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A Winter Solstice Eve

"A Winter Solstice Eve" (1998)

1. Awaiting...
2. A Winter Solstice Eve
3. Prophecy
4. The Fields of Tombs
5. The Depths of Styx
6. Overture
7. 1998 Anno Domini
8. When the Dusk Comes... Awakenings of the Demons

1. Awaiting...

1. Awaiting...
(music and lyrics by Vidar)

As the evening spells were whispered,
and invoking words were told
the flames from the embers arose
by silent trees which were behold
then a prophet, a wise man said...

I see a beast, burning down our temples,
Under a symbol of a cross-nailed man,
Killing our children, for we're all pagans,
He's not too far, from where now we stand...

And as Luna hid her silhouette behind the clouds,
From the dark, a christian stepped out...

2. A Winter Solstice Eve

2. A Winter Solstice Eve
(music: Vidar, Nathuruss, lyrics: Vidar)

Seeds of the plague were rooted deep,
Branches of malice grew above mountains majesty,
Blood innocent was turned to wine,
Flowing from wounds of ancient fathers of mine.

Prophecies of flesh I now reveal,
Under twilight skies of ebony,
In the name of God and their belief,
They killed and ordered me to kneel,
But now they'll taste my will...

Ravens, gather flesh for feast,
Rip hearts out of the bodies of our hated enemies,
Tonight is the winter solstice eve
and damn, if I shall ever believe

Nation, the dirge for thee now I must sing,
an everlasting elegy...
Of wonders I dream every night and day
that the suffering one day shall pass away...
But yet on my feet standing I remain,
With hope I stare at the sleeping stones that once my brother were...

Blinded by wrath, walking rage path,
For gods that were dethroned by messengers of death
Enslaved... Thus deep...
Vengeance is wine, the darkest sign,
Dead nation's sons are gathered under heavens of thine
Enslaved... Thus deep...

This is the soil, whereupon my temple once stood,
And these the ruins, surrounding this place of doom,
Footsteps of time couldn't harm this testimony,
Shall forever remind of the Winter Solstice Eve...

3. Prophecy

3. Prophecy
(music and lyrics by Vidar)

Once the sleeping powers will awake,
From the darkest depths they'll arise,
Spreading across the seas of the holy land,
Like a plague they'll infect the world.

...and then the evil shall be born,
sacrificing other's scorn,
will quietly sit on its throne,
empire of underground
will bury what wasn't found,
will we be ready to rebound?


"And after last strike of darkness,
the heavens were torn in two,
and the blood of Seraphims fell upon the earth,
the bounds of the netherworld were broken
as the Satan's legions attacked
from the underworld a throne rose on the ground.
Upon that throne, Lord of Darkness sat,
surrounded by pagan Gods,
and the temples of God all burned to ashes,
After two thousand years,
filled with the supremacy of filth,
The king of eternal empire was enthroned... again"

The seed of Christ will be impaled,
Crucified on the mountain of the dead,
Ancient divinity shall unite that day
with the Four Horsemen they'll ride

4. The Fields of Tombs

The Fields of Tombs
(music and lyrics by Vidar)

Once I took a journey into the dark of mine,
To release the stream of questions "why?"
The thing I learned there was sad, almost made me cry,
Inside the answers, there was emptiness' lullaby

And so it began, the journey without an end,
It became my guide in facts I couldn't comprehend
I couldn't comprehend,
Just couldn't comprehend...

Be welcome my deepest misery,
My challenge to struggle again,
Born on the fields of tombs
with evil I was to regain,
I call the Inferno
I call its rain
I am the Kaos
I am the Pain

My only friend - I suffocate on greed divine,
The war awaits, they've stepped beyond the line,
Won't you be my company, my only alibi,
The light is coming, it is now blinding my eyes

And so went on, the journey without the end,
I've lost my guide in facts I couldn't comprehend...

5. The Depths of Styx

The Depths of Styx
(music: Rhaa, Nathuruss, lyrics: Vidar)

In the past, the shadows cannot fly,
So watch the life, it is passing you by,
In the walls you are those missing bricks,
Join me, we shall swim in Styx

In the depths of Styx...
where the sorrow drowns its tears,
In the depths of Styx...
Where you're free of any fears.

It welcomes you...
For dark my visions seem, the moon whispers to me,
It awaits you...
This time you're blind to see (that) time has come for thee,
In conceals you...
So called God wants thee dead, drowned in thy own tears,
It betrays you, my friend...
On the journey into Darkness, thy weakness is thy company.

Those dark waters flow, Despair, and thou such hopeless,
Stream takes thee away, the Truth, has lost its meaning,
Voices from the dead side, the Pain, those tears are senseless,
Shores appear dark, Struggle, for those who've never seen...

The stream of blackness heals your dying soul,
In your boat you're losing control,
Each soul a drop in the dead ocean,
Flowing the fields without emotion...

6. Overture

7. 1998 Anno Domini

1998 Anno Domini
(music and lyrics by Nathuruss)

The old legend says that Pentagram shall win,
Faultless gold shall corrode, the gold with Christ within,
I will be the world's ruling Goat, Christ's children will be damned,
With virgin I'll incarnate we'll conquer the holy land

1998 rise of the fettered faith,
1998 Satan no longer waits...

Abaddon's abyss' opening in the empire where Tiamat reigns,
Mankind is not as one, falsity of Jahve rains,
Time of triumph comes, Nemesis awakes in me,
For enslaving me in my crypt my true face now is seen.

8. When the Dusk Comes... Awakenings of the Demons

When the Dusk Comes... (Awakenings of the Demons)
(music and lyrics by Vidar)

Each new dawn I die, with the sunrise I fade away,
Creating the last drop of the sweat on your face,
I am the evil that remains forgotten on the daylight,
To be (en)throned again when the demons awake the night.

Darkness I crave,
Nocturnal slave,
Four-cornered grave,
Cradle of the Pain...

Diving in black I suffocate,
Reading the rhymes of the twilight gates,
The spirit roams in the infinite nothingness,
Into the abyss falls my day,
Dark waters of Styx wash away,
The dreams that once belonged to emptiness,
You can't escape those dreams of gray,
although with dawn I fade away,
When twilight comes, the wolves hunt for prey,
And when the sun falls I awake,
The Suffering shall last until you break,
Release of malice, the darkest stains...

Come and be my dream,
just a silhouette of hope I see,
On the bed of thorns my body lies,
Awaiting the eternal sleep,
The pain we both did share,
Ment everything to me I swear,
Now without pleasure in the real world,
I shall dive in dreams, right there...

The creator of all the scars in the minds am I,
the real world Satan, hidden in every man,
the mirrors have two faces with the velvet signs of the pain,
Stories they may hide, they are no fairytales...

May I never close my eyes, for the pain the release of long-forgotten
memories brings to me...
The Demons sleep in thee...


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