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Promo 2006

"Promo 2006" (2005 Demo)

1. Last sun
2. Infinity
3. All that remains
4. Angel dust
5. No one

1. Last sun

Useless sins, unspoken words
we never meet, we never grow
when birds will sing their last one song
fall on your kness, look up the last sun

we don't seem to mind
the fool, the visionary, he smiles to us
"impossible is nothing so it happens then we wonder"
we don't mind
we don't want to mind
religions ,hope and fears
leave us alone
we live together with no reason, with no touch

the line between us is
so thick, so strong

no more will to live this life
rays slowly becomes flowing candlelight

screams, regrets while wathcin' last sun
should we've fear, or should we ..have hope?

2. Infinity

The stars are bulbs
the universe is so small

when I watch you
and reason seems to fall

under pressure of the sky
don't even ask me why

we are nothing but afraid
that infinity is too big for us.

under a shiny big blue sky
we run, we dwell
but there's no one there who draws the lines.

the rain from the moon, we survived
years and years without the answers
why are we here?

evrytime whe tried, we failed
the knowledge of the universe
is safely hidden under walls of glass


rays that comes from nowhere
enlights our dreams
of feeling the unreal
that something is near
that someone is lost
inside the same dream
we never awake

3. All that remains

So sweet
the silence of the inside
so warm
the vision of the ancient sun

we aren't free.
don't you feel these chains?

these are all apologies
so we sleep

there's an hole in (the) space
where we live
we victims of circumstance
feed our needs

there's an hole in (the) space
where we fear
that the only assurance
is (that) we are here.

Last Sun
Last Sun

no more tears
no more breaths
no matters
no regrets

all the trust in God
all the good we've done
will be soon swept away

and so the mirror

4. Angel dust

Indivisible we are
like a flower and its sun
you're the picture of my life
Angel Dust
(brights on your skin)
enlights the dark

all the times I'm so wrong
flowing tears break off the floor
your sweetness makes me wonder, makes me cry

like a child inside his world
(so I touch your body)
then we sleep,we sleep.

frozen lies that come back home
buried sins that seek the sun
nothing can damage our love.

dreams could make us strong
dreams will make grow

(I) run away from God
(when) I breath inside her arms

she believes,she's real, she's higher
she deletes the shades, she's mine

5. No one

No one
was embraced
no one
feels what it means
it's like a man
whose soul was taken away
we lie
we cry
we die

who's crying for hollow cradles?
who's crying for endless war?
who's dying of blind illusions?
who's sleeping underground?

who's emptying your cradles?
who fight against your child?
who's preaching your illusions?
who's burying you away?

ask them if god exists
ask them if god exists

who cares?
who decides?
who lies?
who depends on holy hands?

Searching for the truth
we create the paste
fearing afterlife
and watching all his crimes

we live as we could not rebirth (ourselves)
who knows?
could we survive without memories?
I wonder

silence (is) your voice
shades of your face

no one will know
no one will fear


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