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Lethargic Awakenings

"Lethargic Awakenings" (2003 Demo)

1. Lethargic Awakenings
2. Perpetual Agony
3. Forlorn Nocturnal Encounters
4. Travesty of Unbridled Dreams

1. Lethargic Awakenings

A distant howl echoing through era's
awakens me from my lethargic inertia
Dusting my weary mind, I contemplate my doom.

My eyes slide along the brim of a smouldering morrow,
the decaying remains of disharvested land.
In a final endeavour to seek what once was mine,
I step forth with laden soul, into the marshes unprone
to yield my precious... my own...

I, the Seventh Sin incarnate,
must renew my senses dimmed
and restore my tainted faith.
For the etchings hewn by the inner blaze
have shaped visions never to fade.

But all I see or seem, is a nightmare yet undreamed
and all I lift is bound to fall, all strain remains in vain.
Hope must rise by one cause alone:
to forge my precious... my own...

2. Perpetual Agony

This is the world we roam today,
grim prospects that daunt us.
Condemned to a dismal existence
in an endless ocean of misery.

But thou shall appear in an angel's descent,
thy touch will be our saviour.
Redeem us from our sins,
smother these demon whispers.

Lick my purulent wounds, (for) time can't heal no more.
Cure these open blisters, (for I've) been on the run too long.
Break these heavy chains, (for I've) been shackled all my life.

Escape into my own illusions,
the ruins of my shattered soul.
Behind a wall of vast denial,
retreat into my self constructed world.
Only this candle held in my hand,
to cast its light upon me.

Haunting images torment my mind,
despair boils up inside me.
Release the pain after all these years.
Like the tallow dripping down,
the tears roll down my cheek.

I'm but a leaf, floating
in the winds of eternal decay.
Perpetual agony is mine!

3. Forlorn Nocturnal Encounters

When the darkened clouds awaken
and besmirch the sunlit radiant skies
The sun will drown in a red puddle
victim of a fratricide by the moon

When the ghastly night cloaks the surroundings
and relentlessly puts life to sleep
We shall break out of solitary confinement
as we are absorbed by our fleshly sins

Bound to these forlorn nocturnal encounters
mere temporary escapes from reality
For what we live is an impossible dream
that lingers in darkness to hide from the world

We have created a mournful mirage
in which we are sworn to secrecy
By the abhorrence of a dreadful avowal
doomed to languish far apart

Can you not feel the weight of this suffering
slowly aggravating beyond our endurance
And as concealed emotions are destined to die
time has come to forsake these reprobate escapades

and the sunrise appeared in the distance…

4. Travesty of Unbridled Dreams


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