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Ablaze In Viral Flames

"Ablaze In Viral Flames" (2000 Demo)

1. FlameChild
2. ArchMystic
3. Conqueror Of The Zodiac
4. Virus!
5. Breath Of Boreas
6. Benightmared
7. Visions Of A Blind Eye
8. Iconoclast (The Burning Statues Of Morality)
9. Punish My Heaven

1. FlameChild

2. ArchMystic

Grant me wings to fly beyond the seven moons...
On bizarre explorations from the deepest within to the endless beyond
I recover foul artifacts from another existence
and they're all the same
With elevating words I build my nexus
for my name is ArchMystic

Green organic technology and archaic pagan rituals unleash the secrets of the mind
Intoxicated I dream myself beyond the scarring talons of space and time

Colours of the galaxy, illuminate the sky;
Embrace the firmament

Lying eyes of parricide killed the art of suicide; derived the Buddha of his pride
Look upon your shackles made of lies, nailed to the cross, the icon of your futile flight

Shadows of the promised land, disintegrate the sky;
Implode the firmament

If I close my eyes, will you still be?
And if I go to sleep, will you be?
And if Death would come to claim me, would you still be?
I am the centre of my existence

The end and the sky stopped crying
for I casted aside the burning chains of time
and dissolved into the shadow-weaving endless

I live by the unwritten word of bizarre extremes; the promise of yin and yang denied
Engulved in a soothing ocean of light; eternally flying around inside

'I am on sand in bright yellow daylight, yet there is no sun
Then I realize that I am the sun;
I move out of myself
I turn, expecting to see myself as the sun
But I am not the sun;
I am ...'

Divide the concept truth in inner truth and outer thruth
Both are filled with chaos in which patterns are born
Accept the fact that truth is without shape or form,
assuming that the truth exists instead of being born from fantasy

Voyages beyond the mind's ability to grasp lead back to the origin of thoughts
Truth is but a word and it's meaning everlost, accept to be forever blind, deaf, numb


3. Conqueror Of The Zodiac

Firmament of prophecies
I'm bound to thee no longer
A martyr of deceit no more
The sword above my head from now on only makes me stronger
Spawn my fears and faith

The Cancer within
Is forced to cessation
Taurus is storming ahead
And two-faced Gemini directs

Utopia lies
beyond the zodiac, waits
for its conqueror, rejects
the guided man

Cease, the day!
Tomorrow now awaits
A new dawn, a new sky
New hope the stars to defy
Cease, the day!
Never recommence
The night is in siege
Where burdens are cradled
In ebony coffins
With time crescending
The fear for tomorrow
I languish in the night
Fashioned by the fires of the night
That glint afar and leave us be

4. Virus!

Raging viral fire came as lightning upon me
Now buried inside the piercing violet eyes
lies the burning slave of silence that is standing before me
This time the fire must keep burning

Let the horned green spawn tear the Gates of Hell asunder
to unleash the flame, dissolute and estranged
In the myriad stars lies the nadir of lies
and the zenith of truth is eternally lost

When silence feeds chaos
my mind is set ablaze
When silence eats chaos
Morpheus claims his throne
The constellation of my dreams
bears best my burdoned soul

Nevermore shall the silence be cleansed
Everlost is the decadent truth

I swallowed the seed of atrocious perdition
Now carnivorous roots claw their way through my veins

Ablaze in Viral Flames!

Bring me a placebo against chaotic symmetry,
against this burning fever created by this synergy
of fire and the virus, expelling and imploding me
I'm buried in a blazing monolith!

Stop the decomposing clock
Kill the suicidal virus
Lost in a dead and forlorn world
Ablaze in suicidal flames

We are ethereal spawn
Chained in the limits of time
Haunted by our own decay
Blinded by the prophet's lies

This time the fire must keep burning!

5. Breath Of Boreas

6. Benightmared

The whisperer in darkness silently condems
the peaceful nights of many men to a horrifying hell

The dark side of Morpheus revealed in arcane visions
He rocks the cradle of his father, where he once was born

'That night the Baron dreamt of many a wo;
And all his warrior-guests, with shade and form
Of witch, and demon, and large coffin-worm,
Were long benightmared...'

A shadow out of time falls upon the purest dreams
when Morpheus once again steals the scythe of dark-winged Hades

Exploiting superstitions to have hysteria
take over from the rational and kill the weak of hearts
Daemonic shimmerings appear on the surface of the pool
of the plane of dreams beyond time

7. Visions Of A Blind Eye

Clad in the winds of solitude,
I am brought to the shores of despair
Welcome, radiant nymphet
Are you my longings laid bare?

Our eyes remain blind till we jump into maelstroms, dark and unkown
An endless fall takes us to worlds, energetic and pure

Stain my soul with aching despair
for it lays in your hands, unprotected and bare
Calm me down and sing endlessly
of the fast fading lightning between you and me

Hold me near, unravel the stars
Silence fears within me, forever at war
Die with me, burn with me
till the goddess of rain kisses us to be free

Breathe the words that stir my within
Tell of euphoric dreams of ethereal sins
Be my mind; my heaven unveiled
Surely you cannot be real

Fog enshadows my sight
My tainted eyes have always been blind
Yet before me I see the wrath of my mind; soul-rapturing fright

I died as I drowned in aching desire...

8. Iconoclast (The Burning Statues Of Morality)

I stand, emboweled with deceptive morality
A black looking glass, my genetic inheritance
I tatter the bonds you have left me
I splinter the idol of your long-dead god

My curse aimed directly at your lies
Thy burning statues of a blackend morality
For your eyes have been depriven of their sight
You feed your hunger on a narrow reality

No longer shall these chains of subservience
Tie me down to thy archaic boughs
Rouse in me wolves, preternatural, allmighty
Lest thy winter thaws never in my lands

I, Iconoclast
Leave the white canvasses riven
Hack from their socles
The statues of your long dead god
And rise me from this earthly sepulchre
Burn my inner sanctum core
A furnace is lustring
A vehement fire within

Thy statues unhinged
Profane talons lacerate the marble
Nefarious angels scale the incarnate stone
And sever the limbs that attempted to rein them
For I shallt no longer bow to thy petrified eminence
Now prudence lies raped, the brave march in front
Thy august, obedient corpse lies dead, skewered
Liberated legions now roam, freed from their shackles and chains

My curse redirected to the self
My broken statues of blackend morality
I shut my eyes and left them for unopened
I fed my hunger on a narrow reality

9. Punish My Heaven


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