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The Essence

"The Essence" (1993 EP)

1. The Essence
2. When The Heavens Bleed
3. Entombed By Belief
4. Consecration of Fools

1. The Essence

Awaiting, I dwell beyond the mind,
invading the recesses of time.
Looking down atop the highest mountain,
I see your pain - an infinite horizon.

In due time, you shall be beaten down
and shown the epitome of fear
as only I can show you.

Slowly you pass away,
leaving mortality behind.
Helpless, you are unknowing
to the horror yet to come.
Futile struggle - useless -
you are the prey here!

Raping your soul of every ounce of essence -
you scream, but no one can hear.

Torture of the soul, devourment of the mind...

2. When The Heavens Bleed

Power - that which controls is nothingness - alleged god merely fades away!
The angels sing their songs of sorrow - it is their pain in which I writhe!

Longing to taste the sweetness of your blood,
my mouth waters with sinful desire.

Tasting the blood in it's purest form
Learn no answer, no truth is born
Truth revealed when the heavens cry,
When the heavens bleed!
There is no god to save you now -
your time has passed to possess control.
This is the hell which I create -
transmigration of your soul begins.

Kneel down - obey my words!
Your punishment is to never learn
lesson in fear - impending, undeterred.
Drawn down! Epitome of pain and suffering!
In my world, there's no thoughts or screams.
Experience infinity, mortal tomb for eternity.

Your doom is knowledge unobtained,
your suffering a display of my power...

3. Entombed By Belief

Human mind's capacity - obstructed by belief - dwell in mortality's plain, the tomb the mind creates.

I have the strength to break away;
darkness engulfs my soul.
Search from inside to obtain the answer -
mind denying words -
which forbids me to roam free
in the plains of my mind.

Embodied soul, rise from beneath
through thoughts without words,
bounded not by belief.

Writhe in their weakness!
Little do they know
relative are the mind and the soul.

4. Consecration of Fools

Oblivious to the life still yet to come,
now join the dead - purgatory's begun.
Denial of the physical life you've left behind,
the pains and pleasures of hell you soon will find.

Consecration of fools believing legends of past;
reality comes trapped in plains so vast.
Suffering souls scream in severe agony,
the holy ghost still lives within these fools!

This god which has so quickly forsaken you
with blatant lies - (you) ignore the truth.
A leader for incompetence is their need,
this "holy religion" which is in reality greed!


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