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Fight the Elements

"Fight the Elements" (2002 Demo)

1. Burning inside
2. Heart of ice
3. Brainstorm
4. Back to life
5. Who'll save us?
6. A letter for the lady who haunts my nights

1. Burning inside

Fighting towards and against everything,
Wanting at all costs to remember ...
That the best is to come ...
Nothing is ever lost !
Nothing is ever won !
To rekindle that flame which pushes us day after day ...

Like the phoenix which rises from its ashes
Making that sacred fire sparkle again,
Continuing without knowing why, but continuing !

Time is going by and everything tires me out ...
Faced with the elements ..., life ..., death ...
An endless struggle ...
But donít let things get us down
A brighter future will come
So that everyone finds that tiny spark ...

No, no and no, I didnít view things in that way you only believe what you see
Tell me, old man !
I didnít promise you anything !
Would you have lied to me ?
You hide your face
The future seemed more promising
I laugh at your stupidity
I have a bad feeling
Each time the same mistakes
Unpleasant sensations !
Iím unable to understand
As if nothing was any longer like before !
Your cupidity will ruin you

Everything is put to fire and the sword
The crowed is muttering and tempers are rising
Less and less feelings
The earth hasnít got much time
Fire is burning inside ...

2. Heart of ice

Iím getting colder and colder,
And I still donít understand
My loneliness is dragging me to the bottom,
Iím heading towards madness.
Maybe I didnít know how to seize these opportunities
And Iím dying or while youíre away

It seems to be an eternity
Since I last heard your voice
Come... and change this terrible reality...

I donít want to live far away from you...
Iíd like to see this love grow in your eyes again.

My heart is only ice now
Nothing is erased forever
No one can take your place.
Time heals some wounds, but the scars live on !

Not one dayís passed by without my thinking of us.
Iím wandering in my memories,
Dealing with my mistakes and regrets.
Frost has crept over my whole body,
And everything is worsening around me.

REPEAT: And Iím dying....

Only one step lies between ice and death...
The bell is tolling ! Iím doomed !
You didnít wait for me...
Everything is over !
You wonít ever come back...

REPEAT: Only one step.

3. Brainstorm

Swept by the cold breath
of that small death that takes us away ...
Both our bodies relaxed and heavy
thrill by the slightest touch
and of the tiniest caress ...

4. Back to life

And I remember everything,
The best as well as the rest.
Youíve never promised me anything
But I could have it all.
Only sheer pleasure!

But I see you disappear
Like a star vanishing within the sky
You leave me here like a traitor
Unable to do better.

Yet, youíve really tried
To constantly fight that inner ennemy,
Which was gnawing you little by little
And preventing you from coming back to life.

You kept smiling at me,
You didnít anything, and yet,
I, who was living only for you
You, who were living only for me
Would have given my life away
Youíd have given your heart away
So that yours would be eternal !
So that our love would be immortal.

So much suffering, so much despair
Due to the hiding of her pains within
And to feel a bottomless enticing abyss
Grow deep inside of you
Like a totally void ocean

And the unlikelihood of your being healed,
I beg you to face the life and death struggle
And hold on till tomorrow,
So that you could finally come back to lifeÖ

5. Who'll save us?

Like all those stories that unfold
under our eyes
Like movies without heroes

Where only the victims have the leading role !
What a sad destiny ! What a sad reality !

And nothing gets better,
Madness has crept over the people!
Evil is growing.
Life and death are almost one.
The rest is written like music paper.
And thatís when everything becomes tragicÖ

And yet, everyone can change his path
And attain his aimÖ

Too much violence, too much hatredÖ
Everything is an excuse for confrontation.
And the reasons donít hold water !
Only lies and contradictionsÖ
Is life still worth living ?

I donít know, but I remain so disappointed !

REPEAT : Like all those stories + Life and death are almost one

The more time goes onÖ
The more my dreams pass awayÖ
And the future looks very dull for meÖ
But who will get us out of this dead end ?

REPEAT : Where only the victims

6. A letter for the lady who haunts my nights

Despite myself
I make the most of this long sleepless night
To jot down these lines
We say that the heart has its reasons,
That reason doesnít always understand
I hope mine isnít lost
I will have needed time to understand
To write to help me come out of this mist
To know how to find the right words
Even though Iím aware that you wonít read them
But I know you are here !
I feel your gaze turn on me,
But what does it matter ?
I have to empty my mind, make my heart cry
What could I have done to help you ?
I would have covered you with my skin
If i had been able to remove it ...
Just to warm you up
In your shaking arms, I would have rolled off my strength
So that you might defend yourself
Pierced by pain
Your body would have passed through my mine
And we would have shared it
But now, I have to relearn to live ... without you
Afflicted by much sorrow
I try to cross life ...
To have been able to write all these thoughts
Which obsess and torment me,
Relieves my conscience
I only have to forget everything,
Start anew
And give my life a new meaning .


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