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Letheus Nocturnus

"Letheus Nocturnus" (2005)

1. Drama and Evolution
2. Beyond The Trees of the Sacred Forest
3. Lacus Somniorum
4. Letheus Nocturnus
5. Omeyocan Conjure
6. The Silence Is Behind
7. Hate

1. Drama and Evolution

On the brink of the grave...
...the sorrow!
At the end of the lane...
...the hollow!

In the extreme of the death
Glimpses from beyond
Come into my head
Taking me to a place
Where nothing of my own,
At the end of the ages
I' ve find my soul alone.

Moments later I arrive
to a land of desolation,
Into a progressive hardening
of feelings and emotions,
until a dispiriting darkening,
The coldest and gloomiest travel.

After death my soul awake,
Suddenly I conquer the kingdom,
Called evil empire.

I'm the immortal majesty
Of an unlimited strange earth.

2. Beyond The Trees of the Sacred Forest

The infernal fire will open the soul,
Will raise the flight to renew itself,
In the spiral of other worlds
And change its serpent skin.

The eagle took our hearts
To offer them to the sun
And its light feed us
At the altar of sacrifice.

Internal fire
Give us strength
Winged sun
Take our souls…
…to their fate.

The nostalgy will be buried,
Will be descended to die
In the earth with our tears.

The lie will be wrecked
It will become lost in darkness,
Slipping to the abysses.

Listen our hearts
Listen our hymn
Beyond the trees of the sacred forest.

3. Lacus Somniorum

When I dream so far away
My soul embrace
the impossible shinings,
She comes in this light of ectasy.

Show me your colors!

I walk in this collosal
lake of dreams of hallucinations,
Reflecting my emptyness
to the vortex of tragedies.

I have no name,
I'm faceless,
But my soul run
to deformed ruins of time.

My spirit descend
In this misterious dream
An still flying
on the dark clouds of madness.

Oh! Great madness
I'm caressing your black flames
Strange worlds are coming,
This is the sound from the dusk.

The end of the dream
is so far away
my soul embrace the other side,
she comes in this light of desire.

Show me your colors!

I'm lost in this collosal
Lake of dreams and hallucinations,
Reflecting my tears
to the vortex of tragedies.

4. Letheus Nocturnus

Light of blue fire
I see the ethereal face
In this paradise of darkness

Across the eternal night
I feel the black winds
Beyond of these vaults of ice.

And so the moon still there
Still making the loneliness shadow

The moon doesn't see me
There is a chams between our eyes.

My silenece is a crucified lament,
Only waits the rain of your eyes,
The cry of the moon!

Poetry is the true way,
I srpead the blackened words,
Was the language of the forest

5. Omeyocan Conjure

Our hearts to the sun,
Our spirits to the moon,
Solar eagle,
Nocturnal jaguar.

Wings of fire,
Star skin,
Shine in the sky,
Frozen wind,
Cosmic energy,
Infinite way,
Storm of war,
Yoalli ehecatl!

The black mirror
Open the door,
The cycle has been completed,
The death will defeat to the time,
The ancient bird
Opens the horizon.

We drink blood,
We drink lunar wine,
We drink leteo water,
We change our skin.

6. The Silence Is Behind

We´ll fly in the nocturnal mantle
with courage,
Between poisonous thorns
and tragic screams,
we'll wake under
the burning infernal sun,
our souls shine
Between tears and blood.

We'll cross into darkness
Framenting worlds
Driving the wind
With our powerful wings,
We'll fight furiosly
As a great storm,
Spiting demons curses
Announcing our cruel prescence.

We'll climb mountains
of salt and ice,
timeless space,
immortality is ours,
everlasting anxiety
to embrace death
and to play at the risk,
to live in the limits.

We'll ride together
to the unknown boundaries,
We'll sail together
Between silverplated seas,
We'll invoke the dark dimensions,
The silence is behind!

7. Hate

Furies are consumed by fires,
Texture of pleasure,
Drinking effervence blood,
Spiting fire in the sky

Engendering larvae,
Incubating hells,
The eyes fading stars
Creating the ashes forest.

Lashing insatiable,
Texture of pleasure,
Drinking effervence blood,
The inert breaths go to nothing.

Procreating snakes,
Opening abyss,
hands destroying stars,
Flagellating mountains.

Superior feeling!

God of darkness!


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