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A Velvet Creation

"A Velvet Creation" (1993)

1. Greeting Immortality
2. The Religion of Blood-Red Velvet
3. March of Insurrection
4. My Bleeding Tears
5. Floating
6. A Velvet Creation
7. Into the Cosmic Sphere
8. Once My Eye Moved Mountains

1. Greeting Immortality

Beneath the ground
Where I sleep among immortals
Patiently I rest
Waiting for another day to rise

I gather strenght
To complete my desires
And search in darkness for purity
For a saviour to release me

As I look back at my former livings
Sadness reflects within me
Wounds deep inside my soul
Wounds that never will heal

Tears are falling in despair
And the blood in my veins are frozen
As I realize
That I never will be forgiven

2. The Religion of Blood-Red Velvet

A blackened night
stared like dying eyes through the window
I was still awake
as a body rose before me
A boy in small age
embraced the velvet
in which he had created

His eyes enriched the beauty
of all imaginations

My wife entered the room
She was not able
to spell her delight
She took him to her breast
I wiped of my tears
The blood-red velvet now became
a symbol of life in my vocabulary
I covered the whole building with it
so that all would know
that there is life

The religion of the blood-red velvet

He grew with a crown upon his head
and made belief and love for him strong
Like a way to honour my creativity
he wrote the religion of the blood-red velvet

3. March of Insurrection

A diciple of ancient rites
A time when reality
was my only shelter
from the weak and wicked

But now
As time has changed
I sit here on my exalted throne
and king I have now become

Foremost in our march of insurrection
I am the creation and destruction
A purpose of all sacrifies
I am all what was ment to be

I spread the seed of evil
Among the lost I punish
Death I will cause
�Generations are entombed in pain

(Lead Markus)

As I have my sword
SLaying, twisting
Plunging through their souls
Come fallen angels, follow me now
On through the path of insurrection

4. My Bleeding Tears

The dissolving of me
The burning fires are within
Looking for no tomorrow
Living only in thoughts of yesterday

Terrifying darkness will meet you
if you try to intrude
The depths of my mind
travel far from here

I speak only for myself
and I blame nobody else
For what I have done
I will always be left to carry my pain

Behold my bleeding tears
that fall
because you will never understand
how I feel

When I am nothing but dust
Do not cry for me
I have caused all of this myself
because the depths of my mind
travel far from here

5. Floating

October sun (Lead Thomas)
Falling calmly down the horizon
Everything looks cold
And the natural beauty surrounds this solemn province
But in my eyes
this blasphemous grace is falling apart

So the mist that I once could hide in
am I now becoming part of

I dissapear
Hide amidst the empty clouds
And in darkness I will remain obscure
Distant from this world of wickedness
Floating my way through infinity

I am flying paralyzed through the depths
and I wonder if I ever shall find peace again

(Lead Markus)

My tears are falling from the wasted generations
Creating rivers
Overflowed with carnal suffering
But from my view
I discover their deserted souls
dissolving on their way to deliverance

Floating my way through infinity

(Lead Markus)

6. A Velvet Creation

I am in love with my paintings
Artworks from the streams of my thoughts
For a moment I was paralyzed
by the colours so deep and living

The dimensions of truth was so far away
because this was not so real
The work of my mind my hand and the brush was not carnal
Yet breathing when I touched the profiles of it's colours

Every picture became a sophistication of my dreams
An essence of artworks was created
Twelve years ago I made a sculpture
and covered her body with a blanket made in sweetest velvet

Her beauty could not be compared
to anything I have created or seen

But I could not give her life
My fantasy was greater than my faith

Suddenly she lifted her eyelids
and stepped of the pedistal on which I placed her
And so I took her hand and attached a ring to her finger
She kissed me slowly to sleep

I married her and we shared the time from past to present
And our thoughts wnet from reality to dream

My motives became part of time
Motives covered in sweetest velvet

7. Into the Cosmic Sphere

Night is crawling near
And darkness approaches on the horizon
The tops of the trees reflect
As shadows on this garden

The sight is getting misty
Cadavers rise from wide open tombs
Cold shapes in the air
And the seal is broken

The dead are brought together with the living
Uniting on their way to paradise
Escape from mortality
And touch the wastes of infinity

The seal is broken now
We leave this place of superstition
Into the cosmic sphere
Plunging through dark clouds

And head for completeness
On illusions shown in dreams
We leave this place of superstition
Into the cosmic sphere

8. Once My Eye Moved Mountains

Once my eyed moved mountains
My sword could pierce like lightning
and on the back of my horse I travelled

Through eternal voids
withing the timeless sphere

Wolves were running by my side
and they abided by my nocturnal grace
My power was sevenfold
and greater than any exalted form

(Lead Markus)

So I tasted the air of mouldering
The air of mortifying resort
I retired as an illusion
and enshrined in bitterness


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