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"Evilution" (1995 Demo)

1. Night of Magic
2. Realm of Terror
3. Ritual Killing
4. Bludgeon To Immortality

1. Night of Magic

Below on timeless rolling down ancient circle strong
Composed of time worn standing stones its origin long gone
Then suddenly a strange event appears for who might see
A phantom line of men in white appears cross the lea
From whence they came no one could say, they were suddenly there
They chanted with low and steady tread they moved in censored air
They cast no shadows as they passed into the circles bound
No faces peered from out their cowls, no footprints on the ground
A flash of golden sickled blades, not held by human hands
In ritual conclave, magic rites long practiced by the band
Then as a thousand times before upon this hollowed sight
The phantom slowly fades away, returning to the night of magic

2. Realm of Terror

Father forgive my ways, for I've sinned against you all
As I reside to the power and mass of frustration
To end all of pain seeking measures by
Chanting incantations and calling you lord of the realm
I do need your devotion to end all thoughts of salvation through manifestations
You serve me well
Why do you forsake me?
Drawn by the dark, consume my soul...
Realm of terror!
Illusions consume me, thoughts of impurity
Transcending through this realm
I will regress the mark that burns my soul
Imminent who bares his thorn, for in time you'll see
Endless pain and suffering, pathetic cries are scorn
Not heard, obiviation consumes this word
Genocide begins to transcend it is too late you'll see
This realm of terror, Father forgive me
I denounce my faith and indignation consumes me
In this realm of terror!

3. Ritual Killing

I conjure thee by fire, I invoke the bornless one
I cast God's creatures in this world to burn
To torture and consume, to dismember and dismay
Through sacrifice in light for god we pray

The call I give, I summon thee o lord of god reveal
The pain you fear, it's over now the end of life is clear
Ritual killing
Horsemen in black pale rider sworn in vein
Crush the earth never to rise again, the moon renders full
The planets are aligned through consciousness
The circles strength we find

Book of the dead, reborn with new life
We seek the truth through sacrifice, our right
The circles complete, its presence is abound
This power we wield, we can't control it now

4. Bludgeon To Immortality

The way I kill you'll never know
The hate I breed, you'll surely fear
When you're bludgeoned to immortality, thus is your fate
Crushed are hopes of salvation, death is your fate
I hear you scream, I do not care
The blood flows free with your despair

Looked inside myself, I start to spin
Trapped inside these dreams, I can't escape
Life to me, it doesn't mean a thing
Driven by this urge, I need to kill
You'll never know the pain I've felt
Curse this world, I live, I do not care
I resent, despise this cross I bear
Conscious thoughts to me are now a blur
Life without your death seems absurd
You'll never know the pain I felt
Exhumed with fear
Lurking through the forlorn shadows
Hoping to escape my wrath
Hopeless is your begging, pleading
Save your last breath
Screaming, gasping, choking through your punctured, caved in chest
Writhing, compressing, contorting, reaching
Endless toward your death


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