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Black Heart Process

"Black Heart Process" (2005)

1. Your Mechanical Ego
2. Destination: Denial
3. Despair
4. War
5. Black Heart Purification
6. Transplanted Images
7. Licking the Wounds
8. Noi, Tu, Loss?

1. Your Mechanical Ego

2. Destination: Denial

My faith is drowned into the clouds
My hope is dancing under your skin, as I crawl
And howls fade away, I invite you in my world of pain
The sense of loss my way, I invite you in my murder day
The monkeydoll is fake, a crippled man,
Process devoured our name

"Your destination is denied at my command"

Your entrance pass is now fake
Away, all of you've dreamed seems to be lost
Insanity's forgotten name
Dissolve the chains of my misery, a pervert humanity
I feel me away and dreams I know into the surface
Dreams fade away, away, far away...
Hunting the remnants of lust,
Breaking our fragile hands...
...for dawn

"Farewell to us tiny people and to our fake essences"

I and promise's beheaded wolf,
It's just another dead man's song
And howls fade away, I invite you in my world of pain
And as we were sleeping on the ground
Looking the sparkles from flaming stars
The monkeydoll is fake, a crippled man,
Process devoured our name.

3. Despair

Living and dying under the same sun
Dreaming and wishing upon the same star
Fighting for survival has just began
Nothing more now seems to me bizarre

For I've seen it all, I've heard my soul
The fear is mountain tall just waiting for death to call

Don't let me believe in others again
The end's the same, I can feel it now and then
There's no point in trying to understand It's all a wheel...
Eternally rolling by the same hand...

I nearly don't, don't believe in me
What's the reason if, if I can't break free?
I once thought I 'm the son of sun
But when I see my face I do only run...

But I'll get over it, I'll soon get over it
I lay dead to know if I was in your breath
I 'm waiting 'cause my life is dead

But I'll get over it, I'll soon get over it
I lay down to know in a narrow bed
I'll whisper the words, that mustn't be said

Look at me now
I 'm pathetic, aren't I?
The cat is licking my wounds
And in wastelands I shall lie...

4. War

To hate your self and to misjudge
The cause of things on their behalf
To treat your own blood with hate
And bite the hook dropping the bait

And search your soul in games of fate
To cease the day and seal the dream
To lose your faith there's no redeem
How could this be? An awkward scheme

I need your lie, truth seems dim
In thoughts you sink in wisdom's battlefield
My faith is lost, your restless evil laugh
Your wrath unleashed, the war began

To take the blame and hush the truth
To wash in sin refuse the loot
And raise your eyes higher than high
Just to once more spit at the sky

Pull through the rapid ways of life
Your sense of loss is growing
And emo-state so wet
You speak the words of early birth
But still a death is coming
Your war-like instinct fed

Delude the one that fears for you
Bury the tears that drip in you
The rain has stopped but there's no sun
Your wrath unleashed, the war began.

5. Black Heart Purification

Lucid souls damned in vain
Blackened hearts bound to prevail
Far too long yet the way it seems
Fading truths like in dreams

This way rotten-born and fed on feelings under siege
Cursing the old, revealing the sacrilege
And the time ceases, numbing my veins
It's sharpless light scatters
Purity hides in timeless time,
In everburning forgotten principles

All is black, I hear the echo of my voice, it's not you
... The absence of divine
Looking back I see the essence of this world,
Just beside burning pride
So how come tears draw down your face
For every time you pray
If your true god watches our race, you'd taste a bit of life

Look at the faces, ugly is our nature
Longing is the name of the way,
Yet just touching is the path that lays
...Void fills the distance between reality and possession
And even touching is reduced to desperation...

Corrupted by the civilized tides under the usurpers eye
Droplets fighting against fires.

6. Transplanted Images

I will trust in sorrow,
All the dark dreams I've made for you
Drown me into your horror,
Suffer in vain through moral words,

You were the life in colours, a pure stain into my view
A dream's end, I wish I 'd followed,
But when I wake up its script is lost...

When I look in the past your sweet desire lies,
Transplanted images crashed, light minded fears arise,
Soul asylum I ask, discouraged thoughts advance,
Your breastpine in my hands,
But not your my eyes

Shattered by souls collision,
Nerves forced in pain my targets lost,
An ego sold to mind's extinction,
Suffer in vain through moral words,

Tears now erase all colours
And black stains fulfil my view,
The dream is lost and laughter no more
Your absence a nightmare I'd never thought...

But you think it's all right
Leaving all we've lived
Flesh and bone, cold and cry
Your lie-plan seems complete

Soul asylum denied
But you my judge and thief
Hope in times devil's smile,
You'll understand my grief.

I wish this torture will end up in hope
I move behind,
Mind's creatures burn
In times into dark caves I roam
Insane cathode eventing in my head...

7. Licking the Wounds

While the darkness was fading
You were licking my...wounds

I see art of full making sense,
Stretching the limits of mankind
Just like newborn stars
I see, life full of missing links
Deprived of all its warmth like dying falling stars

I saw the dreadful absolute only to live it far away
Just like loathsome lepers

And so our lives will be ever-changing
With a burden of sin remaining the same
To carry your beloved souls,
Hoping is to forget your own name

The question arises solid and still,
Concerning the nature of give and try
You should read between the lines,
To see where the essence hides
Friend of foe pure, impure, cast into the dancing fire

Long for the way
Touch is the path that lays
Void fills the air
Tasting despair
"I was messing into nothing"
What may you find?
In fall's delight remain
Through crooked thorns
Into your bones
"I was clearing with my mind"

In the mirror of dreams,
I ease the angry painful wind...the painful wind.

8. Noi, Tu, Loss?

"Who am I? Between two Is...

As I'm leaving away all the times
I could break through you
Forcing in pain all my senses that float from you,

Who am I? "

The story so far is messed up
And you blame me for nothing
Our god is the compass between Soul and Flesh
I have no tongue is transparent with thoughts
I dive into darkness 'cause none should be dead,
I am but an infant approaching the end

There is no heaven, there is no hell,
I have confessed to you, unlock the Cell...

What did you expect?
You emasculate your feelings by crucifying your evil self
Holy, Chaos, Logic, Passion, Love and Hate...
Mysterious ratio of Christ and Fathomless
What if Mirror isn't as liquid as it seems?
Our pattern is before you,
You've just to cleave the core of node
I beseech soul until She beams
Withering thorns are the enlightened godlike rose...

I have no taste on my lips...
Must draw the process reversed
I dive into darkness, 'cause none should be dead
I am but an infant approaching the end

In our circumcised minds, solution lays beneath the light
And as we fly towards the Sun
Our soul shall copulate with Son of Man...
Heaven's portrait is all I can give... ha ha ha...!
Pain, Sorrow is all I receive
Give demon back his wings
Oh God! I was Your Son .


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