from her fingertips
Once again trapped inside
Her venom ut hurts my skin
She spits it viciously
I feel my pain deep inside
I feel it time I tried......
To save us deep inside
Save me deep inside
Deceive me once again
How could you? I could not
Memories bittersweet
Diseased, diseased and in pain
My life starts to alter no condolence
Once again trapped inside
The venom has split my skin
A new world I enter without limits
Now it's time for Blood Red Emotion
The time has come, no more saving face,
For you will not have one left.
A face left to save
Here is the time where I extract my revenge,
A blood red emotion feeds me as I make you repent

3. Evil Liquid Center

Ftom the sepulcher another night's upon us Nocturnal!
My pale white skin has never seen the sun
Existing for millenia, a demon I hunt the flesh
1525 my date of birth, I receive my gift
Immortal, a diseased life I use to live
My blood runs cold pumped by an unfeeling heart
Surprised you lay asleep as I pierce your skin
To struggle is no use I have the strength of 20 men
To feel your life run down my throat feels devine
My evil liquid center partially satisfied
I have seen only a few of my kind........ Tonight!
But some of you are awaremy kind exists
So come on! Come to the slaughter
With your hammers and your wooden stakes
How easy mortals forget. I am blessed by darkness
The chaos that I leave behind
You mortals cannot resist deep inside

4. Still Walking Shadow

Walking through the darkness.
A journey through my thoughts
The rules of engagement... Imaginitive rot
Take a look in the mirror, a face you don't know
The first signs of madness surface
The journey has begun
I take cover in the night. I feel the sky has eyes
Travelling silent through the streets
Still walking shadow beside
Darkness overcomes my thoughts. Slowly suddenly I stalk
I need a saviour for myself. Still walking shadow....Behind
I feel my plight must have an end.
Reality and fantasy start to blend
I need your help but you don't yet exist
The walls are dented with my clenched fist

5. Without Sane Reason

To believe in your religion is false prophecy
I can't accept your beliefs
In me has growen antipathy
I believe your prophets to be false
Your mental god icon it starts to rust
In exposed metal you place your trust
Living by example day after day
Grovelling for your soul
What does it take for you people to see
What you think's holy means nothing to me
The rest of the world looks at you as insane
To kill for religion your hands bloodstained
Hundreds of years ago your prophets surmised
One world religion
Imagine the chaos this would've created
When you still kill for disbelief
Without Sane Reason
Unholy Domination

6. Fools

Living as society dictates
To pay for the Gov't ingrates
Something must be wrong
Can't you see the Gov't is full of hypocrisy
They think we're fools
They could care less about you
You're just a nomber, no identity
Do not live outside they're guideline
We're all indebted to pay for they're greed
They want us to protect the enviroment
But this won't turn us a profit
So just lace our hands with some cold hard cash
And we'll see that it gets done
Silence the requests of the masses
Even the media must comply
They're only to hear what we want them to hear
So keep the chains on tight, tight
Tighter still

7. Spell of Exctinction

Violence, the spell I cast
I've existed for endless time
Hatred is my name
Mankind will always clash
Be it for greed or land
I hold you in my hand
Destruction, destroy all they hold dear
As the yeras go by
I crack a smile
As I watch mankind at play
ey never run out of reasons
For they're conflicts
And the selling of arms
Is strong based on a mutual desire
Witness the spell of extinction cast a very long time ago
Witness the spell of extinction of brutal times to come
I have......witnessed......the spell of extinction

8. Genetic Homicide

I will play God, let the death begin
Tried to enter the confines of the mind
Electrical impulse caused a synaptic override
Majority call my work genetic homicide
What about human rights they fry
Placed on the table work begins
My subjects cadavers, accident victims
The test has located the defective gene
Replacement DNA from my own dead skin
I will play God, let the death begin
Tried to find a cure for mankind
Success will be based on the failures of the past
Undetermined genius a social outcast
Ridiculed, put down, labbled mad scientist
The toe tag I.D's this patient on the list
With electrodes in place, I probe the skin
Adrenaline shot starts the heart again
Brain damage gone with cloned DNA
Unconscience but alive brought back from the dead

9. Vampire Lust

An invisible state of mind stares back the reflection
Of unseen things that are about to be seen
Her ghostly image came forth to me
Ever since that night I've not been the same
Erotic nocturnal kiss gave me eternal peace
Her lips stained with my blood a beauty man never under-stood
She came through the mist through a clouded ceil of despair
She took my body with ease, her silky white skin so inviting
My will to live is hers for she gave birth to me
I'll never forget the night you first came to me
Eternal bliss and orgasm worth a hundred years
When you touch my skin it's like and electric current
Satisfied and stated? Unknowing what's to become
A journey through the dark. You were there to guide my way
With you by my side I have nothing to fear
The change has begun I am trapped deep inside
Take my hand and tell me I'll be alright
You whisper in my ear you've nothing to be afraid
Once you shed your soul forgotten we'll remain
The first night has come in my new white skin
The freedom I experience is sickening
Freed of all vices. On mortals we pray
My unearthly princess I've you to thank
Oh yes the night, the time we get to play
Entice all the mortals and play with three dreams
Cause I am beauty beyond reason no one can resist me
I've you to thank for immortality.
Together we will rise when the sun sets.
The dusk starts our day. The world is our playground
Mankind to face another killing spree.
The change has begun I am trapped deep inside

10. Force Fed


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