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Judgement from The Deep

"Judgement from The Deep" (2006 EP)

1. Conqueror Worm
2. Our Grief Arisen from the Waves
3. The Final Baptism

1. Conqueror Worm

We carry on our back
The tools of our destruction
We carry in our hand
The tools of our demise
Like walking corpses who know
Where their true home lies
We’re marching restlessly in droves
To dig our graves

The shovel splits the earth
And opens the up gates
Never before have our hands
Worked so fervently
Envision destruction
Engulfing totally
We’ve become the dead ones
Mining up our doom

We are the living dead who wander aimlessly
What we once were is no more
A walking shell of memories
The life has left our bodies
The warmth gone from our bones
No love is found in our eyes
We’re going down

We’ve made bedfellows with the worms
The tomb becomes our castle
The bier a cradle for
Our heads to gently rest on
(But there’s no rest)
We’ve grown accustomed to the
Emptiness that’s within
We’ve grown to love the maggots
That burrow
In our flesh
We’re falling apart
We’re falling down

We are alive but we’re not
We pander to the grave
We spill our bowels forth
And welcome the murky
Exhalings of the earth
We slowly decompose
The earth has encased us
And soon we’ll be no more

If the only home we hope for
Is in the catacombs
If we spread out to rest
In darkness of the night
If we call corruption our father and the worms
Our mother, our sister
Then what hope have we?

Who can see any hope to lie
Within our broken hearts?
Will it go down to the Gates of Death?
Will we descend to-gether into dust?

2. Our Grief Arisen from the Waves

“I curse the day of my birth
May no light shine upon it
May darkness claim it once more
And thicken’d clouds seize and swallow”

Make ready
To rouse Leviathan
And curse that very day

Nothing on earth is equal-
A creature without fear
He looks down on the haughty
And shall smite
Their kingdoms

The proud and vain of this world
Will face a horrid end
The crunching of their sinews
Will echo
In that time
Of Harvest

Into the void he’ll cast their bones
And feast upon their tender flesh
Their marrow will adorn his teeth
In heaps their carcasses while pile up
But their cries
Will not cease
Nor be heard

On that, the day of judgment
The glassy sea will churn
And forth, from boiling waves
Will rise the glist’ning form
To repay for the insolence
Of these harlot kingdoms
For they have taken
Those who reach in need
And carved their bodies
To feast upon in lust
But they will soon be gathered

And from the deep they’re heard to beg
In ceaseless moans
But there will be no one to ease
Their tortured souls

This reckoning will dig the deepest
Of all graves
But in this pit there will be
No death
Nor life

So heed the words of warning
For in a short time
Their power turns to dust

And from the greatness of the sea
There will arise a terror
The likes of which
Mankind has never known

The mighty
Will crumble
Before the thrashing
Of the beast

3. The Final Baptism

We’ve tread the peaceful shores
And felt the gentle breezes
The many waters’ silence
Has brooded
For too long
And now unrest
Has welled up
Deep in the heart
Of the sea
Prepare, the tumult will seep across the lands

The earth is cast in shadow
And the stars are blacken’d out
As the seas are
Into blood

The scarlet crests are swelling
And rising violently
Moving forth to
The whore
Who has sold herself to all

The final inquest is brought forth by crashing waves
And none shall be spared of the wrath beneath the depths

The torrents of destruction quake the highest peaks
And join the tears of man in briny offering
The voice of all the oceans stifling their cries

With great force they are hurled
Into the endless deep
The chaos of the swell
Is echoed in their hearts

The flood is nigh
Because of their apathy
And the turning of their backs
A tide to sweep away
Iniquities approaches

The terror of the tempest
Advances in the night
They sink in miry depths
Where no foothold is found
Turmoil of the nations
Is engulfed entirely
And everything is swallowed
Beneath a tidal wave of blood


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