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Into a Reign of Pain

"Into a Reign of Pain" (2001 Demo)

1. My Goddess
2. Strangeness
3. Cruel Disillusion
4. Incessant Wind
5. Dark Horizons of My Mind

1. My Goddess

My goddess, you who haunts my nights,
Why don't you come to meet me ?
Reign and power for eternity.
Come my beauty, together as one
We shall defeat the world.

I fall your coldness going through me.
But your presence restoring my strength
I can't see you but I know you're here
Show me the way so that I can finally deliver you.

It takes so long that I wait for this moment.
I've crossed centuries, alone, always alone...
Now I'm so tired !
I've explored all these worlds looking for you...
Never finding you.
I'm giving up, my heart is dying.

In this frozen night,
A storm is rising.
And death is coming to find me.
With dignity and without bitterness,
I went away with her...
I've crossed so many realms
Except the one of the dead..., of Death.

Finally, there you are, Goddess of my dreams.
Goddess of my nights.
Death has brought us together.
I'll never leave you alone now ...

2. Strangeness

During our body's sleep,
Our mind is linked with strangeness.
Which reveals none of its secrets, none of its pleasure.
It certainly doesn't wish it,
In order not to bother everybody's conscience,
And not to turn lives upside down forever...

The awakening of supernatural is done every night,
At anytime Morpheus fondles your face.
We are interested in the discovery of new beings, of new gods.

Just after our takeoff, everything seems so simple.
The heaviness of our wings doesn't disturb us anymore.
The only pleasure the mortals don't know,
Reach us at the right moment.
Just to forget our painful past.

Strangeness reveals us none of its secrets,
None of its pleasure.
It certainly doesn't wish it,
In order not to bother anyone's conscience.
Because one doubt, one fear and insanity could prevail.

3. Cruel Disillusion

After all these days,
Watching our love grow,
Wishing too much to believe in it,
I've lost all hope ...

And you still don't understand ...

My feelings were not really bad
And gradually my fears go away ...
But my disillusion was huge
I who believed in you
Now I stay lonely,
Alone facing myself ...
Like at the end of a dream,
Followed by a painful awakening
In an unchanging reality ...

Everything in me becomes violence
I want to scream my pain,
To release all this hatred
Wish is heading towards you

But all is just patience ...

And one day my time will come.
My words will hurt you !
But that's the price I demand ...
To share my pain with you !
So that you can see in my heart
All this sadness that is mine !

And I will let you dive,
Dive in your depression
Until death takes you away ...

Repeat : Everything in me .....
Repeat : After all these days, ...

4. Incessant Wind

Pierce my heart so that I can live immortality.
Take my body forever in your arms.
Don't forget it among the unfaithful beings...
Take my soul in your incessant wind,
And let's go away when it's still time.

I've only lived once on this earth.
The one where I saw your reign appears.
But my living was short..., too short !
I've imagined this wind disturbing me one more time...
Its smoothness and its coldness deluded me...
My last breath before eternal rest...

And the wind turned into a storm
My body could not resist,
Its attraction was too strong...
It took me away...

I've found myself beside it.
Floating above the continents.
I cross the lands without laws, without boundaries.
I glide wherever I feel like.
Nothing or even nobody can stop me.

I'm the incessant wind,
Which fondles your faces and steals your thoughts
Fear me!
Or death will take you away!!!

Repeat: And the wind turned into a storm

5. Dark Horizons of My Mind

Suddenly the sky darkens,
The sun doesn't shine anymore,
The clouds blacken the horizon,
The world stops turning ...
The night has invaded everything ...

Then chaos ...

Then this chaos that ends by reigning
All this violence,
All this hatred
Men are fed by disgusting images !
TV is showing us
Human stupidity through reality show ...

Moving into the 21st century to see that !!!!
Wars have not stopped yet ...
Tortures have not been forgotten yet ...
And religion is still causing a lot of victims ...

And I cannot do anything,
What a sadness towards so much desolation !
What are we leaving behind us ...
What kind of legacy for the next generations ...
The future seems so dark to me ...

Apocalypse is nearing
I go a little bit too fast
But by seeing the outside events
It seems that I have not much time ...
Solitude is invading me ...
And for me also, night is lingering forever

Repeat : This chaos that ends by reigning .....


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