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Judgement & Restoration

"Judgement & Restoration" (1997)

1. Through the Waters
2. Warcry
3. Refuge
4. Estranged from the Womb
5. Shroud of Mist
6. Earthshaker
7. Hecatombs
8. Restoration
9. Quiet Surround
10. Subconscious
11. Giver of Life

1. Through the Waters

to dwell in the light
of the ancient of days
in bliss to see the glory
of his awesome face

drink the benediction
divine endless grace
emmanuel enthroned
by his side take your place

glide the mirror sea
of placid aeons old
flawless morning swan
your graceful wings unfold
lift your voice in song
to the lover of your soul
the source of all harmony
his beauty unspoiled

bear your cross make your way
lie submerged healing pool
all is past washed away
strong in heart now arise

2. Warcry

as needles of ice
are the ill winds' talons
the coldest of shadows
they seep unto the bone

with hackles raised on my neck i feel
the rancid breath of the betrayer
i heed you not and i give no ground
with words of power the holy unbound
christ majestic
the shadows retreat
ruler saviour
no quarter asked and none to receive

with words of power the holy unbound
defilers cast out shivering at the sound
christ arisen vacant gaping tomb
come divine wrath the slayer of doom

all praise to the lion
king of all tribes
you reach across time
with the warcry

the wicked exist in forgotten exile
and the saint has refuge in his end

3. Refuge

my life i lay it down
and bow before your throne
my life i give to you
by sacred blood i am your son
you're the fire that heats my veins
the power in my soul
by christ the serpent's bane
you are all the life i know
be warm my heart of stone
glowing by your hearth of grace
as my life is not my own
my darkened past you laid to waste

and my life is not my own
my corpse you sank without a trace

so let it be
now and forever
sovereign king
so let it be
i'm yours almighty lord
send me where you may
i praise your mercy touch of love
breathe and i will fly

and i will worship you
when the moon it bleeds and the sun is black
and i will worship you
when the earth breaks and the sky it cracks
all glorify your name

4. Estranged from the Womb

released into a world of corruption
your journey begins on a road to destruction

many men straggling
with nothing in their lives
passing by salvation
slipping to the fire

astray from birth
they're estranged from the womb
feeding on evil
flames shall be their tomb

if it's life you're seeking
pray before you're reeking

are we then all asleep
as those in the garden
our neglection of souls
how it grieves the father

wanting to be wrenched
from a well of sorrow
jesus tore my leash
him alone i follow

5. Shroud of Mist

6. Earthshaker

o majesty
of the sovereign rule
your open palm
you have set over all

power is yours
to crush what you've made
in your fist the molten core
to shift the earth's plates
and should you choose
to cast down your rod
all nations would wail
at the wall of your flood
in our titanic enterprise
we cannot defy and long survive

pity is hidden . . . from my eyes

saith the lord
with sympathy stirred
i'll not execute my wrath
i'll not again destroy ephraim
for i am god and not man
the holy one in your midst
with terror i will not come
i will ransom them
from the power of the grave
from the hand of sheol
. . . redeemed
o death
i will be your plagues
o grave
i will be your demise

7. Hecatombs

deification rotting minds
denying the christ
infested with lies
from demons born
you gladly feast
on a banquet of falsehood
and fire roared from heaven
the carcass was consumed
seize the prophets of baal
four-fifty to their doom

masticate mental reservation
welcome the venom
drowning in the depths
of insanity
idolatrous race
new age movement
mankind is the god


8. Restoration

the traveller lies fallen battered and bleeding
in pain upon his path
despair his companion
no strength to go forth on his way
death's hand is knocking
my thirsting throat desires his wine
black shapes are mocking
they long to desecrate my mind
death's hand is knocking
my drifting soul his eyes may find
black death is mocking
he's reaching out his hand for mine

an agonising scream pleads the quickening of death
but only his echo returns to laugh at the broken man
and mock his crumpled form
yet he must endure and emerge from the wastes
for denial will stagnate his soul
his judgement stained

master i'm dying
pain is bursting through my head
please hear my crying
don't let me dance among the dead
the violent scourging of christ
the gory ransom paid
scarlet streamed his holy blood
exalted is his name
spirit of fire restores my sight
mercy shown through blackest night
alive once more to carry on
give voice unto the skies
emptiness within me
all i feel is freezing pain
noxious cold burns my eyes
my weakened heart enshrined in ice
in helpless fear i cower
pathetic my demise
evil looms with power
its presence i despise

9. Quiet Surround

for he'd forsaken all he had to give you
greater than words can say
for he has given more than you needed
a death on the cross to pay

decay alone with self pity
and you . . . not to blame
thoughts of death become your pleasure
a sanctuary in your head

long awaiting peace embalms you
to prepare you for your sleep
but behold the image alters
from what you saw it to be

quiet does surround you sister
isolated you will be
the smell of death is no longer pleasant
and darkness brings you fear
your hope for escape it fades
your sentence has been served

if only sister you had listened
to the sweet words he used to say
for he'd forsaken all he had
greater than can be said

10. Subconscious

11. Giver of Life

rise up
my soul
take flight

by grace brought home
i will abide with you
at your throne
i will commune with you
lord now show your face
i give praise to you
the feast it waits
i will fellowship with you

the christ will reign
glory seated on high
purest blood
power none can deny
dominion is yours
and all bow to you
your life you gave
for such evil i do

so yearns my soul
to dance on lakes of glass
and by your name
you give what we may ask
banish what is false
no misery no lies
engrave my heart
the truth for which it cries


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