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Promo 2002

"Promo 2002" (2002 Demo)

1. Judith
2. Breakdown
3. Lia
4. Wait (one last request)
5. Nostalgiaplatz (Novembre cover)
6. Images (instrumental)

1. Judith

Flowing eyes, I can't see
(where the sky had lost its light)
Feed my mind, I won't see
The horizon anymore, as I will be far from your touch

I was going to be your desire
I hope you feel how it would be so nice hold your heart through time
Now we are nothing but fire
A fire that burns inside my sense of realism
(I know I'll loose control...)

Under the pressure of hope you can't live
You cannot think
You cannot speak
That's why I can't tell you how I feel
I just don't feel
All seems so unreal
I swim through... fears

(Judith) - and I'm still waiting for my time
(Judith) - Please don't waste the hope I spread
So many times I'd like to fly
Against this wind of tears
Then I think that I would broken just my wings

I'm too weak I cannot see the ride
I will collide

Hey!, don't you know you've broken my heart?
(blood still flows from my wounds)
And if you've really come back
Don't regret about past
Just don't go away again!

Feels I'll never forget
Turn my future into past
(time can't wash your smile)

Take your arms against fate
Break the chains we are made
I need you still

2. Breakdown

And I feel so hollow
All I wish is... I could get away from here
'cause I don't want to change the life
I only need to cry

When seems that nothing takes your way
It's hard to hold a brake
You need something to believe
Then you'll fall and you won't see
What you're searching for...

Let my prayers reach your touch
please don't smash them against the wall
Too many times I felt (like) a voice that can not speak
... I'm still searching for
- Faith to come -

3. Lia

Tell me if you see
The thick fog in this day
Please make it real
Let the black hand close my eyes

Rage that I felt
Time could never wash away
Now I'm 88
...and still searching for my way

Heat won't come, I'll hope no more
Looking at the past, your vision is not too glad

This day you're here, let's live it Lia!
I want to be awake as I pass the line of the Unreal

Please, don't waste your time
Life is too short for regrets
And now that I'm dying
All I can feel is nothing but ...fear

Lord! Why don't you open your eyes?
- She'll never be again -

Tell me if you hear
The noise of falling tears
Have you ever tasted
A bloody broken heart?

Times goes too fast
I couldn't understand
When you feel the end
Life is better but it's late

Don't care about grief, I'll bury it with me
Inside your wrinkly eyes, what I see is a raped dead child

Through shades I've lived, Through silence I will leave
I've lost the fight with fate
Now I'm weak and I'm waiting for demise


4. Wait (one last request)

Your still searching for your place
But I know, you cannot hide
First you have to wash your old sins
Let your body feel the light
You must heading for tomorrow
When the nonsense will fall
There's no answer in the silence

Leave my hand
...I know I've lied and pretended
but sometimes it's strange
life gives us the way
to go away and pray for the end

I'm alone
I think I was always alone
better unborn
I think its too late
to hold my life to
"Nothing as it seems
...I've lost it

So I want to reach
The Unknown World"

All I wished to be
I could not be
I feel sick and depressed
I must do it
I will find my way
Through dark fields
Here's my last request: "Just set me free"

I don't need to believe
I have no fear
There's no future for me, here
I want to leave
Please don't suffere from me
- Forgive it -
I'm so lifeless that I would like to die

5. Nostalgiaplatz (Novembre cover)

No longer I stand this sea of light
No longer I stand the gift of god
Screaming, sighing, sighing, screaming, crying loud

The old boat sailed up out of sight
Taking my feelings off, afar
It leaves me, drying, dry; it leaves me crying now

No longer I stand these fields of shine
No longer I stand this sea of light
So why not moving to Nostalgiaplatz
Together, forever, together

6. Images (instrumental)


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