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Endless Frost

"Endless Frost" (2004 Demo)

1. Frozen Eternity
2. Iceburn
3. Endless Frost (2nd Arrangement)
4. Cryoslumber
5. Demonic Voices

1. Frozen Eternity

Like falling rain, angels cry,
there can't be another day,
this is the end.

Frozen. Eternity.
Death embracing life.
Beauty turned to stone.

Empty hopes, shattered,
ice cold sun to shine,
from now on. Forever.

And all these Wings,
they look so r...a...p...e...d now,
let's hope that ice will save Them.

2. Iceburn

Limbs scattered, mud stained souls,
ice covering life, silence, solitude.

Thin veil of still water,
once flowing from life, now dead and frozen.

Lifeless emptyness, inanimation,
separated agony, dissected ignorance.

Ice burning cold, layering in t...o...t...a...l sadness,
will I ever live again, or will I die alone?

I want silence. I want to drown in an endless silent sea.
Please don't make any sound.
I just want serenity in my own sickness...

3. Endless Frost (2nd Arrangement)

Screaming, crying out,
with the hounds.

Haunted, misery,
my endless, frost.

If darkness is all that comes,
let me rest in Your light.

Itís so fake anyway,
but when did I hope for something r...e...a...l?

4. Cryoslumber

Slumber of the Frozen,
in endless Satanic Aeons.
Winter stays here forever,
a world without seasons.

Headless demons kiss,
the angel's lips.
While she lays there frozen,
raped and betrayed.

Her eyes open,
the g...r...e...a...t murder.
Once a virgin,
now she let all Evil in.

5. Demonic Voices

-Original Whisper-

Misos aeonio skotadi,
fones daemonon skizoun,
psyches nekron fonazoun,
soste me theoi,
theoi nekroi, dysosmoi,
me matia pagomena,
se agrio misos pnigmenoi,
valsamomenoi apo to fos.


Hate eternal, darkness,
demonic voices, tear,
dead souls screaming,
save me, gods,
gods dead, stained,
with eyes frozen,
in bestiary hate, drowned,
embalmed by the light.


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