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A Light in the darkness

"A Light in the darkness" (2005 Demo)

1. Unrest Come Night Time
2. Misfortune
3. El Desierto
4. Frigid Emptiness
5. Final Rest

1. Unrest Come Night Time

O, the ghouls that gallivant
Across the wood that is my dream
I pray them leave, be gone! I can’t
Withstand their lifeless sockets’ beam

The Apparitions coalesce
To introduce me to my fate.
I shiver in my hopelessness,
Anticipating spirits’ hate

And phantoms’ wrath, a wraith’s malice;
And all of which imposed on me
Is soon to be in nightmare’s midst ..
The demon’s dancing franctic’lly

A freezing shadow casts itself
Upon this forest where I lay.
O, how I mourn when I did shelf
That Book in which the prophets pray

O, how I wished I could have kept
My eyes transfixed upon those Scrolls.
Perhaps with peace I could have slept...
But no! I pay my folly’s tolls!

2. Misfortune

Apathy feeds on somnolence of the mind
But even it cannot decline my aimless wandering
Drowning in the sea of reverie
How cold the blackened water...

Branched corpses proliferate the scenery
They extend their limbs to harm me
What mortal sin, what abomination,
What disgust in heaven can I have committed
that even the lifeless trees would revel in my pain?
No greenery remains to welcome me
Even grass's vivacity has withdrawn from the bitterness
Perhaps life has hidden it's face from me
Shunned me for sins I cannot retrace
Sunlight hides behind the walls of ash
What solace is offered me?

Where darkness is,
Will a Light one day shine?

3. El Desierto

4. Frigid Emptiness

Eyesight numbed by frigid emptiness
Light rain lingers in the lifeless air
Not the moon, nor the stars appear
Too frightened to light my path
And come to my rescue
The only light is the last, faint sighs of the sun
As my last, faint sighs are my only source of warmth
Shadows lay still in atteont to ensnare me
Encage me in their pools of utter blackness
Stale breath casts hazy phantoms to the air
Receeding too from the bitter cold
I hear the voices of the dead
calling, entreating, whispering, crying
screaming, shrieking shrill and silent expostulations
To the now diminished light
Onward through the silent echoes
Rings the howling of hellish beasts
Grinding teeth in mad, bestial desires
Straining every fiber just to see to my demise
That ever present fear lays imbedded in my heart
That they will be the end of me
And whatever excess their bloodlust forsakes
Will be left in the cold desolation."

5. Final Rest


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