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Turn Back Time

"Turn Back Time" (2005 Demo)

1. Loneliness
2. Forever
3. Turn Back Time
4. Mystery
5. The Escape

1. Loneliness

He sits there staring thourhg the room waiting for something just to move, but nothing fills the but emptiness.

He used to have a lot of friends on who he thought he could depend, but that's just all in the past right now.

Feeling oh what a feeling, loneliness is taking over control.
Dreaming, oh he's still dreaming, feeling the urge to live in the past.

He takes his coat and leaves the room, goes wandering down a street or two. The wind feels cold, he wants to get a drink. He walks inside this bar he knew, the pictures on the wall still look the same but nobody remembers him.

A lady whispers in his ear. He checks his wallet, it's a deal. He pays his drink and takes her to his room. He knows it's only for an hour, but the warmth of her body makes it all a bit more bearable.

2. Forever

I wonder what you're going to do. I know there's something about you. You walk alone in silent nights. I know there's something about you

I wonder, I wonder, I want to be forever.

Decades you've travelled aaround the world. Forever young, eternal life.
The hunger for blood on your mind.
All those victims you've left behind.

Could you please make me feel like you.
I trade my soul for eternity.

No growing old, just youth for me.
I lay my head and close my eyes.
I feel your blood is running through my veins.
A tender rush, a bit like pain.

My sense perception grows now every day.
Forever young, eternal life.

I know now, I know now, I'm gonna be forever.

3. Turn Back Time

We never know the course of our lives,
but sometimes situations can change direction.
It's not always the road that we have chosen,
or we made blind decisions without knowing.

I've seen my world go under, there's no way turning back now.
I wish I'd knew the future to make the right decisions.

Turn back time, now turn back time.
I need a second chance. Turn back time,
Now turn back time.
I'll proof myself again.

Drawn to the wrong side of life, encouraged to cross that line.
I thought in my conviction this was the right way to act.

There's no turning back now, the future's already planned.
I still believe in my cause, I just need a second chance.

4. Mystery

I feel the earth is turning in a mystic universe.
I feel that gravity is keeping me on the ground.
The sun that rises every day and sets when I fall asleep.
The clouds that move around and sometimes make drops fall on my head.

Is this especially made for me?
Is this all or is there more to see?
It's all reality but so intense it feels like mystery.

Try to listen to the wind that whispers through the trees.
I see them growing taller trying to reach the sky above.
Every season they change colour or throw their leaves on the ground.

I wonder what we would do without oxygen they provide for us.

5. The Escape

I feel the speed rushing up my fear.
My car is racing through the streets.
I see no lights just things flashing by.
All buildings turns into blurry grey lines.

I feel adrenalin inside.
I try to escape one last time.
There is no limit to my speed.
But it will take me to the end.

Police follows me, flashing their blue lights.
I turn my car as they race me by.

My engine heats up, all meters in red.
But I'll keep on racing till the end.


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